Day 336: Pop Star Bankers and the Dumb Populace


A building society boss provoked fury yesterday by saying the issue of fatcat pay was too ‘hard’ for the man in the street to understand. Nationwide chairman Geoffrey Howe compared bankers to pop stars and footballers and said they were worth their massive bonuses. Mr Howe, who is paid £300,000 a year for working less than three days a week, said it was a ‘society problem’ that people find it ‘hard to understand’ why finance chiefs earn so much more than them.

We are facing a Grave problem in our Society,

It was clearly explained by Nationwide chairman Geoffrey Howe how the common man is just too dumb to understand why bankers are worth 30% raises while others have to face Austerity.

At the AGM, retired teacher Ken Cridland said Nationwide was failing to live up to its ‘We’re a bank which isn’t a bank’ slogan, saying the company was no better than the big banks.

‘If I understand rightly, all of our executive directors are millionaires and the non-executive often have other part time jobs,’ he said. Alan Debenham, honorary secretary of the Building Societies Members Association, described Nationwide directors’ pay as ‘daylight robbery’ and ‘morally obscene’.

How mutuals six-a-side team took home £8.3m

‘Yet again, and this year in times of great national austerity, our directors have awarded themselves, as greedily as ever, extremely excessive bonuses, more than doubling their excessive annual salaries, which already had an outlandish 30 per cent uplift last year.’

PhD student Asa Cusack, 33, said: ‘You could be offering lower pay packets but you’re choosing not to and, frankly, I find your justification immoral and very immodest.’

He added: ‘You’re not magicians… you’re not irreplaceable and you’re taking money from the rest of us, essentially, for yourselves.’

I recently told that to my Bank staff ‘ you are not Magicians’,  I wrote them ‘if you can take this relationship to court, prove that you stood in and for my interest at all times, made every effort to inform me every step of the way of what you were doing -without my consent, then you are not Bankers, you are Magicians’. Never heard from them again.

I like the context I used better, for the simple reason that I don’t want to be having the same discussion about unequal, immoral pay gap with the Magicians Unions a few years down the line – it’s just pretty simple, each Life has a Time Value, if Time=Life no one would have any objection in seeing the common sense of Equal Pay – let’s be reasonable as in system reasonable for the time being, no one had the same chance at an education, some are in fact dumb, mostly by design, for the time being we can accept that re-equalizing the play field will have to start with a Living Income Guaranteed, just because Life should not have a price tag and that some giving  themselves a 30% raise while cutting from the wages at the bottom, it’s just plain wrong.

Apparently, Mr. Howe said,  we are just too stupid to comprehend the pivotal role those figures play in our society, pop stars, football players and bankers, we surely need them, we can’t conceive a world that would run smoothly without their precious contribution, what if Lady Gaga no longer existed, or if AC Milan players would stop their entertaining matches, and ultimately, what if Bankers would stop thieving people by moving digital imaginary currencies as guarantees for Real Assets like Homes or worse, like People’s Lives?

That would be inconceivable, while we think we are clever by believing that in a world of finite resources, of which Money has become the embodiment of them all, what is pulled out on one side of the Equation will not cause consequences in the lives of those that find themselves on the other side and have to go without.

This world exists by our design, we accept and allow some to have more than others because we believe they are worth more than others even when their contribution to the world and to the good of All is nowhere to be seen.

Look at Royalty, we are paying royalties to have the Royals exist, we are the  royalties fan club, we want Kings and Queens because we believe their existence gives Us Value in our own country, there is a whole industry moving around the idea of Royalty, Royal Watchers, Royal Advisors, Royal Suppliers, redefining our society will have to include this group that will lose their jobs, their sense of self, their worth, because when you are no longer royally involved, who the fuck are you?

and yet, what gives us our Worth on this planet are things that we cannot control, such as a Birth Place, a Nationality, a Geographical Location, the kind of wealth we are born into which will determine what kind of choices we will be able to make., what kind of education will we be able to access, what kind of traumas will we have to face before we even enter the education system as impaired goodfornothing meatbags just to come out unable to see through this Unequal Worth  game and stop it, it would just take the majority who is struggling to speak up and no longer accept Inequality as a livable, sustainable  system,  it’s that simple.

Millions of lives go wasted each year so that some pompous asses can have it their way, the whole way and the responsibility is not in the hands of those perched on top of the food chain but in the hands of all those at the bottom that spend their lives staring upward in adoration, while they get screwed out of what should be everyone’s birthright, The Right to a Dignified Life for All.

We are only as Dumb as we allow ourselves to be, have a Dumbness test, are you in adoration for the Royal Baby? Gooing at his pictures – while thousands of kids die every day of starvation? Yeah? Your are truly pretty dumb then. Stop it.

A Living Income Guaranteed, will put an end to abuses, some are doing what they do because we accept it and allow it, You can say STOP and Stand for a World that works for All.



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Day 334: Fly me a Flag – the New Hit from Drones.

Drone flag souvenirs a hit for US air force

Souvenir sales coming to the aid of the meager USA Military budget.

