Day 404: The Vatican Saints – A Book and Its Cover


There was nothing else on the News yesterday here in Italy but the Canonization of the last 2 popes, John XXIII and John Paul II.

We keep up all our elaborate rituals for reasons that are possibly unclear even to the Faithful, are they not the Followers of Christ?

I don’t know how we have gone from the words of Christ to what we saw yesterday, an elaborate display of a ceremony meant to put the spotlight on the Vatican once the last Pope has regained some popularity, they are actually building up notoriety for themselves, apparently 2 billion followers are not enough and no one should sit on their Laurels.

So what we saw was a questionable proclamation of Sainthood of 2 human beings – if this is questionable, nothing like the teachings of Christ at all, why are we not questioning it?

Why don’t we question the fact that we have a State, a Head of State that participates and influences  worldly affairs that is claiming to have the power to sanctify 2 dead people based on a script they themselves wrote to prove the sainthood of whoever they decide to elect to a Special State, even in Death?

On a side note, the influx of tourist and of Money into the till of the Vatican has been the best we have seen in years, they have to outdo themselves now to attract crowds but hei, when ever have we had 2 Popes and 2 Saints up for grabs on the same day?

So, as representatives of Christ on Earth, having fully understood, digested and then poopooed on his message of Equality and Oneness, they instead went for appearance vs substance, here an example of a few articles you would see in the papal closet:

The cassock, also known as a soutane, comes in various styles. It serves as an undergarment for vestments. Pope Innocent V, the first Dominican pope, was credited with popularizing the white cassock in 1276.

A tall folded cap with a top deeply cleft crosswise and the outline of the front and back resembling that of a pointed arch is the official headdress worn by popes and bishops as a symbol of priestly authority. Benedict would usually wear taller and more colorful miters compared to John Paul II. According to ABC News, “miters come in several styles: simplex or simple, made of white linen or silk, pretiosa or precious, adorned in precious stones; and auriphrygiata or gold, made of gold cloth or white cloth with a gold fringe usually worn during celebrations.”

A chasuble is a sleeveless outer vestment that is put on during liturgical services. It’s a bell-shaped full garment reaching over the feet, which symbolizes the virtue of charity, and the yoke of unselfish service for the Lord.

The pope wears a pallium over a chasuble when celebrating Mass or on other special occasions. It is a long circular band of fabric, usually in wool around two inches wide that covers the pope’s shoulders and extends down the length of his body. Benedict introduced a special pallium — worn only by a pope during his inauguration — in 2005. It is wider and longer than ordinary and has red crosses distributed around it, which represents the blood of Christ. It is kept in place by three golden pins symbolizing the nails that crucified Christ.

A short cape-shaped garment covering the shoulders and reaching only to the elbow with an open front fastened with a row of small buttons, similar to a hood, is called a mozzetta. The pope wears five versions: a summer one in red satin; the red velvet with white ermine fringe for winter; the red serge mozzetta worn during Masses for the deceased; the red clothed version worn during Lenten and Advent season; and the white damask silk trimmed with white fur Paschal mozzetta. Benedict reintroduced the winter and the Paschal mozzetta after John Paul II discontinued its use.

The cappa, meaning choir cape, is a long liturgical mantle, open in front and fastened at the breast with a band or clasp. Sometimes it has a hood.

Pope Paul V (1605-1621) had a unique, elaborate papal style that inspired many. Benedict XVI’s 2008 Ash Wednesday purple brocade robe with gold thread embroidery was referenced from one of Paul V’s intricate cloaks.

Reminiscent of a Santa hat, the camauro, a red-velvet cap trimmed with white ermine, is worn only in winter instead of the standard skullcap worn by bishops and cardinals. The cap is reserved only for the pope. Benedict resurrected this vestment from the papal wardrobe, which has been in tradition since the 12th century. Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) was the last to wear this medieval papal head covering before its revival.

Other papal headgear includes a white silk skullcap or zucchetto, which the pope always wears. Reminiscent of the ringed planet Saturn, the saturno is a hat with a wide circular brim and rounded crown worn outdoors. Made either of beaver fur or felt, it serves no ceremonial purpose. It was John Paul II’s favorite.

The most regal of all ornamental headpieces is the papal tiara, a tall, cone-shaped crown decorated with jewels. Pope Clement V (1305-1314) was one of the first to wear a papal tiara. He also introduced the three-tiered style, the triregnum, according to Herbert Norris, author of Church Vestments: Their Origin & Development. It has many symbolic interpretations and is traditionally used for coronation ceremonies. This elaborately bejeweled papal accessory can weigh as much as 10 pounds. No pope since Paul VI has been crowned with it.

Historically, the popes wear red shoes. Traditionally, the red shoes are festooned with a large gold cross or gold buckle. All successive popes except John Paul II wore red shoes.

In the decades since the second Vatican Council ended in 1962, the popes have considerably dressed-down, abandoning the more formal regalia their forefathers customarily wore.

No other men aside from those in the world of rap bling can get away with red slippers, vintage jewels and fur-trimmed capes. No matter what, there will always be a fascination with papal fashion choices.

This is the cost to clothe just one man, one may say he is a Head of State but he is not milking that point, he is milking His Spiritual Power on Earth to live like a King.

Granted, Pope Francis as they say ‘No Longer wears Prada’, he has given up the little red hand-made shoes and the ermine fur because he wanted to get closer to the people, but just in image, not in likeness, he still has a great home, access to everything he wants, plenty of clothes, food, water, travel, the best education one can get since he has the Vatican Archives at his feet, so, can we rejoice when he tells others to stop their Greed and stop putting Profit over Life?

