The End of the World is given 1:5000. Wanna Bet?

World map showing percent of population living...

World map showing percent of population living on less than $1.25 (ppp) per day
using the latest data from 2000-2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I watched the news to make extra sure the World did not End somewhere far away from where I live, or that it ended while I was sleeping and I was the only one left with just the TV. Imagine that as a scary thing.

But it didn’t, I am still here, we are all still here. None of the prophecies came through, no one ascended, moved to another dimension, embraced new frequency and vibrations, it’s just business as usual.

On the news they said that people have been gambling on The End of the World, it seemed such an amazing opportunity since they gave The End of the World 5000 to 1, meaning with 1 Euro one could make 5000.

I just want to touch briefly on our celebrated Intelligence and how the point that we are out of touch with reality is visible everywhere we look.

We went betting on the End of the World, great investment, imagine if it did pay out, what a blast. So how come those who went gambling didn’t ask themselves WHO would pay up their bets if the world ended or would it matter if the only other guy surviving was the bookmaker, which would be extraordinary per se, both the gambler and the bookmaker surviving the End of the World, but if that was the case and I could make 50000 Euro by betting 10, where would I spend it?

This is the perfect example to highlight how Money has become such a blinding driving force while we don’t realize that it’s value exists only by The Power given to it by The People; on a desert island one could print Money and it would mean nothing, even in a small community, if I invented something called A Bank and printed Money, unless the People I want to sell this idea to- bought it, they would still be just worthless pieces of paper.

We have created an economic system to which we abdicated our responsibility for this world, where the power of the people has been given away to Puppet Governments and Banks to print and circulate Money. This is not very intelligent as we can see how we ended up in a system where now we believe that Money is real and it has power over us, plus we have excluded ourselves from any decision making about what we do with the Money that is circulating, hence WE the People are funding Wars, slavery, occupation of countries, murders, famine, poverty, as every piece of Money that circulates carries our own individual power with it, we are The Governors of this system, the only missing thing to prove it is our signatures on the Banknotes, but no one has an interest in making this TOO obvious, not even ourselves.

We didn’t get here in one day, it took centuries to build this belief about Money and the fact that it holds power over our Lives, unfortunately as we kept believing it and living this truth, desiring to accumulate this Power to Live, over Life, above the Power or Capacity of others to have their fair share, we ended up turning this world into Hell for All.

Let’s say as a gross understatement that we made a miss-take along the way, the biggest was born out of our separation from existence as a whole and all the others followed as we didn’t realize that wanting for myself and not for others Equally would lead to all sorts of problems which we have duly manifested, such as Poverty, Inequality, Famine, Starvation, Violence, Murder, Torture, because as we went along and we entrenched ourselves into our ‘make beliefs’ ideas about this experience called Life, we upped the stakes and we became willing to do more and more atrocious things just to guarantee that “I’ would make it, that “I’ would be safe and now we have reached the End of The Game, this Game is over, we can clearly see that betting on the End of the World would mean that “I” should be the One to survive while the world ends -fuck the world-, do I care? Nope, I care about winning this game, down to the last man -I’ll kill the bookeeper myself once he has paid off- as I live my personal “Highlander” tale in my Mind, “Only One will be left”, and by God, I Hope, wish, desire, want that One to be me. I’ll bet on it.

Short on Intelligence, that would be the smallest lack to acknowledge as  it’s everywhere for us to see, look at our economics system which was meant (was it?) to be a system for the Fair distribution of resources, look at how we use Fossil Fuels as if there was no tomorrow at how we exploit third world countries’ resources hoping no one will notice and that we’ll get away with it, look at how we came to believe some Lives are worth more than others, so much for our intelligence, but along the way we lost it all, decency, compassion, the ability to ask ourselves if we could swap places with another, if it would be fine, bearable, to live the life of any other, or if we need to redesign this world into a place that works for all so that Each Life can express itself beyond fear and grief and sorrow – and guilt and shame.

The world did not end, some lost a few Euros on this bet, too bad, can’t fathom their disappointment, but they stand as the example of how far we have gone in our desires, way too far, it’s time to self correct and remind ourselves that no man is an island, and we are 7 billion humans sharing One planet with many other species, many of which we have already decimated- and we have only this one planet, for a little while more, we can look at what we have become and ask ourselves if this is the best we can do OR, if we can see that another world is possible, where everyone thrives, then we have to stand for THAT Change, it won’t come by itself, just like the End of the World, we’ll be the cause of one or the other, The End of it All or the Rebirth of a Planet where Life is Honored and we truly care for Each Other as Equals, as One.

