Day 416: The Power of the Useful Idiots of Existence


These past weeks I have spent time going around the web reading what is going on, what has been going on and in the specific what happened to my country to turn it to the rat hole it has become, not that there is anything wrong with a rat hole, it just isn’t fit for humans.

It is true that there is massive disinformation on the web either by miss-takes or by design as there is massive deliberate disinformation and miss-information in the media, this is what we have to start to understand when seeking to understand what has happened to ourselves and this world.

I have really enjoyed Marlen’s blog on abuse and I agree with it 100%, I too found it very liberating to face the lowest points of our creation and by taking the bull by the horn so to speak, I have realized how much my fear has diminished, how much my capacity to look above and beyond every crime has expanded to just see the timeline, which can be twisted here and there but not enough to not see what is going on, the origin of our separation and delusions of grandeur and the point that we have reached that demands our attention because there is nothing that we left alone in our pursuit of profit and power.

The deliberate disinformation all around is designed to create either an idyllic world in our minds, like All is Good or the opposite, tons of stuff to prove how disastrous the situation is, we are never given the whole picture, we are never given the chance to reconcile with this world and take it down the cross to heal, those on top claim that we are too stupid to get it anyway, beware, either be them on the good site of this story or on the bad side, they won’t give you the full picture, if we had taken the time to really see, the most worshipped thing in this world is knowledge, that is what people really like to hoard way above money, because it is the knowledge, the hidden knowledge about who we are and how we function that allows some to manipulate the many and to pile up tons of ‘make believe’ money in the process to then decide how they will use it to either enslave or to free humanity.

Meanwhile the useful idiots, ourselves,  are kept in the dark because some things are too worldly for our basic minds to even conceive, forgetting that unworldly people are so by design, stuck someplace on a minimum wage, on a minimum education and no access to knowledge and information to in-form themselves, ultimately they will either be handed out slavery or freedom, never with their direct participation, Billions of people on this planet are just the recipients of the decision making process of a bunch of people then we go and wonder why they are unable to participate – mhh- they were never meant to?

As we learn more about this world we understand that it’s hard to share what has gone on for real, not impossible though, many fear being called conspirationists and being dismissed as loony bins and yet I wonder, isn’t our disinformation, our miss-information by choice as well?
Don’t we rather not know what is going on for real so we don’t have to face the music that resulted from our careful placing one abusive note after another, least we would be forced to face the truth of what we accepted and allowed to exist in this world? Can we allow ourselves to close our eyes tighter and watch another demented TV show instead of seeking to understand the nature of this creation and of ourselves, seems not.

If it is true that everyone is responsible for their creation as themselves, what about the outflows creations of ourselves, who gets to deal with those? Are the Elite responsible for creating these dumb, numbed down masses? Are the Saviours equally responsible as they pursued the holy grail of freedom and left behind the freedom of in-formation, the duty we would have to share with each other the origins of our pillar beliefs that sustain the whole matrix of this creation? Like the one that some are worth more than others by design and look, we have the useful idiots to prove that!
And what is OUR responsibility?
Well, as I see it at the moment, with greater power comes greater responsibility, with greater capability, greater responsibilities, with greater understanding, greater responsibility, which could be why we encourage and rejoice in our embraced willful ignorance. We don’t want the responsibility to sort this world out, this is why we insist we didn’t do it, we didn’t participate, we were not there, not involved and especially above all, we didn’t know anything about it.

As Chris Rock said, there is nothing to be proud about being black and stating one doesn’t read a book because ‘he is keeping it real’, nor about being white and saying the same thing, because the REAL we have abdicated our power to is the REEL that works just for some and not for all and that REEL can be changed only as we upgrade our in-form.atic system, as we embody new forms, new beliefs, new paradimes of what is possible and what should not be negotiable in this world, like having a dignified life for all, a shelter, access to water and food, education, healthcare and the respect of all living forms, planet earth included.

So, to all the happy ‘useful idiot’ out there, we must remember we are useful to a system of abuse that we created either through direct input or by accepting and allowing things to go on as they are and as participants, we share the same equal response-ability for it and maybe, may-be, giving up all the knowledge of what has been and specifically the ‘value’ invested in it by some that ends up making them more than others just like with money, if we considered giving up all funny ideas we built around money and the value we invested in it, we would be better off, we just need to understand that everything has been a lie, a cover up, an excuse to why things had to be this way even though they were originally designed this way, there was never a system failure, there was never the right starting point to bring all parts into the equation and design a system that works for all.

What is waiting for us in the future will be determined by our direct participation, in that the past won’t matter if not to set the future boundaries of what can never be allowed to happen again, we’ll have to start from scratch, facing the fact that nothing was ever worth anything and that now, all equally ignorant about what to do next (well sure there will be the ones emerging that believe they have it all figured out for the future as well, nature of the beast), we will have to refuse  to blindly accept tailor made solutions that others have designed for us without our consent because that is again an abdication of our responsibility to participate that could lead the world to new forms of emerging friendly fascism for which we better be on the alert.
There will always be fascism, ‘isms’ and masters until we stop being slaves protected behind our willful deliberate ignorance.

Instead we can stand together outside of our preprogrammed roles and plays and design solutions that really Matter, value the contribution of each part, however they can contribute at the moment given the weird condition of illiteracy and idiocy we created for reasons of control and abdication of responsibility and work to create a world that works for all based on Principles such as Do No Harm and Take Care of One Another – and THAT would be a New World Order indeed and one to look forward to.

Make yourself Matter by standing for a principle that promotes Equality and Oneness through recognizing the Equal value of each Life and of each living being, We propose a Living Income Guaranteed for All because we understand that the past doesn’t Matter if we set out together to change the future into a living Principle that works for All beyond race, gender, creed, nationality and even education. Participate in our projects, they are not perfect, not set in stone, they lack some pieces here and there because they are waiting for the contribution of all those that are in a position of privilege either by birth or education or both to contribute to a world change, if you are in such position step up to your place of response-ability and contribute what you can to make this change the New real, the new Reel of this world and this creation to make a new movie, a new move-ment that works for all and honours the Life in All living Beings.


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