It’s a bit like what each one of us does, we blame always the ones outside but never take responsibility for our own greed, for our own selfishness, for our own unwillingness to walk the change we need to become to create a world that works for all it’s quite a Vatican-ish behavior – do as I say don’t do as I do.

The solution is not in the iron cross vs the golden cross, the solution is the getting OFF the cross for everyone.

We have a proposal, it’s as close as it can be to the message of Jesus, it’s to give a Life to All, to recognize to All the Right to live a dignified life, not in the comical attempt to ‘represent’ the ideal of equality and justice but as a Solution to give Equality and Justice as in Equal Rights to Life to All Human Beings, check it out, it’s called a #LivingIncomeGuaranteed, no Saints, no Masters, No Popes or Kings required, just the will of each one of us to realign to a Life Worth Living for All.

Join Us.

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Day 403: Satanism, Religions and a Living Income Guaranteed


In the past few days I have watched some videos about the Music World and its Satanic Connections.

This was what originally led me on this personal Quest for the Truth a couple of years ago, the realization that something weird was going on in this world just under the surface and that I could not point the finger on what it was exactly, we can say Satanism is one of those weird things going on, not the only one, not even the gravest if we don’t count that we have some people convinced that they have a right to their beliefs which include dressing up in funny clothes, having weird numerology based rituals and the offerings of human sacrifices. This is an obvious example of when a belief System meets reality and it should give in to the Fact that taking other people’s lives to sacrifice to an Imaginary God is a line that should not be crossed and how, when we will put our hands on the religious Beliefs and the Idea that everyone is entitled to Their Opinion, we may want to explain to some that the Opinion of Killing in the name of a Belief needs a course correction – or jail time, or both.

At the moment I am following a group called the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State and a guy called Kevin Annet, who has got balls the size of planets. What amazes me the most about him is how he goes about what he is doing quite unconcerned about being ridiculed and trashed to pieces. I guess he is way past this stage because he used to be a priest and has already been publicly disrobed and attempts to ruin his life and him personally are by now an ongoing event in his life.

Still, he is on a Non Violent crusade for Justice, amazingly almost no one is talking about him yet, even though, on Easter, he went outside the Vatican to post there a declaration that abolishes the Papacy for proven Crimes against Humanity – this is no minor news and yet no one is talking about it. The fascinating fact is that this man, with the support of a growing network of Common Law Tribunals, is actually asking that the Law be upheld for the benefit of All and doesn’t accepts it to be used to create a world that entertains the few, of course jail may be his next destination since the whole system is currently privately owned, meanwhile believe it or not he was asking the Vatican to pack up and leave.

Their association claims that the previous Pope stepped down a few days before the final verdict of one of the Common Law Tribunals that condemned him as head of the Catholic Church Inc. for crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and all relative cover ups. Pope Benedict made sure to deny all allegations a few days ago saying he was just not feeling too well, a bit like when the USA left Vietnam and maybe said the climate was not right for them.

The most disturbing part of the Vatican story that they are covering is the Satanic Part, where eyewitnesses are claiming that child sacrifices were done as part of ritualistic crap meant to seal the Pope into his Powers – meaning it’s a few hundred years that Popes have ben sacrificing children on the Altar of Power and got away with it.

Of course as I read or listen to those news I go through moments in which I wonder how do we go about changing a world that has reached such levels of depravity, a depravity to which none of us is excluded because we are all Here, playing our own Roles and the acceptance of  the Role of Each one of Us in a Subservient Position allows those that have completely lost the plot and are teaching others how to lose it, to hold the power, twist it and use the Law as a roll of Toilet Paper with which they wipe their asses and then proudly, through coded speeches, let us know they have no intention to give all of this up. They are apparently having way too much fun.

When I was researching the Truths of this world, I looked into All Religious Belief Systems, apart from the Buddhist which seems to have briefly met reality as in ‘this is a world of suffering and we are stuck on the Reincarnation Wheel’ just to then lose themselves again up in airy fairy practices with no practical solutions for the physical realities we live in, all the rest are very questionable philosophies to say the least.

We usually deal with petty, vengeful, jealous creators who have made it their flag to show us how they can destroy anything and everything in one breath, that live to keep humans on the edge of a Terror so deep that some lose their minds to it, proving that religion as it is ad-ministered at the moment is inherently Evil, no matter what side of the polarity of it we walk, the Light or the Dark side of it and guess what, they are after All, as the Vatican is showing, proving to be One and The Same.

Religion has always been the Opium of the Populace and as we know, Opium was used as a therapeutic mean against Pain and Suffering of various kinds, so, in the modest year 2014, we are still busy debating which Religion is the True one without realizing that no matter what label we stick on it, we don’t see how we are still using apparently Sacred Beliefs, as in undisputable, as a numbing drug, as an insurance policy against our uncontrollable Fear of Death and who knows as an entrance card to a potential AfterLife.

In this the Satanists took the most honest view at reality, saw it sucked badly and then they decided, some consciously and some by association, to go for the Anti-God, to worship the One who had already had beef with the Creator, they do not deny the Darkness of this World, no, they harvest it, they dwell in it and they go through elaborate symbolism and shit to communicate with each other about their succesful sacrifices, they have set up a parallel world, a parallel club all to themselves  of pure evil, where they get satisfaction at the idea that all of the rest of us mere mortals don’t get any of their clues, that we are clue-less stupid, sheeple.

