Day 374: The Politics of Zombies

For those who have been following Italian Politics, the latest news were that Berlusconi was out, confined to his palace under house arrest and unable to sit in Parliament any longer.

People had parties when that happened, the illusion of democracy and of having been able to cast aside the old for something new was too electrifying to pass without a celebration.

What people did not realize was that it was never by the will of the people that he was finally -apparently- ousted, he had been cast aside by those who were much better versed into Politics than he was, those that knew that their word should mean nothing and that Politics should be considered a game at lies and cheating, so, sadly, those left behind were not better than Berlusconi, they were just less bold and crass at making sexist jokes and playing hide and seek with Angela Merkel, but not more honest, please.

Now, onto the new phase of Italian Democracy, where the new elected leader of the democratic party, Matteo Renzi, just invested of his new role as The Bringer of Solutions decided to pair up with Berlusconi (not as a chamber representative since he is now chamber-less but as the head of the party he was left with after the internal schism within his old one) to finally deliver the new elections Law, something that the people have been demanding since the latest revision of an existing law, a law that was considered an abomination and ruled unconstitutional leaving Italy at a stand still for public suffrage.

This is how we ended up with a broad-based coalitions government which has constantly bickered and struggled to produce reforms.
Impressive show of how to glue oneself to a chair that was not designed to just be occupied by ‘asses’ but demanded an active participation -in theory- for the welfare of the people.

For changes to happen reforms will have to be taken all the way into parliament to re-open democracy to the people, we are currently excluded from any decision-making, our current elections law are making sure the people are effectively cut out from politics and the political scene even more than at the time of Mussolini. And Mussolini was a socialist and a reformer who had the welfare of the people at heart and who made most of the social reforms that we have been losing one by one under this pretentious and unjust Oligarchic Regime, where Money and Profit rule and nothing else matters. Imagine that.

Isn’t it ironic that it was Milton Friedman who said that it is a mistake to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their result? So, what can we say after a century of good intentions about Free Markets ideals and Capitalism that delivered no result? Thanks for the good intentions, can we now have programs and models that work in the real physical plane rather than fictional models that have no connection to the world we live in and the undeniable dreadful results they bore so far?

Let’s be clear about the fact that Politics should be everyone’s business and concern, it is through our direct participation that we can reform our systems and we should stop to be blinded by meaningless words such as Freedom and Democracy. If people can’t stand up and demand a different system because this one isn’t working, there is no Freedom and no Democracy and naming parties exploiting the sentimental values of these words should be forbidden and the manipulation of the people should end, because there can’tĀ  be politics without the people as politics was always and only meant to be the representation of We The People at work, to care for the interests of all and not just a bunch who have accumulated all the wealth, leaving the rest of the world with the crumbs and sometimes not even that.

If you want to see changes in this world, you must get involved, those who have the power in their hands have no interest in letting it go to those that don’t even demand it.

And if you don’t stand up, we’ll keep having zombies driving the system like Berlusconi, a dead man walking, resurrected just for a final blow to the Democracy we never had and to the voice of those that believe they have no power to change anything and have, as was originally masterminded, just given up.

Don’t give up, Stand up for change in this world, check out a Living Income Guaranteed, when everyone will have their right to Life declared a basic Human Right and fear and survival will no longer be our motivating driving forces, then and only then we’ll see what we are really capable of doing and what kind of world we can rethink when all are provided for in their basic Human needs.

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Day 372: Captagon New Fukitol? Syrian Tales

Today a small article on the newspaper introduced me to this eclectic news about our drug industry and I mean our illegal multi billion dollars drug industry that we have been unable to put under control because in our free-market capitalistic system, where there is a demand -there must be a supply. Go free markets, go.

The tiny little article mentioned the rising trend in Syria of the drug knows as Captagon, a name reminiscent of Captain America and Pentagon fused together, more power to you and stuff like that.

