Day 369: Frank Capra – Just F**k Off

In line with the Christmas spirit, the time of the year when we promise to be good -one day out of 365- we are served the Christmas spirit par excellence and that would be the whole Frank Capra’s filmography.

Every year we say ‘they don’t make movies like those anymore’, yeap, they don’t, maybe there is hope for humanity after all if we can’t bear to tell such ‘so out there’ tales, in which we represent everything that is not working within our society, bless it and make it palatable, to teach children that ‘this is the way things have always been’- and look everyone is just happy where they are, Isn’t Life Wonderful?

Take this ‘Pocketful of Miracles’, ashamed to say one of my favourite movies for years, where a woman beggar holds a gangster in her grip by selling him ‘magic lucky apples’, that she tells him are inhabited by elves who have his fate a heart -not hers obviously as she lives as a derelict surrounded by her ‘happy’ beggar friends, that support her ‘out of wedlock’ daughter that she sent to Spain to be raised in a private luxurious college, to ensure she would have a better life than the one she lived-.

The woman beggar then receives the unexpected news of the upcoming visit of her daughter and, since she had always lied to her pretending to be a very rich aristocratic lady, she is helped out by the gangster to play the part and is groomed from head to toe, because in this world we are taught to do judge the book by its cover, so she is re-clothed, made up, gets her mani & pedi and jewellery on loan and is housed at one of the most expensive hotels in New York, waiting for her daughter’s visit.

When I re-watched this movie I wondered how it could have ever moved me to tears, what was moving in such a movie? The generosity of the gangster who wanted to make sure he would have forever access to the luck provided by the loving elves living in the apples, or the attachment of the beggar woman to her far away daughter for which she collected a kickback from other derelicts such as she was, or the effort she went through to hide her shameful life to her daughter, even though when she was dressed like a queen she made it clear she couldn’t wait to return to the comfort of the streets (?), or the gangster fiance’, who had to strip half-naked to pay her fathers debts after he passed away, or the loving gesture of the police chief who accepted to play the part of the woman beggar friend to con the Spanish aristocrats that came in tow with her daughter to collect news about her, to make sure she was worthy to get married into wealth.

One wouldn’t know, it would be hard to pick today for me what was that made that movie a favourite if not the ‘feel good’ factor of the make over, because in itself the story is squalid and sad and there is nothing Christmassy about it as in ‘good’, no, it is in fact the perfect picture of our world, a world of suffering, injustice, deception and criminals, all made to look good so that the world we live in is not questioned, so that we may believe that a beggar can raise enough kickbacks to maintain a daughter for life in an expensive European educational facility, insisting that All choices are available to all if one has enough beggar friends and that misery is not so bad after all, look, some loooved it to death and would have never traded it for a 5 star life of good food, warm housing and nice clothing.

I was really asleep for a long time, if we were awake we would have told the Frank Capras of the world to piss off instead of glorifying their feel good movies in the face of this world, but we didn’t.

They no longer make movies like that, what a loss, now we have movies that are dangerously closer to our reality, where there is violence, fear, abuse, misery, maybe we had enough feel good movies to last a lifetime and we are becoming ready to face reality, which is that This World Ain’t Working and that We Have to Redesign One That Does Work for All.

Guaranteeing a Life of Dignity to All would be a good start, check out the Living Income Guaranteed, THAT would be something to celebrate, a plan to give a Life to All, and then when someone will show us a movie like Frank Capra’s we’ll say ‘imagine that, so lucky to no longer live in those times’, because there is no excuse for a world of abuse not even when we make it endearing and funny to pretend that ‘all is well after all’.

Don’t get duped. Get a Life for yourself and for All.


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Day 368: Off-Gridder? Let’s Stop kidding ourselves

Going off the grid - living income guaranteed

There is no such a thing as ‘living off the grid’, come on, isn’t it obvious? This planet is The Grid.

The other day as I talked to a friend and he suggested the solution for this world is to ‘live off the grid’, I felt the usual ‘off the grid argument’ irritation, I should not be surprised though, I used to wish for a life off the grid myself until I realized that The World is The Grid and we are all interconnected -and that there is no way to live off the grid but in our heads.