I don’t see much difference in any of the current religious belief system, they run on the opposite side of the polarity stick of good and evil,  a perception set up just for the practitioners it seems, because at the top, they all tend to agree, best to worship Baphomet, Satan, Lucifer, at least he gives you Money and Fame Now and not empty promises of a Better AfterLife. As far as investments go, the one in Satan seems way more logical, it pays upfront and lifts you Out of Fear for a Life of Misery that, let’s face it, it’s around the corner for each and every one of us should things turn sour in our lives.

Many Satanists didn’t see though that they are joining in on someone else’s boat, on someone else’s belief system, they may declare they worship Satan just to get The Job they aspire to, they may promise to sell their soul because they don’t believe they have one but basically what they really worship, just like everyone else in this world, is Money.

Life as it goes on this planet today is defined by Money, there is only One True God, Money, even the ‘good ones’ are praying for a ‘better life’ which can be achieved only through MONEY, so we are using those made up Gods in the Hope to be Saved, in the Hope to Be Spared everything that we see goes on for billions of those born on the wrong side of the system.

I wonder what would happen to Religions if we gave each other what we are seeking through the Loving/Evil God of our Lives, we are the Creators of this world, I see no God on this planet, no Baphomet, No Allah, No Yehowa, no Yahweh, no Christ, no Zeus, no Anu, no Satan, instead I see all of us Humans Here, we are the Evil Demonic Creators of Famine, Poverty, Need, Humiliation, Child Trafficking, Prostitution, Uneducated People, we are the Ones Preying on the Less Fortunate, willing to go to any length to pile up enough to create the buffer that will save us from FEAR, when we could instead be redesigning this world in a way that works for All.

A world that guarantees a Life to All would unleash an amazing potential in Humanity, would give us a range of choices many never had access to, or dreamed to have access to, in every field of existence, living, education, healthcare, we could provide for each other like brothers and sisters, as we move together to learn from everything that went wrong, while we sought survival at worse and thriving at best for ourselves -at the expense of others.

And when we doubt that we are too few, too little, too insignificant to change things, let’s think about Kevin Annet telling the Vatican their time is up. Did he get the Pope to step down the first time he said it? Who knows, maybe he did have something to do with Pope Benedict stepping down and maybe he will have something to do with the Papacy closing their business and looking for other stories to sell for money, nevertheless he is not stopping because what he is doing is Defining Him, same as the fact that What We Do Defines Us, so let’s redefine ourselves from this Demonic/Satanic Humanity that accepts and allows 30000 children to die of preventable causes every day, that lets 1 billion people starve every year, that let’s 2.5 billion people without access to proper sanitation and living conditions with less than 2 usd a day to live on, into supportive brotherly Human Beings that dedicate this Life to no longer accept and allow a world that is not including Each and Every Being on the Planet into the Equation.

Support a living income guaranteed, no one needs to live a Life that is not worth living, nor do some have a right to live trashing other people’s lives in the belief they are worth less, worthless Beings.

Return Value and Worth to Each Life with a Living Income Guaranteed. Join Us.

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Day 401 – The Oldest Job in the World and a Living Income Guaranteed



I remember the first time I learnt about Prostitution. We were driving in our car, returning to the city after a short trip, when I saw a group of scantily dressed women on the side of the road sitting on crates around a bonfire.

There were quite a few as we drove by, with some space in between, my mum told me they were called ‘fireflies’ because of the association with bonfires in the night, she didn’t tell me that they were forced to light up a fire on the side of the road because their job required to expose their goods, their bodies as merchandise -and it was freezing cold.

The bonfire, the scantily clothed bodies and possibly their very lives were not choices, they were the only left avenues for some women to survive. On this I am tired about hearing men saying ‘she took the easy choice’ – oh yeah? – imagine having to have sex with an old pervert, or a fat sadist, or a dirty – as in unwashed- teenager on the side of a road in a car in winter, then imagine doing that for 10 times a day, then imagine being able to keep only a small amount of the money you make because you need some pimp to protect you in the underworld – how is that the easy choice pleeeease?
Can we give up the fantasy that women ‘love having sex anyway anytime’ hence prostitution is the creme de la creme job in this world come to think of it?

My mum told me as well that it was ‘the oldest job in the world’.

It’s hard to believe that we invented Prostitution before creating the idea of a job market and even the fact that we call Prostitution a JOB is quite comical -and tragic- when we look at it for what it is, the only thing we can keep in mind is the ‘oldest in the world’ part as in underlining how the marginal role of women in society and within the education system pushed them into creative ideas to survive, they looked at the demand on the market and the offer was created. This is the best view of Prostitution history we can come up with, the one that doesn’t count how women have been enslaved for eons into sex for free before they had the idea of getting something out of it, still, it defines us as a society that has been able to leave half of its population in need for centuries, creating the need for Laws, like marriage, to force men into some sort of responsibility because it did not come natural obviously, we can say we always had destitute groups in this world and one of these was for sure women.

These days one of our Political Parties, Lega Nord, is talking, among other things, about taxing Prostitution since we have to face the fact that we are unable to get rid of it and hence we should legislate how it should take place and specifically how can we squeeze some money out of this ‘business’, they are making money are they not? Then they must pay taxes.

I find this suggestion quite ridiculous but perfectly in line with everything else we busy ourselves with when looking for solutions, we always start from ‘how things have always been’ and from there seek the solution without realizing that we should first face WHY things have always been a certain way, because if we can answer the WHY and correct that point new Solutions we have never thought about before, may emerge.