The USA Army could not do what was done with the Berlin wall when it was taken apart and pieces of it were sold everywhere in the world, as souvenirs, because the Drones are still flying, yes, they are not mainstream media because some god-fearing-folks may have objections to them and raise troubles, but the people hit by them on a daily basis know, they don’t need to read about it in the papers.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Bureau the present Pakistani government opposes drone strikes: ‘Pakistan’s position on drone strikes has been stipulated on several occasions. The drone strikes violate our sovereignty and international law. These also entail human rights and humanitarian implications.

No that we care, we the First World are on a mission to devour the poorest countries, this is why the United States of America has a ‘declared’ Military Budget (conveniently defined Defense Budget – because anyone would feel threatened by Pakistan and the Middle East in general being so close and unrelentlessly warmongering …) of 1.75 trillion dollars, which is Equal to the total sum of the Military spending of the following countries put together: China, Russia, Britain, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Canada and Turkey.

Of course they lie about it, there are ways to divide the Military budget is subcategories like Social Security -for the Military- or MedicAid – for the Military- to show that Public Money go into Social spending as well, but reality shows different numbers, Using the existing poverty line, there are 45.8 million poor people in the United States, or about 15 percent of the population. Using the supplemental measure, there are 2.6 million more.

Obviously no one wants to update the Poverty Line to the ‘supplemental measure’ because it would show that there are more poor than the ones acknowledged and that they are on the increase, meanwhile the USA is sending unmanned planes around the world to keep up the amazing American dream Lifestyle for just a bunch of people. War is a racket, and those at the top of the pyramid lose nothing but keep making money, while those at the bottom die.

Additionally if you are a rapacious predator with an unbending attitude toward stealing World resources, you have to live in FEAR, some may be motivated, as the fear of a payback from those abused, then there are the manufactured ones, with events that go from 9/11 to the Patriot Act to ensure that security could keep tightening without complains but with the side effect that everyone, everywhere, would feel constantly under threat. The Perfect Scenario for keeping up the Lie of the Need for Defense.

Setting up organizations such as The World bank, the IMF and Nato, is not enough to disguise some true colours, it just provides legality to otherwise offensive actions that would be otherwise condemned world wide plus they provide the perfect machinery to make sure that Consent can be Manufactured -at will.

Now, back to the original article I quoted with the Military Spending of 1.75 Trillion dollars -let me write it out in numbers 1.750.000.000.000 –  clear in mind, can anyone be going short anywhere in the Military in the USA, is 1,75 trillion dollars Not Enough that you have to resort to selling Drone Souvenirs?

According to the article quoted you can now have your own Flag flown inside one of the Drone fusiliers, once the Mission is completed they will send it to you with a Certificate detailing , where it was flown and for how long, and that would be an otherwise ‘secret’, oh oh.

Those Missions are War Missions, no matter what they are called, during those unmanned flights civilians are killed, 94 children died since those mission started and if you can’t coinceive calling Your Kids collateral damages, you should not allow others to do it either. No one needs your Money, selling flags flown on Drones is not about Money, even if they try and make them ‘precious’ by adding in ‘a secret’ for extra value, no one is  selling you Souvenirs for Money, they are buying Your Consent, your complicity, they are asking that you put your Seal of Approval on what they are doing to civilians where they fly the Drones, they ask you to VOTE with your Money.

Feel free to lust after a flag flown in a war zone, you can even have Turkish flags, personal flags, flags for people back home, churches (even though THAT should be hard to reconcile?), state organizations, because the more the merrier, just remember what you are voting for, no one needs your pennies in a 1.75 trillions budget, but they need Your Blessings, they want your Consent and if you will give it nicely, they’ll fly a flag for you and if you don’t you may end up having to be scared some more into giving the Consent they Ask to keep doing what they are doing or you will have to be made poor enough to be willing to go to War for Money.

So what will it be, Fly the flag, Fear the Flag or Die for the flag?

In a World where everyone has enough to live, it will be hard to find people that go to war.

Do you want to STOP all Wars? Support a Basic Income Guaranteed, grant to All the Right to Life and End All Wars by standing for Life vs. Death,  Yours or the One of Others. Life for All is Possible, give up the Flag.

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Day 333: Berlusconi – Showing The World how to stay Out of Jail – since 1994.


This is an Italian Story of sex, money, corruption and power.

It’s about an Italian girl, a dental hygienist who used to work in a dentist office in Milan.

A few years ago she had the misfortune to be on duty when Silvio Berlusconi went there to fix a tooth that was broken when a guy threw at him the miniature souvenir of the Milan cathedral – which missed him his head but broke one of his teeth.

This lady had a perfectly good life until she met Silvio Berlusconi, she was not into orgies or recruiting young virgins, I mean, that was not her life-style choice, she would go to the office, clean people’s teeth -as that is what dental hygienists do and go home, maybe sometimes she would go out with friends.