Think about it for a moment, the water we need comes from the grid somewhere, the clothes we wear, even if we hand stitch them, we have to buy the cloth, or if we weave it we have to buy the yarn, or exchange it for something which comes from somewhere from The Grid, we use electronics (the two tins and a rope don’t go very far, oh, and they would come from the grid too)  even if we connect it to a faeces-fuelled home-made engines – whose building blocks come from The Grid-, honestly, we can never claim to not be part of this abusive system, because The System is just like the Matrix, it’s everywhere, and it is not possible to Not be a part of it, no matter how hard one tries.
This Christmas they even pushed presents for the Off-Gridders (see article attached below), how comical is that, being an Off-Gridder has now created a new arm of Consumerism, as proof that no one is moving away from consequences and when trying, we just create more consequential outflows just because we have not considered all the pieces of the puzzle before seeking for a solution, we have not sought a solution for the whole and there will never be a Solution ‘just for myself’, this was the whole point of the problem to start with.

The ‘going off the grid’ idea is not a solution, first because it’s not available/accessible to All and, incidentally, is not even Real, it’s a Make Belief to grant us the right to feel better about ourselves, to feel disentangled, disengaged (why not dis-functional?) and above others, it’s the deluded Belief that just because we buy organic and use horse shit to grow our tomatoes, then we are not part of this system, we can say ‘I am not playing this game’, it’s our newly invented way to remove ourselves from the problems of this world, convincing ourselves that really, we are not part of the problem and if we push it we can even believe we are part of the solution but really, what solution is it to walk away from this mess just because we tell ourselves ‘we didn’t start it’, ‘it wasn’t me’?

Does it really matter how we got here?

Because Here we are, all together, stuck on a planet that can either take a U-turn or self destruct and if it goes the second way how cool it will be for us to claim that ‘we were off the grid’, how will our living off the grid save us from the pollution of oceans, of the air we breathe, save us from climate changes brought about by our mis-use of this world and its resources or from the shame of not having addressed the point of the lives of misery that some are forced to live, without a choice in the matter, how will our ‘off the grid’ life be accounted for when we had a chance to acknowledge being On The Grid, On The Field, where change could be made and manifested for the benefit of All and did nothing instead?

Next time we feel tempted to desire to live out the ‘Off the grid’ Fantasy, we should stop and Breathe, see and realize that this Reality is who we are and we can’t take a holiday from it nor we should abdicate our response-ability for it, instead we could stand as the change we wish to see in the world, starting by making sure everyone’s Right to Live is guaranteed as a Basic Human Right, wouldn’t that make sense?

We start with a living income guaranteed because there is Life on The Grid and we wish to keep it Here, sustain it and support it as if each Life was our own. And then we won’t wish to leave The Grid behind anymore.

Join the #livingincomeguaranteed proposal, spread the news, the Solution is within reach, we just have to be a part of it and not apart from it, for the Life of All.

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Day 367: A Criminal World and its Money Buffer

When we live comfortably within the Money Buffer that this world provides, we may have the luxury to not realize that this is a Criminal World. We are stuck together in a nightmarish existence of survival and fear, we are just at different degrees of ‘nightmares’, which are determined by the amount of Money we have access to on a daily basis.

I am not saying this world is Criminal in judgement, just matter-of-factly, it is indisputable that a world that doesn’t provide for all, deliberately, is Criminal, a world where Life is on sale, where those that can’t access the World systems are left on the side to starve and die while we insist that this system should be kept in place because ‘is the only one we have’ is Criminal (and so dumb) in its very nature.

The fact that Crime exists on a small and on a huge scale should concern us, not in fear, but as a prompting to question the validity of a system that doesn’t leave any choice to some, but to commit ‘crimes’, to be able to sustain themselves.

I grew up in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, yet, due to my privileged money position, thanks to the hard work of my mother who was born within a range of choices that made that possible, I didn’t have to resort to crime to live, to be able to eat or bring home food for my family.

In my neighborhood there were drug dealers, arm dealers and generally violent, vicious people -you can’t have a soft heart in a criminal environment-. I enjoyed mixing with them for the thrill of living next to outlaws, next to the tough ones that allowed me to hang around and listen to their street vernacular, it was a fascinating departure from the comfortable life of proper education, grammar and sentence construction that I lived at home.

