by Darryl for #EqualMoney

Process: 2018

Obama has been reelected and the Triumph of American Neoliberalism marches on. I recall 4 years ago when we thought that this time, things would be different. We finally had someone who would bring change to America. Obama was the Jesus of Politics in 2008, easily fending off a crotchety John McCain. But the more things change… I imagine that Obama fully intended to keep his promises, but probably when he sat down at his presidential-sized desk and was given “the real story” of the state of the world and our country, he had to think how much easier things would have been if he lost the election. He was told, in no uncertain terms, what to do and why. You might be wondering who would be able to give orders the most powerful man in the world. Welcome to the triumph of American Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism manifests itself within the spheres of…

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