When she met Silvio Berlusconi he courted her, anyone can imagine what being courted by a man who owns a first world country would be like, she was showered with the illusion that she could get somewhere in Life, he promised her the moon and because he could, he gave her a job as a regional representative of his party, which meant an exceptional salary of over 100.000 euro a year net, plus all the benefits that go with it.  Mind you, those are taxpayers money, because the richer you get, the more access you have into a country’s purse, could it be this the reason why we never seem to be able to do what we need to do with public money but end up doing what ‘some’ think we should do with it, like buying  F35 military jet planes for a country that no longer has a conscription  military service? But ‘someone’ up there thinks we should use military planes, bomb carriers for our Peace Mission and that we need them more than social programs in a country with a scary, rising, unemployment rate and that makes so much sense.

Back to Nicole when he got tired of her and thought he had paid enough for her services, considering as well where he had parked her within a safe government job with a monthly wage which was over 10 times higher than the average Italian one,  he dumped her from the Royal Position of ‘girlfriend’ and demoted her to become his pimp, he asked that she joined in his parties, for that added kick you know, those infamous Bunga Bunga parties that the international press has been riding for years and that ended up in the Italian women picking up their brooms and taking to the streets in an operation called ‘if no one sends them home, we will’.

That was when he had to resign ‘for the good of the country’, only to come back one year later like a Jack in the Box, after everyone had gone through the ‘Men in Black flashlight’ and had all their memories about him erased– it must have been that or how else would he get back to power? Ah yes, he got back promising a return of a tax on property and then blamed the ruling government when the refund didn’t happen. See, when we talk Berlusconi, Amnesia is almost mandatory…

So, back to Nicole Minetti, again, not only she participated in Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties, where he preferably got underage girls and where all participants got a 5000 euro envelope and various jewelry, increasing in value according to their performances, she was asked to organize them, manage the money, find the girls, dress like a nun and have lesbian kisses for the benefit of the horny men who were invited in his cosy circle of friends, the trusted ones.

Then, something went wrong, one of his protegé, a Moroccan girl called Ruby was arrested on the streets for theft, but she knew the drill, she called his private mobile and told him ‘get me out of here or else’, she was 17 at the time.

He called Nicole Minetti and told her to take care of it, then he called the police station and told them to let her go because she was the niece of Mubarak and this would cause a diplomatic incident, he called in his official role as Prime Minister even though later he denied having done that but just calling to say ‘hey guys, here is Silvio, would you mind to let that girl go, I’ll send a friend to pick her up’. The friend was Nicole.

This resulted in an uproar, specifically the lie about the diplomatic incident, come on how could Mubarak, the Egyptian President, have a Moroccan niece? and being Mubarak navigating very rocky waters himself he denied immediately any connection to the girl (I imagine he said something like ‘are you f***ing crazy, you know what kind of troubles I am in, and you put an underage Moroccan girl you were found having sex with on my back for your alibi, f**k off Silvio- but I have no proof that this conversation took place) then, like the Emperor without clothes he asked that all his employees supporters in Parliament vote to confirm that he was in good faith when he made that statement and the majority, duly, complied. Understand, the Parliament shut down for a day to have this extraordinary voting session with taxpayers money.

Now, this may seem like a soap opera from a third world country, but it’s not, it’s a Real Italian Story  and everything I am relating is of public knowledge, I am not a secret agent or have secret files about him, it’s all in the papers, not on his papers, of course, but on all the other newspapers that were not bought out to tell His-story.

Now he has been condemned to 7 years in jail for sex with an underage girl, is he in jail, No, of course not, and he won’t go there either, if he was supposed to be jailed he would have been already because Mr. Berlusconi is the most tried man in Italy in all the history of our Judiciary system, and he holds another pole position, he never did an actual day of jail, even when he was condemned either he waited until his trial went over the statute of limitations or to be saved by the bell by his vulture lawyers, who have cashed in millions of Euros in legal fees.

from The Economist:

Lane points out that Berlusconi has not defended himself in court against the main charges, but has relied upon political and legal manipulations, most notably by changing the statute of limitation (please understand that he did this while he was in power ) to prevent charges being completed in the first place. In order to publicly prove the truth of the documented accusations contained in their articles, the newspaper has publicly challenged Berlusconi to sue The Economist for libel. Berlusconi did so, losing versus The Economist, and being charged for all the trial costs on 5 September 2008, when the Court in Milan issued a judgment rejecting all Mr Berlusconi’s claims and sentenced him to compensate for legal expenses.

In June 2011, The Economist published a strong article dealing with Mr. Berlusconi, titled The man who screwed a whole country .

Here is an excerpt from another article by The Economist,  ‘An Italian Story

Since 1994, however, magistrates have investigated many allegations against Mr Berlusconi, including money-laundering, association with the Mafia, tax evasion, complicity in murder and bribery of politicians, judges and the finance ministry’s police, the Guardia di Finanza (Ministry of treasure Police)

for those interested to know the full story of this man, please read the whole article.

so, understand, this world runs on Money -and Secrets, the higher you go, the more secrets and money you own, the more your back is covered, this is why he will never go to jail, if he did, he would take a string of people with him, because he can and so the mutual interest to not be condemned and go to jail becomes the bond of those that are high up in the Pyramid of Power.