Can Prostitution be considered ever a Legit Enterprise? A prostitute is not an artisan, not a builder, they don’t manufacture anything specific if not the Illusion of a relationship, be it sexual or otherwise, should they fall under the Trading Act? Can one trade their own body for money and if so, why is it illegal to sell body parts, why don’t we legislate on the black market of organs that exists and has been existing since we have been able to successfully replace them in transplants? Why not tax that? Transaction in the organs market are way more substantial than in the prostitution business,  Why should prostitution be legal if not because we recognize that we cannot take away this choice for survival to those that have nothing left?

So, we do know that there is something very wrong with the way this world functions why not consider correcting the malfunctioning of the way we exist instead? Why do we attempt to romanticize and place ‘good labels’ on terrible solutions we have come up with to be able to make it another day?
Fireflies is a title  for a children’s book not for the oldest job in the world, a better label would be ‘a collective disgrace’ or ‘a failure in the way we designed our society for profit and not in support of Life’ -if we gave the right labels to what we are doing than we would be prompted to act in search of Real Solutions.

Prostitution by the way is not ony related to women, an Italian poet has recently defined our old hands in Parliament shameless whores and been reprimanded for it, mainly because we don’t like unconvenient truths to be exposed because, when they are, we are left with no choice but to face the fact that one way or another all of us have been prostituting for money, men and women alike, it’s amazing to be offended by Prostitution as an immoral choice but not by an Immoral World.

In my view we should change the way we approach our problems, taxing prostitution is just illogical, especialy when we are still debating on this ‘profession’ and, as I said, if we are not willing to tax other ‘on the fringe’ activities that exist, thrive and make up much of our parallel economy, why tax prostitution? Are we going for the prostitutes because we fear asking the Mafia to pay taxes or wait, asking Corporations to not move their Capitals into Tax Heavens to avoid giving what is due that would give much relief to the economy and to those that struggle within it? Are we going for the weakest even in our ludicrous solution seeking Quest, who are the real abusers then if not us all?

There is no way to make a few pleats to this system and make it work, we don’t need a cosmetic adjustment to our systems, we need a structural one, we need to go at what is keeping it all together, the glue, Money, and through that redefine everything the way we would like it to be in a way to include everyone in the  solution.

We have a proposal, it’s called a Living Income Guaranteed, it’s a revolutionary idea, it establishes a foundation of support in the world for everyone, we see that the best and fastest way to deliver a solution to the problems we face would be through the existing infrastructure, this is why we support Money as a Solution to most of the problems we face, giving to All enough to live a dignified Life is possible, we are the ones that decide, no matter what we would rather believe so we can blame others for the policies we passively accept or the choice we do not make to Stand for a solution for All.

Inform yourself about our Proposal, talk about it, see the benefits for everyone and if you can conceive a world without prostitution, our own or the one of women on the streets, a world without abuse and exploitation, a world that works for all and considers the needs of all -join us.

A different world is possible, ending our whoring and warring is required, we can start with a Life Giving Choice – what we will need to legislate about in correction we will be able to see it clearly only after structural changes to this system have taken place and then who knows, we may discover that women were never so fond of selling their bodies after all and some of the oldest jobs in the world, such as prostitution, slavery, child trafficking, organized crime, may end once and for all as we redefine our priorities and what needs to be done for a world that changes from the roots up, starting with each one of us.


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Day 399 – Our Needs are Something to Die For – LIG


There is a wave of suicides among the military personnel, my guess is that there might be a higher number among the USA military than anywhere else, for the simple reason that most of the wars fought by the USA Army are unjustified for, uncalled for and basically, in one word, wrong – no matter ow they call them, be it ‘protecting their interests abroad’ or the infamous ‘bringing democracy and freedom’ somewhere where no one asked their intervention and where they go to just steal resources to keep the American Dream Going. It takes Fuel to Power a DreamState.

Not that there is any ‘right’ war or there has ever been one, but one thing in human perception is to kill in self-defence, an act that still leaves many scarred for life, instead it’s a completely different ball game going and fighting wars the reasoning behind which escapes us and if we do understand them, as in having been brainwashed to make sense of them, we don’t find those reasons to correspond to the Truth or the reality of what is really going on once on the Battle Field.

It is not natural to kill another human being, this is a point beyond religious or social morality, it s a point we can feel in the depths of our being, many of us would be horrified at the idea of having to do so, I remember once dreaming of running over someone in a car and driving away and waking up with my heart in my throat, waking up in a sort of a rush, to get out of that feeling of ‘what have I done’ and even when I woke up that feeling lingered with me for a while, the horror of having taken someone’s life, an act that I could never delete or make amends for.

Of course had I grown up a man in a highly militarized country I might now perceive the act of killing as something that ‘needs to be done’ to protect myself and My Country from Imaginary Enemies, enemies that were tailor-made ad hoc and came to reside in my mind like if they were for real, as real as they could be, a threat to me, my loved ones and to some I-deal-ologies that have been implanted into us by a system that thrives on our separation.

So we spend much of our time embracing ideals of Equality and ideals of Rights that are laughable in comparison to what we should be tackling together, just one example, I have nothing against the right of gay people to get married but I find it objectable that the term Equality be hijacked by one group to define their right to sign a paper that gives them the same legal ‘protection’ that heterosexual couples endure.
Wouldn’t it be enough to write a private agreement with a lawyer to protect the rights of two parties within an agreement – if at all necessary? I guess it would.

So, why are we using the word Equality for trivial pursuits of rights that would be forgettable if we could take a step back and see where our real Equality lies and how we could uphold this Right for the whole world, why are we not seeing the urge to reclaim this word from the world of confusion it has been entangled to, just to be reduced to a mockery of its original meaning as in the Equal Human Right to have a living guaranteed for example, or the Equal right of All to a life of dignity, the right to access vital world resources, such as food and water, who really cares about marriages among gay people if not the gays that have been convinced they can’t have that piece of paper, making that piece of paper now so important, so vital, to turn them into the Flagship and Flag bearers of an Equality that could be obtained in so many other ways.

