Who is putting Order into the New World?

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As a principle there is nothing wrong with a New World Order.

Many of us have been working for it in many different ways for years or just hoped it would come.

The problem is that the Order that may be trying to create a New World, may not have the best interest of All at heart.

One point that I see clearly as everyone condemns the Elite for the current situation is that, contrary to the rest of us, they Have a Plan.

What is a Plan, why We the People should have one and what principles should be covered for a plan to succeed.

Lets analize the Elite plan so far so we can see what worked for them, what we can rewrite out of it and especially what did not work in our plans or planattempts.

Obvious advantages of the Elite:

Free time
World wide Connections cemented through shared secrets
A common goal
Unshakable determination to see it trough
No Morality Hangups

Our current disadvantages

Lack of money
Lack of free time
Lack of real world wide connections
No common goal
Wavering determination
Plenty of morality hangups

Some of these things we won’t be able to address unless we think creatively about the problem at hand, which is, a small group of people control the world, this is a fact.

Personally I see that blaming the human consistently for everything wrong on this plant has not worked to empower them, on the contrary, people should be asked to start to be responsible for what they can change, aka themselves and not have to bear the burden of ideas like hunger in the world having been their creation.
This to me shows an absolute resistance to accept the fact that there are powers at work that have been pedaling against humanity’s will, for those that still have/had an ounce of will to try and change how things worked for centuries at a heavy price for the 99%.

I want to ask people to please let me know how many were happy to see 15000 children die of hunger every day, if they cared about it or not and if they just didn’t do anything or they didn’t know what to do and trusted all those in power for many years that we were infact addressing the problem.

We had United Nations making fancy declarations about tackling poverty by 2010, then 2015, then 2020,money have been collected in all possible avenues by Churches and religious minions and ONG exactly for that purpose in floodgates, showing that We the People were willing to redistribute and include everyone. Did it work? NO
The money was stolen, diverted, used to sponsor criminal organization that abduct Children to take their organs or to make them sex slaves or for other unspeakable reasons. Check the Clinton backed children foundation in Haiti, that’s just a model but everywhere in the world organization apparently set up to help Children were used the same way.

We had politicians in Italy that chained themselves in Parliament and went on hunger strikes to force the government to address the problem, they were joined by many civilians, similar initiatives have been taken around the world many times over, did it work? NO

So, really, instead of telling people that you let 15000 children die of hunger every day, I want to know WHAT should they/we have done, leave to go feed the hungry in Africa? With what money if they were stuck into the same slave economy but just slightly better off?

Doesn’t someone see how they send ads on TV every day with those emaciated children and people promptly send the money, some like my 79 years old mother has such a long list of charities she supports she has a 2 pages full list by the end of the year and she is not swimming in gold but lives off a pension. She tries to do what she can, she trusts that the good samaritans out there will take her contribution add it to the contribution of many others and lessen the suffering in the world.
Can’t go to Africa and feed the people there personally right?

We should have changed the system! Yes, that’s right, HOW?

Maybe some don’t realize the measure of such accusations on humanity, we have a saying that goes, cuckolded and beaten, that means someone who was the receiver of an injury and then on top of it, was beaten for it.

I am sure I won’t make many friends for these words, because for now I live in a dystopic reality where people either do the internal work hoping to manifest change, or do the external work hoping to bring about a change that is not possible until we have Humans with real Integrity who are willing to lead the ship, not in a power hungry, ego driven way but with everyone well being in mind.

This is precisely the other point the Elite has over us wanting a different world, they do the internal work, however one might not like the trend of it, however one calls it Luciferian or Satanic, they cultivate qualities they value, be them the ability to torture and murder without flinching, take whole countries down in the name of their cause or having clear ideas about population control and how to correct them, Gates was successfully working on a vaccine for religious extremists, doesn’t matter that these extremists were created as a result of religious indoctrination his own pals set wild into the world for control – but it backfired, they are probably in their own way trying to fix what they see is creating problems in the world and will stop in front of nothing.

For example, if we take the point of Control, all this mayhem around the possibility that we would be tracked every minute of the day, this could be a cool point they are trying to implement if it included Everyone, so we would finally know beyond any reasonable doubt, who they meet with and the possible conflict of interests in decision making, the possible culprits of the apparently undetected  flooding of drugs or human trafficking into countries that become a whole submerged economy that is not accountable to anyone, we would know when someone loses a marble or two, which is an event always around the corner given the current states of our minds, we could effectively intervene in a preventative measure and avoid many lives going lost in prison or in criminal activities or lost for good.

The point though is that the Order a bunch of people wants to impose on this world is at their benefit to the detriment of everyone else.

They are not under the microscope, we are, although as its proven by the capability of doing damage due to their amazing financial monopolized oligarchy, it begs the question to why shouldn’t we be able to control them equally.

And here comes the point, we are not Equals, someone once told me that there are Humans doing atrocious things in this world, forget Anu and the lot. At the time I was already dealing with the disclosure of an alternate reality too shocking to have the guts to ask further questions but the truth is that There are Humans doing atrocious things in this World. Fact.
It’s not to condemn them because we are all brainwashed in ways that have not served what is best for all and who knows what the fuck happened to them that turned them into humanity haters but the fact that they are, that they hate this creation and whats involved with it, aka us, it’s a fact.
Anyone having any doubt please go find the Jesuit’s vow for the entrance into the Order, yesterday I talked about the old families running the Banking Cartels but the Jesuits should have a special mention for Cruelty, Crimes and Deception like no one else on the planet and probably well beyond.
They shouldn’t’ even be in jail, they should go straight to Mental Institutions and corrected if possible or be locked up for good. Of course this is where our Morality hang ups come in and why we have allowed a bunch of Die Hard criminals to move pretty undetected through World History and wreak more havoc than a Force 12 Hurricane.
Should some go to jail? Absolutely yes. Should we open up again Mental Institutions to lock up those that don’t want to create a world that works for all? YES
No Morality hang ups there.