This is the magic of the Justice system of today, when you rise to the top through all the dirty, evil deals you have to make, remember to enter politics afterward so you can delete the proofs of everything you have done and where required change the Laws to suit yourself, and ultimately if you want to stay out of jail, don’t forget to fuck a whole country, because if you fuck just one man and then say yes to everything he asks, just because you have been fucked already anyway and you believe you have nothing to lose, you are going in -and unfortunately for you, you don’t own enough Secrets or Money to get out anytime soon.

This is how Nicole Minetti will do jail time for a crime HE, apparently, did not commit. How fucked up is That?

If you don’t like this World and what Power can do through Money, you will have to stand up to restore the Equal Value of Each Life, then everyone will be held accountable for their crimes and those like Berlusconi who have abused their power by believing to be worthier (because wealthier) than others, having just their self interest and greed as their moral compass while fucking the lives of millions without a care, will finally have to face the consequences of their actions of utter abuse that only resulted in their Inflated Ego and Lifestyles, beyond and above any  Law and Order.

Stand Up for Change, Justice starts by recognizing everyone’s Equal Right to Life and Equal Value as Life and that will put an end to the existence of those who are ‘Special’ and deliberately harm others, just because they can.

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Day 328: When McDonald doesn’t pay a Living Wage – You Do

mcdonald budget

Recently  McDonald teamed up with Visa to ‘help’ their workers to make it to the end of the month.

For the sake of understanding this point fully I went and looked for the Mc-Visa budget journal, for sure when two giants such as McDonald and Visa get together, people who had the ability to MasterMind billions of dollars for themselves, you never know, there may be something we can learn from them, could it be that they know how to stretch a dollar in ways we have not considered?

The first thing that I found interesting was the discrepancy between the budget they drew up and what was published by those that reviewed it, in the first budget there was no money accounted for heating – this being a point that proves the disconnection between those that live up in the high floors of those corporations, where do they live, are they even human?  I was briefly in New York for 6 days and spent them inside central Station because the temperature outside was -17 centigrades in February, every year you read of people dying of cold in New York – are they McDonald Employees? This small change, heating, diminished their ‘spending money from 27/day to/day on the projected budget.

Please consider that this vast amount set aside for daily spending includes clothing, food, entertainment and transport, they have only counted your car purchase not the petrol, possibly because they have ways and technologies unknown to the populace that prevent them from relating to the reality of those at the bottom, maybe they drive nuclear cars, Tesla cars, water fuelled cars, maybe they convinced their driver that it his privilege to pay for their petrol, who knows what goes on up there…

The other point that I found comical (and tragic) was that they added 2 jobs to make ends meet, now there is no need to even go further into their calculations, because the point that you considered that your employee must have a second job to be able to live, means that YOU KNOW that what you give him is not a Living Wage  -by any means.

Normally when people with common sense put their pen to paper, they do so to compare if what they have in their Minds is applicable and workable in reality, any Human Resource Director with average intelligence would not have posted that, specifically if he  were trying to prove that his employees are just poor at math and he would show them how it is done.

Instead they went ahead and did post it, so, here is the Resulting Ideal McDonald Employee

He is a childless adult – and will stay that way until he dies

How do we know? well,  we’ll have him work 2 jobs, one, ours, the main one is 40 hours a week, to get an extra 900 USD they have to put in another 20/30 hours a week at the same minimum wage – that comes to 12 to 14 hours a day of work – unless you include weekends, which will leave you so rotten you’ll forget all about sex – plus if you work between 60 to 70 hours a week you would need childcare money – which we don’t give you – there goes a company with a social conscience — don’t we always say the population on earth must be reduced?

He is strong like a mule

he can work 60 to 70 hours a week, that alone takes a lot of stamina, you must be in excellent health conditions for that, this is why we did not budget any healthcare money for you, 20 dollars a month in healthcare will get you band aids and aspirin which is the most you should need – you have no contraceptive costs because we solved that at point 1

He is not into fashion or fancy clothing – or clothing at all

This is why we did not budget for useless clothes when he can comfortably live all his life wearing our provided uniform, even during his second job, many would scream for an opportunity such as this – uniforms are washed by us (are they?) so no laundry costs of any kind – which we did not in fact budget in any way

He is not into buying a home

He can’t with the wage we give him or the second job, we budgeted 600 dollars a month for rent or mortgage, but a mortgage now you can only get it with a deposit of 30% in cash, which at the fancy saving budgeted of 100 dollars a month will take him 30 years to save IF housing doesn’t appreciate of 100% like it did in the past 30 years, if it should he has to save for 60 years before he can have the down-payment money, at that age though no one will give him a mortgage but maybe by that time banks will have found ways to extend mortgage debts to their children – oops wait, he can’t have children – then we suggest he rents, there is plenty accommodation for 600 USD a month is the USA, he has to be creative, if he loves living in the open and opts for a tent in some of his friends backyard, he can save most of the money we budgeted for his rent, so it’s just a matter of being industrious and wanting to have a better life – he must want to live the American dream, this is how America got where it is today

He is not a Foodie

We budgeted an astronomical amount for daily expenses, 25 USD a day, of this he can spare at least 10 for food alone, a McMeal costs 1 dollar, enough said.

