Day 422: Survival of the Fittest -or of The Most Dishonest Ones?


 According to the theory of Darwin, this world is designed for the survival of the fittest.

Darwin was the greatest gift that happened to the Elite -or that the Elite manufactured- in terms of theories that justify why the world is the way it is and why some are in fact entitled to more because ‘they are the fittest’ to taking it, having been born into a line of ‘fit to survive people’.

Darwin’s theory is flawed when applied to Humans, many royals and others who are into the bad habit of interbreeding have given birth to exceptionally unfit children for the world, think Porphyria and other interbreeding diseases that made them survive just thanks to the money, pioneering healthcare and resources their families had access to.

Basically, we can safely say that to be the fittest in this world, fit enough to be ‘worthy’ of surviving, you just need to be born in a privileged position inside the food chain, because we have to see the truth of this world, we have not created a supportive environment for all but a dog eats dog world, in this fashion, in this fascist world we live in, the romans were right, mors tua vita mea, your death is my life, isn’t this just absurd?

When we want to prove that those that survived at birth and ended up in top position of responsibility -with no accountability – were not the brightest cookies in the jar,  think George Bush. Without wanting to put salt on his mother’s wound, a man who cannot pronounce properly the world nuclear in his native language, no matter how many times he has attempted to and that slipped over the 9/11 ‘incident’ naming it explosion instead of terrorist attack, is no-show for excellence in anything, not even deceit, in fact he shows that sometime even the ones in the most privileged position, give birth to miss-fits.

A privileged position by this world’s standards by the way, would be having an evil father that passes on to his offsprings all the secret knowledge about how the world works and how to have no regard for Life not even by mistake, the lot topped up with truckloads of money, this of course will not guarantee brains, common sense or an ability to sit in a position of leadership while keeping in mind what would work for all and not what would work just for the Elite pals of the family – but it will be a good advantage on the mass of sleepers cells we have in this world. Or Sleepers in Their Cells.

To be fit in this world enough to survive one needs Money, Money is what keeps one well fed, hydrated, sheltered, clothed, educated and with the possibility to prevent as many sicknesses as possible.

To be ‘Fittest’ you need all of the above plus some of the share of others, so it is easy to see that being Fittest in the Human world is nothing to be proud about and that very possibly, those that made it to the top might be the un-fittest to rule in any case because  what will make one ‘fittest’ is cheating, lying, deceiving, stealing and finding every possible way of dumbing others down to a point of unconsciousness, to keep the game going.

This is why we cannot count on the ‘Elite’ of this world to sort out the mess we find ourselves in, they are not well, they are the result of genetic manipulations that has summed up into one DNA the crimes of generations past – and what an amazing resume that is.

In this sense we could say the current Top Dogs are our best Allies, they are the ones that will force our awakening as we come to terms with the sad reality of this world and the realization that truly there is no one driving this world to a solution, or driving it at all, the Elite is lost in amazing mind bending esoteric exercises, believing themselves to be the new Alchemists of the Century, building empires based on symbols, colours, numbers and letting the world rot because everything they do takes up enormous amounts of their brain capacity and their focus is lost in magic/imagination/rituals at the expense of the physical reality that desperately needs our attention.

There will be no magical symbol with which we can clean up our air, oceans, land, nor there will be enough square roots of Pi to wave away the damages we have done to uncountable species that used to share the planet with us, all the knowledge the Elite proudly waves in our faces every day through advertisement, entertainment, city planning, showing how good they are at math, geometry and numerology (some of them if we consider cases like George Bush who may believe The Square Root of Pi to be a Restaurant), can’t delete the fact that they are plain imbeciles in the subject of preserving life and what is really valuable of this world.

So, we find ourselves in the very odd position to be the Real Elite, the Awakened Ones, who saw our reality and the need to actually address the problems at hand to a solution – without having access to the wealth of resources that some have accumulated and removed from circulation, leaving many out in the cold. NO high horses allowed here, we would have done the same, we just weren’t positioned as favorably to have such access – it is the nature of the world that perpetuates such humanity and the reverse is true as well, it is such humanity that has kept this world going as it is. What will be easier to change, the nature of this world or humanity and could a change in the nature of the world bring forth a different Human Being? We believe so.

This is why we have a proposal to address the first urgent problem of this existence, access to resources, be them food, water, a shelter, clothing, education, healthcare and whatever else one may need to live a Dignified Life.

We propose that everyone gets a living, a Life, for free, revolutionary, yes?

This is a stand we should have taken a long time ago but it’s never too late, we say that, for the simple reason of being here, everyone on the planet must be provided a living and that if a living no longer comes through earning one – the how we came up with THAT idea is a whole other topic for debate- it must be provided by a common decision that No One can be told they have to go and face this world with nothing, that they have no right of access because some have claimed everything for themselves so they could have way more than they need.

Our Proposal is called a Living Income Guaranteed, it is the Principle we must agree on, the details we can work them out as we go. What do you say?

If you are Awake, join us.