I live in Italy, a country where misogyny is still rampant but women have not been told ‘you can’t have this or that’ because if they had, they would have stood up ‘for this and that’ this is the nature of the Human, we fight for our Rights, not the real ones, the rights someone told us we would have a right to – but perceive we have been denied. Look at how we have collectively been granted ‘the right to work’, to make sure we understand we don’t have a right to a Life but must EARN it, so we fight for a job when we can’t have one specifically because of the living we are denied with the lack of it, but don’t see it’s the living we want, not the job, cunningly we have not been told either that we can’t have a living, if they told us we would fight to get that right, to make that right, so the rights we don’t know we have a right to, we don’t stand up for, because we have been quietly indoctrinated about the point that ‘that is not our right’ to ask for – and so we don’t – but please give me a marriage certificate for me and my gay spouse – I demand it – it’s my Right (?). Weird isn’t it?

My mother told me that when I was a kid and would ask for permission to do things and they would all be denied I would end with ‘may I do my homework now?’ so she could no longer say ‘NO’, that was my gay marriage fight, the right to have the approval to do something nobody ever wanted to deny to me, as long as I didn’t ask for all those other things I should know by now, I could not have.

This brings up for me the point of going to war and the military system, they told us we have a right to be protected, a right to Equality in the Army (as if we care), they did not tell us we were the ones doing the protection of our countries from imaginary enemies and props (think ‘war on terror’) and a few deranged sick psychopaths by design who are driving this world, who believe that human life is worthless and that it’s worth-less if we don’t give it any importance, any attention, if we create unmanned drones to kill real people because then the real people become less real, we have not been told that we should have the right to be asked how do we stand about killing other human beings, because that is part of the job of protecting what we hold dear, some of the dearest things we hold were put into our heads by those whose profit motives make them highly questionable and whose greed reached a blinding point that doesn’t allow them to see the harm that comes from some of the things we do in the name of profiting from life and all this is taking place while WE are busy fighting for our imaginary, irrelevant rights. We are equally responsible for allowing our focus to be diverted and for not considering the larger picture that would make this world our home and the people living in it our family, a family that needs our urgent attention, this is happening under our watch, where are we all to say NO and propose instead a different system that works for all?

Now, conceded that most join the Army because of need, they are in need of either an education, a place to live, a career all things that would be out of their reach otherwise and considering that once one joins the Army, the military system hopes to successfully reprogram him/her into a killing machine which  is how we end up with some horrific stories on the battle field that would beg for us to question the sanity of the system as a whole, the point is that it’s NEED that drives those choices and it can very possibly be why we keep human beings in a state of perpetual NEED, either the need to be able to access basic necessities, such as housing, food, water, healthcare, an education for our children or other frivolous needs, like an Ipad, Ipod, IPhone, all things where the focus is on ‘I’, I as in Eye as in Eye of the Needle, the focus that needs correction, that needs to topsy-turvy the Me into a WE to make things right for everyone.

So, why don’t we take NEED away from our society once and for All?
If everyone was guaranteed a #livingincome, then we would not NEED to join anything that goes against what we would like to support as Human beings, like LIFE, we would suddenly have the luxury we never had to have a Choice.

Many people who are born on the wrong side of the system, or who have fallen out of the system into the abyss of our careless design, do not have choices, their needs drive them, their survival urges become the motive that moves them to do the unthinkable and yes sure, this might be why we kept things this way for so long but if we start to see the designs that are urging people into choices we have the privilege to not have to make, then we can reconsider rewriting the system in support of everyone, to guarantee a Living to All, because we can, no matter what we have been taught and believe, this world needs our compliance and consent to stay the way it is, we can stop giving our thumbs up and start by joining together in the name of an Equality bigger than our petty para Equality fights and drive this world to a solution

We have a solution that will do just that, it’s called a living income guaranteed, it’s a guarantee that Humanity will change just because of it, we should try it out and address the roots of our problem, remove Need to replace it with Choice and give ourselves and the world at large, for the first time, a chance to see if we can indeed make different choices and learn to honour Life once our needs are provided and guaranteed for. We are not as dumb as we look. I bet we can.

Join us.

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Day 397: Italian Police says DIY WarTanks are not legit


The Veneto region, centered on Venice, helped transform Italy into an industrial power in the 1960s and 1970s. The community of small, family-run businesses that had been the backbone of the region’s success have been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. Secessionist sentiment is rooted in anger that vast sums of money are appropriated by Rome in the form of taxes.

The movement for an independent Venice gained momentum two weeks ago when a ‘referendum’ found an overwhelming majority of participants were in favour of breaking away.

Inspired by Scotland’s separatist ambitions, 89 per cent of the residents of the lagoon city and its surrounding area, opted for the ‘Repubblica Veneta’ which would include the five million inhabitants of the Veneto region and could later expand to include parts of Lombardy, Trentino and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The poll is not recognised by the Rome government.
“We call on the Venetians and all those who can no longer bear the intolerable oppression of the central state to fly the flag of St. Mark from their homes to show their solidarity with the Venetians and Lombards who have been unjustly imprisoned,” Northern League Senate leader Massimo Bitonci said.


How many times does one hear of a home-made tank?

This is the second time in Italy that Venetian separatists try a take over of San Marco Square to raise awareness of the grim condition they verse in, since the 1990s. Almost 25 years have gone by and nothing changed, if anything their situation has become worse. All articles that I read spoke of the desire of the ‘wealthy region’ to separate, they should have said ‘the once wealthy’ because now it’s the shadow of its former self -hence the tank – wealthy, comfortable people don’t get this kind of ideas in their heads.