If this is Your Dream Job – apply at the closest McDonald.


In brief, McDonald meeting Visa is like Alice in Wonderland, they can sustain their dream worlds together for a better future (their own) and somehow they hold the belief that if they can convince others that they don’t need REAL money to live, they may get away with it.

All this would be great and dandy, if they were not asking in return real working hours, then we could all have pretense employments at McDonald where we pretend to go to work and they pretend to pay their employees fairly, instead the make belief world of McDonald is a one way world, they are the only one that want to give an unrealistic compensation to people while they fatten up those on top and keep expanding all over the world with real profits, profiting from the lives of those that work for them.

We support a Living Wage as a Human right, for the simple reason that you need money to live and having a life is not what such a budget shows, having a Life means having Equal opportunities to share this world and what goes on here, it doesn’t mean to give the shitty lives out to live just to some, while some live dream lives in their personal paradise.

If you think that your employees can live on such a wage, you should try it out, see if what you wrote in your budget fits You when you LIVE IT out and then decide.

In Italy one entrepreneur, Enzo Rossi,  who was paying the regular legal wage to his employees of 1000 euro per month, tried to live on it and after 20 days when he went broke he  raised their wage of 20%, not because the Law told him, because his common sense told him that if he could not live on it, nor could his employees, period.

One last point about McDonald’s’ employees that is worth noting,  since they are not given a living wage, as in a wage they can live on, it’s obvious that if and when they don’t won’t have enough to pay for their healthcare, they will use Medicare, if they won’t have enough to eat, they’ll use food stamps, so in the end, YOU are the one paying the living wage to those employees because someone refuses to, is this OK with you? Is it OK to be the one that steps in for the Corporations, who are not willing to share their profits with those that make their profits possible in the first place?

Not that the problem is that you pay with your tax money, that is the last of a long list of problems here, the problem is that a NON living wage stays that way, even when  some smart-ass wants to be clever about it and tries to razzle-dazzle people into believing that it’s enough to live on – when in fact it’s not.

Reality is not changed through our imagination, imagining a fair wage doesn’t make a wage fair, it’s the Money that makes lives fair, a Living wage is fair because it allows people to live, giving people not enough to live in exchange for their time, means that their time=their lives have no worth, they have no worth, and supporting a world that promotes a worthless humanity is not how we will get out of this mess.

Support a Living Basic Income for ALL  instead – that will establish a world of HarMoney, where Money will no longer do Harm but will become a support and a way to give to Each Other Worth and a Life Worth Living.

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Day 322: The Illusory ‘Consequence-Free Consumption’ of Capitalism


Today I read an article by Prof Emeritus Richard Wolff, who writes a lot of clever, no bullshit material on the subject to expose the sheer Madness of the system that we keep supporting as ‘The Best System we have to Run the World’.

His article focused on the consequences of relocating business abroad.

Detroit, Cleveland, Camden and many other cities display what capitalism left behind after it became profitable for capitalists to relocate and for new capital investments to happen more elsewhere. Capitalism and its driving profit motive first developed in England before spreading to western Europe, north America and then Japan.

Over the last two centuries, those areas endured a growing capitalism’s mix of horrific working conditions, urban slums, environmental degradation, and cyclical instability. Capitalism also brought economic growth, wealth for a minority, labor unions and other workers’ organizations. Writers like Dickens, Zola, Steinbeck, and Gorky saw that capitalism’s workings clearly, while those like Marx, Mill and Bakunin understood it critically.

Workers’ struggles eventually forced capitalists to pay rising wages, enabling higher living standards for large sections of the working classes (so-called “middle classes”). Capitalists and their economist spokespersons later rewrote that history to suggest instead that rising wages were blessings intrinsic to the capitalist system. How wrong that was, as I describe below.

Capitalists eventually had to reach beyond their original bases in Europe, North America, and Japan to the rest of the world. Capitalism’s growth required enlarging its hinterland from the agricultural regions near the industrial centers where modern capitalism began. That initial hinterland had provided food, raw materials and markets for the commodities flowing increasingly from the growing urban capitalist centers. The hinterland also sent refugees fleeing from declining job opportunities there to work in and crowd those centers.

As capitalist growth accelerated across the 18th and 19th centuries, more hinterland was required. The response included formal and informal colonialism that encompassed much of the planet outside its capitalist centers. Capitalism thereby reorganized the whole world’s economy to serve as provider of raw materials, food, labor supplies and markets.”

I know a lot about it because I worked for several years in Asia and I watched hundreds of businesses relocating there to maximize their profits and expand into this developing continent, one that we conveniently left behind because, even though we may not be consciously aware, nor willing to take responsibility for it, ‘we’ have planned (and if not through direct involvement we accepted and allowed it) the design of how to best use this world “to serve as provider of raw materials, food, labor supplies and markets“.

The idea of relocation seemed great to those that owned the industry of manufacturing, or the ‘the World as a Corporation prop’, to provide for the manufactured desires that have been implanted in the Minds of People to sustain this Economic System through Consumption (incidentally the word we use to describe this process “Consumption”, was used to describe a disease that wiped out millions of people in the World).