What will it be? Who will we be? We are the Ones that decide.

Take your stand for a Dignified Life for All @ Equal Money.


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Fossil Fuels -The Blind Spot of the Idiot-Sin-Crazy of Humanity

fosssil fuels

There is something wrong in the way we are using Fuels.

It seemed necessary to start with such a SIMPLE sentence because it’s obvious by now, we are NOT getting it.

We should be plagued by questions when it comes to Fossil Fuels, one hint would be in the word ‘Fossil’, the Dictionary describes a Fossil as

  1. The remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock: “sites rich in fossils”
  2. “stubbornly unchanging person or thing: “he can be a cantankerous old fossil at times”

We are basically Fossils Ab-using Fossils.

We have come to a time when we have to face our own definition of ourselves as ‘Intelligent beings’ and possibly come up with better excuses than the ones we have used so far to define ourselves as ‘above all other species’ since so far the only ones who are destroying and consuming the planet at an unsustainable rate is ourselves, The Intelligent Human.

Let’s review the fossil fuels point, they are fossils -again let’s repeat this to see if it sinks in, they are ‘remains of prehistoric organisms’, meaning it took a looong time to turn organisms into fossils and they are NOT replaceable, so what we did, we built a whole civilization on them, everything we created relies mainly on  fossil fuels, that we have now tried to implement with ‘biofuels’ -and let’s not open THAT can of worms within this post and the consequences of what we have been doing to both the land and the people whose needs to use their land to live and feed themselves have been expropriated by Corporations for Profit for a minuscule input of relief to the consumption of fossil fuels, but let’s stick with the fossils and our Great Civilization.

I have watched a documentary called the ‘Blind Spot‘ (from the dictionary “an area where a person’s view is obstructed”) which talks about the problems we will face as soon as the production of Fossil Fuels will reach its Peak, which has been identified as The Peak Oil Point, that point beyond which the production will start to decrease, it’s an organic problem and not something that will go away if we don’t look at it and we are about 20 years late with ‘doing something about it’.

What is this Blind Spot that we are keeping up as Humanity, what are the benefits of cultivating Blind Spots as a way of life, why is our society structured into a humongous Blind Spot, why are we blind to everything that is going on in our World? Are we demented?

We have all industries gearing the entertainment up for a society on the brink of self destruction, all the movies of the past 10 years have had a huge increase in Magic, did you notice? The Magic factor is one of our favoriite ‘Blind Spots’, we are continuously fed the Magic Wonderland crap to allow our imaginations to run rampant about possibilities, we glide on consequences as if those were UNREAL, because the Magic is there, the time of Possibilities, the Happy Endings, and this within a Global society where just in the USA with 4.6% of the World Population they have 30% of the Consumption of all world resources.

Is there anyway we can start to drive home the idea that life on this planet of finite resuorces comes with con-sequences, which we could see as a ‘congruent sequence’ of events that will naturally follow one another in a PREDICTABLE order, finite resources are bound to end , because they are Finite, so what are we doing about what we should have done 20 years ago? Nothing.

The best way we found is to attack poor countries, made poor by this system earlier on, and try to take over Their resources.

And we don’t even play it nice, we don’t go and ask please can you give me your oil, can I give you something for it, I am that Bastard that can’t stop himself from consuming everything that exists, I am the Monster of Consumption, please bear with me while I try to correct myself, Nope, we want to blame it on them and not enough still, we want to come out looking good, we bring Democracy to people, we Fight for their Freedom, we have “Piece” Missions (I’ll maybe leave you a Piece) and leave them battered, poorer and grieving their losses.

You know, this behavior would not even be tolerated in a kindergarten, if a kid was repeatedly robbing another one’s lunch box, they would be punished, sanctioned, warned, their parents would be called to correct the situation and the kid wold be banned from kindergarten until a resolution would be reached.

Instead we allow these abusive kids to run rampant unsupervised as we allowed all the watchdogs of the world to be appointed BY THEM and then as they grew into bigger bullies, we bought the Propaganda sold for the benefit of maintaining this disgraceful Economic System in place.

Watch Blind Spot, Economic Science, watch The Empire Principle, Human Resources – Social Engineering for the 20th century, PsyWar, educate yourself, get off the Disney Channel, we are on a train heading for a certain collusion with Reality, with no one sitting at the wheel because we are busy fighting for the window seats in the back.

Get back on the driving seat with Real Democracy with #EqualMoney

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