Today on the news I heard that the Central Bank of Europe is willing to lend a truckload of millions to Italy to put liquidity back in our suffering society, this is a terrible news, taking loans that can never be repaid by design is not wise, hoping that new liquidity will push banks to lend to micro and medium enterprises is wishful thinking, since the last time they got a loan they used it to play on the markets and kept saying no to lending. Liquidity has not reduced austerity before and it will not now, it will just fatten up the banks a little more – as if we needed that.

We are, broke, unemployed and with people building tanks in the privacy of their homes, quite a telling moment in time I would say, even more if we see that those are not isolated incidents -well, the tank might be, quite far out- but the desire to take revenge on those at the top is quite widespread in our society, it seems a bit odd that we want to take revenge on those that have done what everyone born in this fear filled world driven by survival would have done in their position, try to take advantage of the situation and then who knows, one benefit creates the desire for another until greed takes over and some feel justified to take the whole world for themselves -because they can

And yet, we, the majority of the people, divided by all sorts of ideas, religions and opinions, have failed so far to come together for a solution that could start with drawing a HUGE line to what some can amass in the face of many starving and that line should have always been that, before any game takes place, name it Wall Street, Banking or golfing, everyone should be guaranteed a living, not asked to EARN it, because if people keep removing liquidity from the system to stash it in the Cayman islands or other fiscal paradises, it is obvious that, since the wealth circulating in the form of money is LIMITED, some and then many would have to go without the bare necessities – and there would no longer be chances for earning a living as companies shut down due to lack of funding and credit.

So, I suggest that, building tanks at home is not only silly but pointless, ok, now we have a tank, then what, what is the next step on this very intelligent plan? Take over St. Marco square, yes, we got it until step 2, now we have a tank and St Marco’s square, while we still have 12 % unemployment in total that touches the youth at 50%, we still have 10 million people living in poverty and many more on the way there that can’t make it to the end of the month; having a tank in St Marco’s square is not step 2 of a spell that can be followed by an avra cadavra with our little wand and then everyone is fine, very likely instead the people responsible for such a poorly thought out plan would be taken to jail and judged as traitors mining the safety of the Republic (25 venetians have been arrested already – awaiting trial) and it would not lead to a ‘then they will listen to us’, as some said – they who?

If we can say something about this system which we created in our image and likeness, is the total lack of accountability, this is the purpose of corporations – to have faceless entities running all sectors of our society, yes, they claimed the state of personhood for themselves but they are not accountable in any way, a bit like ourselves, laws upon laws are written to rid every business entity of their accountability, so who would we ‘threaten’ once sitting on the tank in St. Marco’s square?

I believe it is time to become smart, in this we cannot come up with plans that call for violence or revolutions since they never worked, we can’t even do what Occupy Wall Street did, isn’t it a revelation the fact that it failed and brought no practical solution at all? As well-meaning as they were, OWS did not have a plan, they didn’t ask anything specific but for the abuse to end – the how was not written or laid our clearly and whatdoyouknow, some corporations can claim they don’t see leaving people in abject poverty to make money as abuse, it’s just a business practice, hence what is admissible should be very clearly written down and what is required to be given as a Human Right should be spelled out in a way that all can understand and agree to – legalese will be out this time -.
No one was born clearly seeing that everyone’s basic human rights were never recognized, we have instead been indoctrinated into a hierarchical system of Queens and Kings, either by name or wealth, where we accepted that some lives are worth more than others, we thought that having to struggle for a living was ‘normal’ and this is how we came to wanting to fight back, failing to see that in the fighting back there is an abused and an abuser and not 2 parties equally responsible.

We have written a plan, it’s called a living income guaranteed, it lays out the bare minimum that must be recognized to every living being, the right to a dignified living, that includes housing, access to sanitation, access to education, healthcare, the right to our own minds -we understand that the human is programmable and unfortunately we vacated our minds leaving the keys to those that wanted to fill them with desires and dreams that make us nothing so that we can buy stuff to become something, what a cool plan, we claim as well the right to real information to be able to make informed decisions, in alignment with what we can see would work for all and not just for some.

If you understand that building a tank at home is NOT a solution, nor is violence or desire to take revenge on those that did nothing more than what we would have done in their place, read through the #livingincomeguaranteed proposal, consider that we need a plan, consider that this is a plan, the best we could do so far considering all points of awareness in existence at the moment and then join it, be counted as one point of Change, there is the need for a wave powerful enough to break the damn-ation we find ourselves in.

Be a part of it.



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Day 395: Crimea, Warmongering, Deceit and Spite – LIG

The Crimea story is better than fiction, better than a Michael Crichton novel because, as usual, reality surpasses fiction in every possible way, every single time, it is a pity that we tend to stop at the first lines of a book, if we don’t find it captivating enough, we should instead push beyond our collective ADD to the end, to understand, as well as we can, given how long it takes to work out the truth in this ocean of disinformation, what is really going on in the world and, equally, within ourselves, being the world just the public screen of our inner collective workings, thoughts, hopes and desires.

I will try to make a summary of The Crimea Case as brief as I can, while I myself make sense of what is happening and has already happened, starting with the fact that an insurrection was STAGED, not the first one and possibly not the last one, unless we realize that we are living inside a theatre with players who are hell-bent into designing how we have to think and view the world while other stuff entirely is going on behind the curtains, staged by whom it will become clearer once we understand who is benefiting and how.