These are the multifaceted meanings of this word

a. The act or process of consuming.
b. The state of being consumed.
3. Pathology

a. A progressive wasting of body tissue.

The most interesting of our definitions in relation to the word Consumption is the last one ‘A progressive wasting of body tissue’ , which is pathological (Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual, maladaptive, and compulsive), meaning that we are into the BAD habit of wasting Life, the body tissue is the body of All of Us, the body of the Earth, the Body of Water, the Body of each person on this planet is being wasted by our Patho-Illogical Consumption, which is Illogical because Logic would have us preserve everything that is Alive within the understanding of our interconnectedness and thus our indispensable need to preserve and support each others lives, given that our well-being depends on the well-being of the Body of All.

On the contrary we are hell-bent to not help each other, to not consider the consequences of our actions looking at how things will move on a timeline for everybody, so the plans and plots of Capitalism always end up damaging something or someone because they have a faulty starting point, they don’t consider What is Best for All, but just what is best for some, leaving most living beings out of the equation, ending up destroying everything that lives, this goes in this instance for the lives of those that we leave behind as we hop from one continent to another hoping to maximize the profits we can make so we can get the Money to buy our way out of our fear that nothing is Safe, instead of making this world Safe and Sound for everyone to enjoy and thrive. See the Dementia at work?

So, think about it, Consumption is NOT Consequence Free, People Die from It, leaving people jobless in a world where Money=Life is a criminal act and had the ?unpredicted? consequence that those left behind won’t even be able to consume what we are wasting the world for, meanwhile Animals are going extinct, the Land is being decimated, the Trees that give us Air and the Water that gives us Life are polluted for short terms ‘perceived’ benefits that will never supersede nor fix the Real Value of this World, LIFE, the Life we waste through Consumption every single day we refuse to give to each other the World we want to live in, so we can Profit and Die Rich.

Wake Up, Consider a Basic Income Guaranteed for All, consider stopping the Consumption of this Planet, we don’t have a Planet B and very possibly not even a Life Plan B, is this Life Worth being Consumed for Nothing?

Equal Money

Basic Income Guaranteed

Sort out your greed and Self Interest to realign to Oneness and Equality with DIP Lite

Day 319: Poverty Lines, how would you like Yours?


The poverty threshold, or poverty line, is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a given country. In practice, like the definition of poverty, the official or common understanding of the poverty line is significantly higher in developed countries than in developing countries. The common international poverty line has in the past been roughly $1 a day.In 2008, the World Bank came out with a revised figure of $1.25 at 2005 purchasing-power parity (PPP).  Source Wikipedia

“The Poverty line is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in any given country”, I have to rewrite this sentence because it is in itself outrageous, so many questions come up when reading it, even more when taking the time to retype it, who gets to decide, to deem adequate an income for a living ‘in any given country’ if not those who hold the powers, own the Law, are shareholders in both the banking and the economic system and how can they say that 1,25 dollar a day is enough to live, what kind of life are we talking about, are those that cast those numbers on others willing to live them out? Why aren’t those occupying the positions of deciding on such matters asked to TRY their THEORIES in Reality vs making reality up and then adjusting it with numbers and stories until it fits the agenda of Profit and Greed no matter the consequences it will bring to those that those numbers will have to live them out for REAL.

The Poverty lines show in the face of people, they are the marks left by a life of struggle, a life of wondering how you are going to get to the end of the month, how will you feed your children, give them an education, take care of them if anything should happen and you have no money to provide for their care, Poverty is Ugly and vilifying, Demeaning to Human beings and the Human Spirit, no one should ever have to endure it, specifically if we consider that is a preventable, avoidable state in life, that is cruelly man-made, unnatural and that if we created system that keep some poor while some thrive we need to correct them to allow each one to be born on a planet of Real Equal Opportunities to live a Dignified Life and not to just survive.

Here are some facts about the current State of Poverty in the World:

More than  one billion people in the world live on less than one dollar a day.
Another 2.7 billion struggle to survive on less than two dollars per day.
Poverty in the developing world, however, goes far beyond income poverty. It means having to walk more than one mile everyday simply to collect water and fire-wood; it means suffering diseases that were eradicated from rich countries decades ago.
Every year eleven million children die —most under the age of five and more than six million from completely preventable causes like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.
In some deeply impoverished nations less than half of the children are in primary school and under 20 percent go to secondary school.  Around the world, a total of 114 million children
do not get even a basic education and 584 million women are illiterate.

Check out for yourself some more Facts about the current state of Poverty in the World HERE

I have never tried Abject Poverty but I have seen it up close and personal many times while I lived in developing countries, incidentally countries that are supposed to develop accordingly to a World Plan that defines development as having Mc Donalds and Kentucky fried chicken outlets, Shopping Malls and ‘high living standards’, of course available only to those that can afford them.

