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This is blog 100 for me in my walking the Journey to Life, and I’m going to begin by sharing the following quote by Sunette Spies – which is a good start for me in sharing how this process of daily writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective/commitment statements have assisted me.

“This is important to see, cause I mean – this is what humanity is doing – apparently giving up on humanity/this world, but that’s not the real story – there’s OTHER THINGS they want to do with their lives than commit themselves to standing with/for all, fascinating that we got to the point where, we’d live in HELL in the HOPE for desires; instead of living the certainty of who self is and what self is walking for self as for all.” ~ Sunette Spies

That’s where I was before beginning the process of walking

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“I commit myself to SHOW that those Promoting Understanding of the MIND, have NO Clue how in Fact Functions – Step by Step – and that One Should Only Participate in any Process where you Will Become the ONE that Understands in Detail How you Created yourself in Every Way, as is Taught in the Desteni I Process.” – Bernard Poolman *







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Process: 2018

It is the collective mind of the  human race that has erected numberous sciences, arts, religions, superstitions, philosophies, metaphysics in a vain attempt to understand the existence, the reality we have found ourselves in. The only area in our lives that we are under no doubts is that our situational awareness of this reality simply cannot be grasped by our consciousness. This can only be considered as a monumental and colossal failure of the powers of the mind. It makes clear that one should consider that the mind is incapable of solving this “problem.” So the old saying of “I think, therefore I am,” should be considered questionable – because to think or to exist does not answer the big question of “existing as what in this reality.” We have composed many theories and speculations of what actually is appearing  before our eyes and through the mental exercises, and that has been…

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