It is very easy to inflame people, plagued by an economic reality that leaves them with no future and fearful even for the present, there are a few trigger words that never fail to work, CHANGE, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE and let’s not forget HOPE, Word Prompting is very inexpensive and totally effective in controlling the masses, we are moved by our secret desires, some of which we would do very well to bring out in the open and take a good look at, none of the things we collectively join to achieve through a revolution can be obtained that way, the only thing we should be asking to change the rules of the game is never mentioned and that is MONEY – proof that all uprisings are staged to divert our attention to the one tool we could use to equalize the playfield for Real.

Back to Crimea, so a revolution is staged with a precise objective, to irritate Russia who has vast interest and almost its complete Navy fleet positioned there, in Crimea, a haven that was negotiated trough the supply of Gas at a very discounted price, so, to be clear, there was a contract between Russia and Ukraine that both parties had committed to.

The uprising is not staged in Crimea per se, as some who are more into politics than your everyday man could have immediately asked, cui bono, who has a beef against Russia – understanding that Putin could never at the moment, let Crimea go.  Instead it’s taken a little wider, into the whole State of Ukraine, meaning to thrown down the democratically elected leader (oops wait a minute, this seems to have happened before in many countries in South America, in the middle East and even in Italy, where we went for sex and a scandal vs blood and arms, to overthrow a government, because we are way too lazy to embrace anything that weights more than a designer baguette.), to be replaced with one that is of liking to those that are currently busy pulling the strings of this world, and that will align with those seeking world domination for the one thing that is never mentioned but ever sought: MONEY.

To sum it up we can say there were a few main interests at play, none of which had anything to do with the wellbeing of the people, instead it was geared at the following real objectives, one, the potential revamping of a cold soon to be turned hot war that could escalate in a world conflict, this of course to support our economic system into a rebooting, that there is no way it can occur otherwise, but that would have been the cherry on the cake; if Putin had been that stupid to take the bait we would be there right now, but he didn’t, he has become too worldly to fall for such a lame attempt to destabilize Russia and, with it, the world.

The second, which is always slightly more out of sight, was to allow Europe to step in with one of its usury loans from the IMF in exchange for Austerity – what a -deal- the magnitude of which they have yet to taste for themselves, but the ultimate one, you can be sure, surfaces only when the dust settles and here we are at settled dust with the surfacing of some of the real reasons.

One of the main objectives of all this exercise was clearly disclosed during the trip of President Obama to Europe, a trip designed to win allies in the absurd call for sanctions against Russia,  so imagine that one stages a coup in disguise, the coup succeeds but your self designed enemy doesn’t fall for the main trap, hence you now feel you have been made to look very stupid in the eyes of the world. I won’t go into the whole story because there would be too much to say, suffice to say that you are now left with a huge grudge that you want to even out.

So you go to your friends and ask them to not talk with the person that made you look stupid and weak anymore, you make up reasons why they shouldn’t, reasons that call for our total dumbness to be believed, such as that it is an infringement of sovereignty, a call that the US has lost any position to make having infringed on the sovereignty of most countries to which it pretended to ‘bring democracy and freedom to‘ and for being a staunch supporter of Israel who has infringed the sovereignty of Palestine BIG TIME and does so unaccounted for everyday, together with what is still currently going on in Afghanistan and Syria.

Then you must apply some of the fear mongering techniques that you have refined in your home country (think 9/11 and the war on terror) and you try to convince all your friends that they must fear Russia, a country that dared to swiftly step in and resolve a conflict that could have turned bloody and dangerous for all, by saying that no one is safe until everyone plays by the same rules – rules that have never applied to you because you have written those rules for others to make sure you will always be the top dog.

So, you look at what your friends will accept to beat Russia with and realize that most of them are too invested personally to take any real stance against Russia, that they have too much to lose and you design a mockery of sanctions just for the purpose to not lose face, a face that you never put up in the first place and so you believe no one will see through what is really going on.

These are the sanctions designed for Russia – please don’t laugh out too loud:

first, they will be excluded from the G8 – oh no, this is not possible, entrance to the G8 is based on the weight a nation carries in terms of its economic weight, that weight has not changed in a month, so they cannot be ousted, plus to be honest, the G8 is as important as the automobile club, it’s an ensemble of self-appointed big guns that get together to pretend to  decide, under everyone’s eyes, on trade agreements, something that is anyway never done publicly or with the participation of the people, even by proxy – ok, so we will just not turn up at the G8 annual meeting in Sochi this year so we can make Russia feel ostracized. Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

Second, one of the royal princes will not turn up at the winter Olympics in Sochi (oh my god!), third, Russian boys may have to face the fact that they will no longer be able to enroll at the exclusive 32.000 pound/year Eaton exclusive college and last Russian oligarchs will no longer be allowed to go and spend their money at Harrods, buying football teams and properties in London. All sanctions that suit president Putin quite well, since he has never been too fond of Russians spending the wealth they made in Russia abroad, nor of our so-called Western Education.

But the real sanction Obama is planning is to take away Russia’s gas market, Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas, one-third of our gas comes from Russia through Ukraine, the lifeline deal that was offered to Ukraine in 2013 by Russia is now off, this means Ukraine will go back to pay for its gas supply the full price and Russia will increase by 10% its cost for transit to Europe – which will make gas more expensive to Europe, but we don’t mind because those costs are always charged at the ones at the bottom, Ukraine meanwhile will see a rise of its gas price per household by 50% as dictated by the IMF who has now stepped in for a shark loan that has many austerity measures in place, welcome to Europe and its criminal loans Ukraine, incidentally those austerity measures were not demanded by Russia when they were the ones giving a loan to Ukraine – so, who is choosing our masters for us? Why are we not aware that we are agreeing to the suffering that we are facing by the choices we make -or refuse to make?