Meanwhile, the rest that can’t afford our ‘forced evolution/devolution’ is left behind, proving that there is no development but only an enrichment of those that were rich even before they opened their arms to the New World Order to make sure that the poor will be kept down and won’t have the same opportunities to rise up, the point we always try to drive home in everyone is that ‘everyone is born with the same chances in this wonderful Capitalistic System that upholds the high ideals of Freedom and Democracy’ and that is just a BIG Fat Lie.

Personally I was never able to live with less than 800 euro a month, no matter which developing country I chose as my residence, for the simple fact that you grow accustomed to a certain ‘lifestyle’ and there is just so much you are willing to give up to consider yourself as living a fulfilling life, so, when we talk about those that live with less than 2 USD a day and state that ‘it’s enough for them because their countries are poor and everything is cheap’, what we are actually saying is that we don’t want and don’t care about the fact that they have never had a chance to grow to appreciate what a dignified life would be like, hence they are not missing it ‘by comparison’ because comparison is a bitch and so we envision this perfect world where we keep the poor isolated in economic concentration camps and tell them that ‘all is good’ and they have enough, “BeLieve us, you have Enough, Trust us, we know, we made statistics, then applied economic models and voila’, here is the magic number, 1.25 USD a day is plenty to get by”.

The ironic side of this story is that in our ever-expanding greed and search for new markets where we can dump our superfluous goods we have moved to developing countries searching to expand our Empires, building there our big entertainment machines to show them what a good life looks like, unaware of the fact that such comparisons don’t go unnoticed even to the ignorant, because poor people don’t have the same opportunity to an education that tells them their rights, including the right to Equal ownership of everything that exists on the planet, but they have eyes to see that some have it good while they don’t, they just don’t know how to get out of where they accidentally found themselves by birth, by chance, by a twist of fate that put them there and you and me here on the side of capitalism that doesn’t work for us either, but is not as horrific as the side they live on, the side that marks them in their faces, that makes their hearts grave for everything that they can’t give to  children that we can give to ours, that makes them sick and go sleepless nights while they ponder where and how will they land the next cash, the next lifeline to keep them and their family going.

Consider the amount of migration that we are facing everywhere in the world, where rich countries are literally flooded with migrants from poorer, more desperate  parts of the world, is anyone under the impression that they are travelling on leisure on a cultural exploratory trip? How can we claim that we don’t know what is going on in the world even if it is not happening right in our close circle, there is no way we can keep saying that we don’t know and we won’t be able to say it even later, ‘we didn’t know’, we are coming to the end of our chances to be believable about our ignorance and good faith, after that there is a line for ourselves as well to cross, the line where we have to self honestly see both the damage done to this world and our own personal responsibility to fix it.

Life at the moment doesn’t have the same value for everyone in the world, we are valued according to our country of Origin, our Life doesn’t have an intrinsic unconditional value that is Equal for All as a Human Right, but just a value that is established by where we were born and who we belong to as a collateral to the central banking system.

In my view there is something exceptionally screwy with this, we are accepting and allowing a world in which some have more value than others by birth and this goes from nations to races to nationalities, how can we possibly find solutions to the world problems we face until we get this point clear, that there is only one Value that we all share and that Value is Life, nothing else is relevant when Life is no longer there, and yet we do not honour Life as much as we honour Death, we prepare better for dying than for living.

This is not entirely our fault, we were born in a dead system, among the dead, that worships death and the dead ones more than the living ones, that honor more what is no longer there than what is Here, that really believe that the value of Life is established by its point of emergence into the physical world, we live the lives dictated by the history, the economical and political positioning of our places of Origin, weird hei, are we Goods? Or are we Gods?

Who is creating this reality if not us, Creators of Systems that were meant to facilitate the distribution of the Earth resources to all its dwellers, instead we went a long way from what we were supposed to do, we created a world of separation, of borders, nations, races, making others less important than us, other Lives less important than ours so we could find MEANing to a world that did not make sense.

Now we have a chance to change, we don’t need to allow world war 3 to happen as a wake up call, which would be a kind of a devastating wake up call, we would wake up in the aftermath of destruction and extensive -unnecessary- suffering, we can avoid to repeat history, to find solutions to an ailing sick economy by going to war to reduce the population and create new jobs which by the way just shows how the extent of our insanity throughout the ages and the kind of genetic solutions we carry as our heritage, instead  we need to step up into our roles as Creators of a world of Peace and Harmony where all systems created exist for the benefit of All who Equally Share the Planet and must share its resources, there is more than enough for everyone, we just have to make a decision and walk it, we must decide that All Life is Equal no matter in what package it comes or where it comes from and that All have a right to Life because We are all Here, breathing, sharing this space and time with nowhere else to go, so why not make HERE a place worth living for ALL?

Follow our website about the Basic Income Guaranteed, a proposal to uplift everyone from Poverty and create a world we can truly be proud of.

Join us, no one needs to walk alone back to Life, we are on a journey to return Here, let’s bring Heaven to Earth so we can stop looking forward to dying to get there.

Basic Income Grant

Equal Money System

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Day 318: Are you BIG Enough for B.I.G. ?


We have set up a new website to explain our proposal for a Basic Income Grant that shall benefit All Humanity.

