Day 437: Inside the ISIS Gift Shop


We have been taken on an Al-Qaeda Ride for quite some time, but like all things, Al-Qaeda grew old and the Fear Factor it could generate has exponentially diminished with our over-exposure, Fear is like that, you can only milk it for so long but soon or later the FEAR effect diminishes and we’ll have to manufacture something new to keep the population on their toes.
Fear is a great manipulation tool, we should know, we even use it to scare and manipulate ourselves!

The New FEAR Virus that some hope will take the world by storm is the new ‘jihadist’ group called ISIS, you can notice how quietly all the ex Al-Qaeda news are being replaced with the ISIS news, if more of us knew history and our mythological beliefs the idea of ISIS Rising would sound like a complete mockery of our intelligence but it is possible that the current puppeteers of this world have given up on any hope for any sign of intelligence on our side, since we have proven that there are almost no limits to human stupidity and what we accept to be driven by, will Isis Rising succeed in sending our hopes for a fearless future into the trashcan?

That would not be too bad, Hope is another System Prop, we are sold Hope because we rather Hope for Change than Stand for It, mainly because many don’t know what to do, where to turn, some may fear bloody revolutions, some may have enough to get by while we are called to action, we are prompted to take the streets, to protest and if the system tightening won’t happen through force because we have not fallen for the clear invitations we have been sent for a revolution ‘Vendetta Style‘, it will come through our FEAR, as we allow the FEAR to Rise and will end up asking for More Security, More Police, More Force to Fight against Our Imaginary Enemies.

And while we create all the required cues, such as ISIS Rising, a name – a program,  some can make money out of our FEARS, talk about have your cake and eat it.

We have to realize that the FEAR Factor is what is holding us in our places, this world is laced with FEAR, we start from our, mostly terrifying, family system to grow into Religions and their fear promoting symbols, a guy on a cross is not a bad start to infuse children with sheer terror and one wonders why that, or telling children that they will go to Hell for not obeying our made up rules and desires, should not be considered Child Abuse – instead we don’t question anything but grow up Living FEAR into Existence, breathing FEAR, being so FEAR-FULL that some Minds, soon or later, just give in.
Most mental illnesses are FEAR based, so are we sick and tired of this – or just accept ourselves to be sick -forever?

Fear should be treated like any other disease, there are no people infected with viral diseases that refuse to cure themselves just because they got it from someone they can blame it on, are there? Why isn’t FEAR treated in the same way, it doesn’t matter how we got it, who gave it to us, which forces are at work to make us scared and weak, what matters is if we can stand up regardless of the FEAR FACTOR-Y we live in, and come together to seek solutions that can change this world to the best World for all.

For me, best for all means to be able to consider all the parties involved and find solutions that are inclusive, that consider the best outcome for all, beyond our diseases, of course if we are affected by Fear, Blinding Greed, Ruthless Competition or System Impulsed Desires that prevent us from accessing our ability to see a Best for All Outcome in the problems we face, we can’t ask that our dis-eases be taken into account while we move to redesign a world that works for All.
A first step is to become aware of the fact that if we can’t consider others and others Lives as important and worthy as our own, we are sick -and from that realization we can consider ways to correct ourselves to realign to a Life of Principle or to the Principle of Live above All, then everything can change, everything will change.

Our Institutions don’t need major make overs, they need People Makeovers, Monsters create Monsters, when we’ll become Humans again we can create a Humane Society that benefits All, when a solution is found for everyone, for every People of this Planet, when the FEAR FACTORY for our Lives and our very Survival comes to an end, many things will be solved at the root level by default, simply by implementing a system of support vs a system of back stabbing and competition for survival.

If a Living was Guaranteed to All, we could then see, for real, how many would be willingly corrupted, how many would commit terrible crimes, how many would go and support money making wars, how many would sell their organs or their bodies for a meal, for a shelter, we will never know the human potential until we stop the FEAR that drives us all, we will never know what we would be capable of, if our needs were taken care of, if everyone was equally cared for and every life was recognized the same right to dignity and every basic living necessity was given unconditionally – to All.

So, we can wait for ISIS Rising or We can Rise and agree on a different way of living, we can set a Principle in motion that says that every living being has a right to a Life, it should be obvious, a given – but it’s not, why not make it so?

Check out a Living Income Guaranteed, a life with No Money in a World Run by It, is a Life of FEAR, we can end the FEAR for everybody by deciding on a different principle, Unconditional Life Support for All -and once a New Principle is in place, the details, the logistic, the rules can be fixed as we go.

Give up your Fears for Good, to Stand for the Life of All with A Living Income Guaranteed.