USA Gas will in no way be readily available for Europe, ginormous infrastructures will have to be put in place to deliver it to us, now the cost of gas in the US is quite low because it is obtained through fracking, a heavy polluting procedure that lowers the cost to almost half of the one that Russia faces obtaining gas in the natural way, with less damage to the Earth, who says that once all the infrastructure will be in place we will be able to get it at such a discount plus who says what the damage to America’s soil will be if they have to meet such an unexpected, unaccounted for, steady demand? Can we grow gas? Can we harvest farts?

And then there is NATO, finally, getting Ukraine to join in their demented war exercises that will start ASAP on the border with Russia, NATO the final card that the USA plays when they want to pretend to go legit with the approval of all its state members, NATO the bunch of outlaws that bombed Yugoslavia a few years ago? Anyone remembers? Who says that NATO didn’t want an entrance in Crimea to reach Syria through the Mediterranean sea, or to prevent Russia from doing so, and they were willing to do anything to get a foothold there?

Crimea’s story is an example of the many layers that go untold in our sold out Media who is now at the service of those in power, plus it is a show in pettiness and human stupidity and let’s not forget greed, the greed is for those with the dollar sign in their pupils that are now unable to see the consequences of what pushing their actions has on the whole world and ecosystem, the human stupidity is our own, it’s not that the big games are played in a way that we can’t understand them or even question them, is that we are not interested enough, we are not concerned enough with the greed outside and our own greed, with the stupidity outside and our own, with the pettiness and spite and our same mind games that just take place everyday on a smaller scale. If we were more in touch with ourselves and the workings of our own minds we could see the real games being played outside in the World System with way more ease – we play the same games everyday in our microcosmos, we are just at the delusional phase of goodness and integrity, a bit like the US whose foreign policy is foreign to most but even to themselves.

Our collective behaviors are forging this world, we can’t blame just those on top for behaving like a bunch of spiteful greedy kids, those of us who are awakening have a responsibility to blow the whistle not as in the Snowden case, but as in a foul-ly played game, we have to remind everyone that our inaction equals in gravity the actions of those who are too lost in the game to see that it’s time to do things differently in consideration for each other and the world as a whole.

We have written a proposal to end the disempowerment of all people, it calls for a living income guaranteed, we have laid out some guidelines on the points that we should consider when attempting to correct this system to guarantee a life for all, just this one point will make sure that the masses will no longer be such easy targets to be swayed by fake promises of a Life, if they are given one unconditionally, then, the games will change, where do we get the money to give everyone a living we can decide it together, everything we participate in is just a convention, an agreement we either made in awareness or unwarily, the Law, Money, Care, Borders and especially how we decide to treat each other, once we change the basics of our core relationships we can bring our own personal understanding to the bigger picture, we can start to see solutions, and they won’t come through violence or coercion or spite, they will have to be self-willed, we will have to will this world into something else by giving up our past, unless we’d like to re-experience it just for the fun of it, then we can wait for world war III, isn’t that what they say, there is no 2 without a three?

This time we got out luckily but keeping our heads cool in the midst of the many enticing invitations to warring and fighting, abstinence from war is something we have to practice consistently in a world of warmongers that starts with each one of us and we have to steadily adhere to an end all violence code, before we can start talking and hearing each other for real and within that, seek and find solutions that work for the betterment of ourselves and the planet as one.

Ans so, as we are willing to spite Putin just because we felt belittled by not having our Machiavellian games turn out as we hoped, instead we spite ourselves, all sanctions against Russia will backfire on the face of Europe including the ‘we don’t need your gas’ one, Russia can link together some bamboo straws and give its gas to China, they are not in a position to be harmed by our spite in any way, yet, and if we want to ostracize them and make them feel isolated, what does that make of us? Spiteful little people.
We should be thankful to Mr. Putin that he did not take this bait and thankful that he is taking the so-called sanctions with aplomb – even unjust and uncalled for sanctions that deny the right of the Crimean people to vote to rejoin Russia, maybe this is the mark of a leader, someone who cannot be made to feel small or made to react in spitefulness or in actions that harm others; not one gunshot has been fired by the Russian Army during the resolution of the Crimea standoff and we can learn something there, for ourselves and our world at large, no matter if we agree with Mr. Putin on all of his policies, here he showed us what leadership is, as he led himself and Crimea democratically out of this mess, keeping cool and looking for solutions to not jump into a war at the first chance offered, no matter how attractive it seemed or how necessary some made it look like for him to ‘save face’, while few kept their finger crossed as they hoped to profit from a blow up at the expense of many.
And stay awake, because it’s not over, the USA declared that they do not recognize Crimea referendum because they support wholeheartedly the sovereignty of each nation -precious-, so more is to come, remember to NOT believe anything that makes your mind go in the direction of justifying a war, there is NEVER a good reason to go to war, like, never ever basically.
Instead consider that a solution is available if we work to become leaders of ourselves and stand for a world that works for all. We can start now, each one has the power to start to become part of the Change, give a Life to All to prevent the absurd and totally unnecessary Death of Many, join a Living Income Guarantee, start by seeing solutions, let’s get over our fears, our spitefulness, our narrow mindedness that is always seeking at how can I benefit and not at how can the whole benefit, when in fact there will never be a solution to the world problems that doesn’t include all and the wellbeing of all, each one of us will have to play their part at moving beyond our limitations for the greater good, once and for all. Let’s do it.




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