It’s hard to take all parts of a faulty system into consideration when writing a proposal that can find the widest acceptance, but it’s not impossible.

For the time being it would be enough if we could marry the 2 mainstream currents of this world, one runs on Greed and one runs on Desperation.

The Greedy are the ones best off, with Money you have access to the full Range of Human Rights that have become optional for most, isn’t it funny how we are going topsy turvy in this world, we are fitting cars with full options some of which are even useless unless we buy into the belief that we need them (The Subaru XV’s fabric seats come with a pair of switches to heat them) while we deprive human beings of basic human rights in the name of Profit and Greed.

And as enlightened as we claim to be, we are not even noticing, we are celebrating our progress and our ability to access the ‘moreness’ of technology and the wonderment of ever more stupid entertainments while we willingly give up our rights, including the right to Life, which for most has become a dream, so while some dream of the ‘more options’ they could have if they could put their hand on some more cash, some are left dreaming if they will ever be able to have a life at all, to feed their children and put a roof over their heads, we are still the proud creators of slavery, abuse, exploitation, wars all in the name of an imaginary and mostly unattainable ‘moreness’ in the face of a ‘Hereness’ that is becoming more and more elusive and that we ended up believing to be just an illusion.

If you support a Basic Income Grant you are hopefully looking for ways to make it come true, unless it’s just another pipe dream, a bandwagon to jump on to show we are interested in the world and in the fate of the many suffering unbearable lives that show no sign in sight of being on the way to improve.

If you support a Basic Income Grant for the purpose of relieving the suffering of those that don’t have a Life at all it -and not just yours, so you can be able to finally afford an exotic holiday- it would be sane to consider HOW we are going to bring this into reality within the way this system is set up and not within an imaginary system through an unfounded ideology.

We live in a Capitalistic Model, every year we raise new waves of dumb economists, that will justify to their grave why this is the best system we can come up with, and an education system that starts with parenting that has found millions of excuses to explain away the otherwise unexplainable point of Inequality as if it was justifiable just because it’s here and has always been, so it will take a lot of effort to break through the programming we have been submitted to and then later submitted ourselves to, in order to see that we don’t have to live this way, unless we keep choosing it either by our refusal to see real solutions or by our refusal to consider that we actually hold the power to change it all if we stop believing that we don’t.

Within this model, the one we live in, the amount of money in circulation is finite, yes, there would be solutions to solve this point as well but for the time being this is the model we have to work with, which means that to allow B.I.G. to become a reality we’ll have to reshuffle the cards around and either rewrite our public spending and prioritize our shopping lists  for example putting food for all BEFORE our demented need to fund the purchase of nuclear weapons or other destructive toys that we don’t seem to get enough of, and this alone will damage some, such as those that are making money through faceless corporations in those kind of businesses, hence the idea that the rich will not lose anything if we implement a basic income grant, whose funding must come from somewhere, is just another example of disconnection from reality that needs a reality check, because the rich won’t be convinced to give up millions in profit by being given 1500 or 2000 euro a month (hello??), but they may see the possibility of their businesses thriving even more when everyone will have more money to spend and invest in this economic model which is now to the benefit of just some and even be willing to extend the cash to all since they own the system and we can’t go shopping on another planet for now, so what they will gain from is in the future if they are willing to give back something now to allow this economic model to flow again, until we come up with another one that works for all, for real.

So, if you support a Basic Income Grant, please, read the blogs we are writing where we offer practical solutions to make this a reality, clear your mind, breathe, see the common sense about how B.I.G should start, which means by benefiting those that don’t have enough to live first and foremost and from there walk the steps required in your mind to close the gap between an ideology and a real proposal, so as to not turn big in another Occupy Wall Street, from where we will just be kicked out with no regret without leaving a mark of any kind, instead Occupy Your Mind with Common Sense, see why we should walk those steps the way we propose, participate, bring to the table other proposals if you see a point in a way that is clearer and more doable or let this go, it’s possible that you are not BIG enough for B.I.G., maybe you have not yet self realized the point of Response-Ability we have in and as members of this world, maybe you are kid-ding yourself and others, maybe you are having a temper tantrum about the idea that you may not come in first along with those that have bigger needs than yours, such as the need to have a Life, and that may be possible because we have 1 billion people who are starving and close to 3 billion living below the poverty line. Are you one of those? If so you will be attended to unconditionally as soon as BIG will be implemented, if you are one of those that own a home, already make a living, although not as good as you would like it, then you may have to wait in line because BIG will be the reverse line from the ones this system has sold to us so far, serving those on a ‘need bases’ first and then those on a ‘want basis’ second, is this something you can handle?

If not then there are other games to play out there that won’t damage this proposal in the eyes of those that have a firmer grip on reality than the BIG Dreamers who have lost contact with it and with the solutions that could come out of it if we walked together a path of making a dignified life for All a priority and something real within our lifetime.

Once we implement BIG and understand the power we hold, nothing will stop us from creating a world that works for all and make it so solid that it may never revert back to this monstruosity we created so far and that we fight to keep going for future generations to ‘enjoy’.

Join us, B.I.G. is Here, how BIG are you?