So, what is the solution, what did this (fake) virus underline in the population?
A low Immunity problem.

Its funny because the biggest Banking Corporations that run the show, they all share the all round Total Immunity they wrote for themselves in their Treaties.
So, we are having a selected group with total immunity and absolute no accountability running the show, they must be immune to the Corona as well because none of them died, only the low immunity lot among the elders, the doctors, the vaccinated, the scared and the weak.

One of our politician in December was wearing a mask and told the journalist that there was a plan to Sanitize the community and it was not a bad thing, maybe it isn’t.

Maybe the Satanists (whom are nothing more than worshipers of the old Egyptian gods and nothing particularly sinister unless their sinister activities are proven to be true), the Luciferians (followers of the God that brought the Light, because the alternative was the one that didn’t even do that) have a plan that makes sense to them and they are marching full force toward its completion.

And its not because we were too evil to let 15000 children die, that spot in the world, that hunger has nothing to do with food, it’s designed that way, it’s a system collateral damage, some wrote a system that worked for a few and not for All.

Consequently the lockdown is not a punishment for our sins or for how horrible we all are, its simply a consequence of our lack of intervention and not having a plan.

We can correct that if we unite into a real Plan, that means to write the world we would like because we are living in Someone Else’s Script and we are all scattered doing our own thing wile some are together with a purpose, we are deluded into an idea of connection when our posts reach the 100 people at most and our comments rotate within the small circle that Facebook allows (no more than 5000 friends or you can potentially become an Influencer) and that already share our views, so no damage there, our reach is limited, our vision is fuzzy, we all tell each other ‘why don’t YOU change, why don’t YOU care’ although we don’t even have a common definition of what that would mean practically.

Why was Bernard Poolman’s vision so strong and able to pull together so many and hold them together?

Because he was clear on ALL the necessary steps required for change, an internal change, a system intervention in the form of Equal Money, as in Equal access to the World financial system from birth, and  he prompted us to Write Out the World as it should be.

This is still valid today, the internal change will consolidate the external but we have proved beyond any doubt that we can’t just ”manifest” with a magic wand, we have to ACT, we have to go back to the drawing board, impulse new and diverse solutions into this system and write the kind of world that could work for all, this will have to include the uneducated, the idiots, the deformed, all those that were faulted by a system of inequality and family traumas and even those we don’t like.

And some of these solutions may have to contemplate to no longer tolerate what is being done in this world, take a pen, sit down, write to those in Government, make your voice count, we shouldn’t sit on the Laurels of making a vlog, a blog, a comment or on the uniting only with people we like in tiny circles that remain just that, there will always be someone we dislike, it happens in the Elite circles too but if we have a common goal and we don’t waver, if we invest Time in place of the Money we don’t have because Time=Money, maybe the world we would like is not as far as it seems, we can remove our consent internally and externally, send suggestions to politicians, ask them to plant fruit trees around the cities, have communal orchards in parks because unless a miracle happens, famine is around the corner for the Western World as well, we can start where we are manifesting (mani means HANDS in Italian, so using our hands in the physical world, not our minds alone) as a physical act that we do not agree with policies that leave half of humanity out of the Game or that condone unnecessary suffering or that allow criminals to not be accountable just because they can pay their way out of their crimes especially when they have dire consequences for all of humanity.

There is a black gentleman on You Tube denouncing what France has been doing to Africa for centuries with the currency, anyone knew about it? I didn’t, had no clue that this was the reason Africa was so poor apart from being robbed of all its riches and the reason why they took Gaddafi out as he trampled on the old colonial powers that didn’t want to let go of the grip they had on Africa. This gentleman lives in Rome and said ‘when the Italian people will take to the streets, I will walk next to them, to give my support so that this neoliberal Oligarchy won’t do to them whats been done to Africa and to Greece”, brought tears to my eyes because the Italian have been terrible in the colonies under Mussolini and then we rewrote the History to make us look like the Best colonizers that ever existed.

But this is the right attitude and I would like to close this post with a citation called ”First they came”

First they came … it is originally a sermon by Pastor Martin Niemöller on the inactivity of German intellectuals following the rise to power of the Nazis and the purges of their chosen targets, group after group. Poetry is well known and frequently cited, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy , and how it sometimes starts with a hatred aimed at frightening goals and how it sometimes gets out of control.

” First of all they came to get the gypsies, and I was happy, because they stole. Then they came to take the Jews, and I remained silent, because they were unpleasant to me. Then they came to take the homosexuals, and I was relieved, because they were annoying me. Then they came to get the communists, and I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t a communist. One day they came to get me, and there was nobody left to protest . “

What happens to One, Happens to All of Us, United we are Strong, lets use this Crown, this Corona to Stand Up, Be Heard, Make our Lives Count as Lives committed to Unity and the Overcoming of Evil, Inside and Out, to restore this World to a New World Order, that works for all, protects All, includes All and treasure all Life in all its forms and Manifestations.