Life is sweeter when you have the choice of crossing the line but some are not born with this choice, some are born in poverty, without access to an education and the games are decided early in life, our words, the richness of our vocabulary will show quite early where we will end up, the people in my neighborhood were thugs born into a life of crime and they had no particular motivation to make a different choice because they understood that, ultimately, what counted was the ability to enter the Money system one way or another and lacking ‘another’ way to even consider, they would settle for what they knew, for what was handed down to them by their family, a Criminal Future.

Many times as we attempt to expose the nature of this world, some naively insist that ‘if you work hard, pay your dues, behave well and treat others decently -you can have a good life’.

There is a mixture of different brainwashing in those affirmations, some are religious, some are cultural, we are now attempting to live out this ideologies and are crashing to the ground as we discover that behaving ‘well’ can’t apply to this system at all times and that paying your dues when your dues are being funneled to the top to feed just a few is not viable and that working hard in a world of unemployment is a delusion and therefore we are starting our inevitable descent into Reality and the layers of this world from which we have been exempted so far,  thanks to the Money God, the Buffer of this existence through which we can claim that all is well and that it’s all about insisting, keep seeking a job, don’t give up hope, tomorrow is another day.

And yet this ‘Rossella O’Hara- Gone with the Wind‘ attitude has not, ever, given provable – beyond reasonable doubt, measurable results.

As Money becomes scarce within a system where it is designed to flow to just the top, the ones at the bottom may have to start reconsidering crime, not as a choice, but as the only available option left to them. Crime is NOT a choice in a criminal world, but it may become the ultimate solution for those that have NO CHOICE left, because CHOICES are bought with Money and those that kept up the denial because they could afford it, won’t be able to afford it anymore and so we are in for a rise in criminal behavior, we should have seen coming but we couldn’t, because we were trapped in ‘beliefs’ about the nature of this world vs the truth of it.
We were trapped into the idea that ‘the criminals’ were committing crimes because they chose an easy life vs going to work, we kept up these stories even in the face of the fact that living on the side of what is considered ‘legal’ is NOT an easy life by any standard, we’ll have time now to reconsider this idea in real life and see what are we made of, how many lines we are willing to push further to make a living and how easy it is to justify what we do and call it ‘business’ or ‘economics’ without a care for the consequence of our deeds on others.

Those of us who have not yet committed ‘crimes’ to live, were able to do so because we lived above the Poverty-Crime Line, there is no merit at all, we just lucked out.

I wish that we could wake up to the reality of Money, those that have none are very awake, they know that Money is the mean through which this existence moves, they know because they are paralyzed physically and mentally, without money there is no movement, there is no access to opportunities to enter the world systems, there is no chance for an education or to cultivate a land that is ‘owned’ by those who have the money, without money there is pain, sickness, worry, there is the denial of a dignified Life, there is the denial of the choice of morality, there is the denial of the buffer that allows those with Money to take a distance from the horrifying things we have done and keep doing in the name of Profit -and Money.

So, for today I wish to share this specific point, let’s get honest about Money, if we can all see that Money is what we live for, what we have based our relationships on, what has allowed us to distance ourselves from lives we don’t wish to live and have the guts to stand in judgement of, because in truth we do get it that Money is The Key out to what would otherwise be a life without choices and opportunities, then we have a chance to redefine this existence, to decide that the Divinity we seek is not out there, it’s in our choices and there is no choice more Divine than the one to give Life – to All, because no one is worth less than another and until we use the Mean we have used to enslave each other to claim the Equality of the Worth of Each Life, we can’t even claim to be Alive.

A living income guaranteed for All can change the nature of this world, we could fix it inside-out but we are too lost to see that what is manifesting outside is existing inside all of us, then let’s do it the other way around, let’s fix it outside-in, we can change the environment that contributes to creating who we are and have become and watch this world step up to what it could have always been, a place of support where we can live in peace where each one can exist to Experience and Express Life in this physical world.

Life is Given to All for Free – let’s stick to this example of how things were supposed to be.

A living income guaranteed for All – because Life is all we have – for Real.


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