This drug was created in the sixties by Degussa AG, a German company that was involved in anything that called for the intervention of ruthless money makers, here is an extract from Wikipedia

Historical significance

In 2006, RAG acquired Degussa AG, which was later renamed Evonik-Degussa GmbH. In 1998, Degussa instructed the American historian Peter Hayes to clarify the company history during the Third Reich. One of the former subsidiaries of Degussa, the Degesch (translation: German Corporation for Pest control), was the main manufacturer and distributor of the chemical Zyklon B, which was used to execute people in gas chambers of German death camps during the Holocaust. Degussa had also processed gold dental fillings removed from the mouths of death-camp inmates. This removal caused severe bleeding.The historical significance of Degussa appeared again in the publicity during their involvement in the building of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, because the plasticizer and the anti-graffiti coating were produced by Degussa. Therefore, the work on the memorial was interrupted to clarify the situation. In November 2003, the trustees decided to finish the building with the involvement of Degussa.

But today I don’t want to talk about this company that split into 2 divisions, incidentally both registered as ‘Foundations’ as in a tax free business with 34000 employees, falling into the category of ‘too big to fail’, nono, today I want to talk about the drug Captagon because one line in the article that I read really stood out for me.

It said that the consumption of this drug has increased among civilians, while before it was addressed to the Army personnel, because they too seek some solace from the ongoing war.

If we really look at what is going on and what has been going on with the Pharma Industry, they have been bending head over heels to look for ways to medicate us into finding this world ‘acceptable’. Now their first concern is to say that this drug is misused because it was meant to treat ‘hyperactive’ children’ – those that today are called ADD – and aren’t we all a little too ADD to focus on what matters in the world? So why now departing from the responsibility of its creation? Ah yes, because Corporations are people (legally now) with no accountability – just like us, weird hei?

On the topic of war our accepted statement must be that ‘war is unavoidable’ (because my friends have got to make money out of it, it’s good for the economy, keeps the fear in the heart of peopleĀ  and rids us of -hopefully- some millions of those that are not producing and hence just a liability not contributing anything of value to this world of consumers), pop a pill and it will all go away.

But the point is that this world is not going anywhere and nor are we, no matter how good are the escapades we take from planet Earth, here we are, we are bound to land back here every time we take off, and look, the more we depart from this planet on a daily basis the worse the situation is when we land.

Wouldn’t that be a hint that ‘Fuckitol’, as a solution, is NOT working?

The first time I watched Robin Williams play the Fukitol gig it made me laugh out loud, tragically most comical things of this world are in fact absurdities, we laugh at what we recognize to be true and unchangeable and we even created sayings like ‘at least I laugh about it’ but really, what is so laughable about this world?

There is a war that has been going on in the Middle East for the past 50 years and its a resource based war, not in the Venus-project-sense, no, it is a war so some can expropriate others of their natural resources, don’t be deluded by the excuses, dig a little and you will find that the Arab countries, which had Islam for over 1000 years and everyone was fine about it, have become our greatest foes since they found oil squirting out from the earth under their feet, that’s when they became our enemies for real.

Now, do we have to keep up our insane choices and then go and medicate to be able to bear the consequences of what we are either directly participating on or passively accepting and allowing?

Why is it ok to even create a pill to mask our maladjustment to this world, why not face why and what we are maladjusted to, why we are sad and feel hopeless about a future that everyone has to worry about every single day of their life, why don’t we give to each other a Life Worth Living instead?

It’s a matter of re-assessing our priorities, yes there is the Elite scumbags and all their plotting and planning, but the poor scoundrels are just the 1% of this world, where is the rest?

Is it OK to manufacture and distribute pills to the military to help them go out and kill people without being affected? Is it OKto just watch while a pharmaceutical industry turns itself into a monster with a life of its own and an agenda to make Voldemort look lame, chameleon-ing itself through the ages to fit into the best acceptable picture of itself for all? Is it OK that corporations mostly do harm and do not share the profit of their enterprises? Is war a fine economical solution?

There is plenty money in this world and no reason why some have to get the crappy lives in existence and some get to live like Kings, we can return dignity to this world, we can give a Living to All just because we say so, Together, United, then we’ll see how many accept to go to war and kill their innocent brothers and sisters -and the leftover pills, the feel good pills can be stockpiled to help the Elite transition through the changes, because we may have to face some temper tantrums from those that will have to realize that their life is in no way worth more than another, and that will be fine too, as long as we admit that we have collectively hallucinated on this point but are willing to change our stance. Every Life has the same Worth because it’s not Money that defines it -but Life itself.

Stand up, a Living Income for you it’s within your reach, you just can’t get it on your knees.


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