Day 358: Berlusconi, I go down -I take MY Government with Me


In August of this year Berlusconi was -finally- convicted to a 4 years jail sentence.

I have written before about him so I won’t go into lengthy explanations of why a conviction in a lifetime of bribery, conniving, mafia associations, tax evasion and sex with underage girls while in office was just long overdue, what I want to write about is His current all reaching indignation.

And who would not be indignant after a lifetime of getting away with murder only to land a jail sentence at 76 for a ‘minor crime’ by comparison to his lifelong law breaking, law trampling, law deriding at the cost of 2 million euros in legal fees that he had no trouble forking out.

Instead of being grateful that he got away with murder for so long, instead of giving a break to attacking the judicial system, to calling all magistrates ‘communist with a personal agenda’, and all the legal proceedings against him as a ‘personal attack’ confusing and convincing  the sheeple that believe that he is a poor persecuted billionaire, he is on a full on mission to have the government fall.

While he was on trial, his party, the Liberty Party (yes, because he got an American education on how to sell words and dreams to the poor and needy) threatened to resign en mass if he had been convicted.

Unfortunately there are no Laws to prevent that, and being his party an active part of the governing coalition that would mean the breakdown of the current government and anticipated elections, not that he cared of disrupting the functioning of our system while preaching that the system should work for the people, he obviously meant His people, his Lawyers, His Toy Boys and Toy Girls that he has put into the Parliament one by one making sure to always have a hand both on the legislative system and on the vetoing system, in case anyone tried to pass obscene Laws such as the one that would like to no longer see convicted criminals sitting in Parliament or the Law to cut the obscene public financing of political parties in a time where the government is calling everyone to make sacrifices to endure this bottomless, unrequired austerity.

That was fun. Then he was convicted and they did not resign because they feared the Italians would take over the Parliament to slap them in the face one by one, they feared for their safety as we were THAT close to the French revolution solution.

And now we are at it again, since the conviction has become effective -no don’t worry,  jail will never be an option for Berlusconi, he has the choice, -like everyone else I assume in the full sense of ‘The Law is Equal for everybody’-  to either go to jail, or stay at house arrests or do social work. This is why our jails are full to the brim, everyone else has chosen JAIL for themselves, in these times it seems a wise choice, you get 3 meals, a roof over your head, free dental and medical and a sort of camaraderie that is hard to match, you may even find a boyfriend or a few in jail,  who could in all honesty resist such treats? Just about Berlusconi it seems.

He said he won’t be kicked out of Parliament like a criminal, although until now I was under the impression that someone convicted of a crime, actually, convicted of a few crimes all the way into the 2 tier legal system we have in Italy, WAS a criminal, instead he said that Italians should thank him for everything he did for us.

And who can argue with him, let’s see, what did he do for us, let’s look at it through the eyes of the Court:

• Last October, a court found Berlusconi guilty of tax fraud and false accounting, sentencing him to four years in jail and a five-year ban from politics. Berlusconi’s lawyers appealed, and the Supreme Court heard the case in July.

• In December, another court found Berlusconi and his younger brother, Paolo Berlusconi, guilty in a wiretap case connected to the family newspaper Il Giornale. The court sentenced the elder brother to a year behind bars. The verdict is under appeal.

• In February, Berlusconi’s political comeback fell short, as polls produced a near three-way tie, sparking a two-month political crisis resolved only after Berlusconi’s coalition agreed to take on a junior role in the government of Enrico Letta.

• In June, a court convicted the 76-year-old Berlusconi to seven years in prison and a lifetime ban from politics on charges of abuse of power and paying an under-age girl, erotic dancer Karima el-Mahroug, then 17, for sex. The verdict is under appeal.

• Italy’s Supreme Court in July upheld the lower court’s guilty verdict in the false accounting and tax evasion trial, though the jail term was reduced to a year of house arrest. The politics ban was sent back to the lower court to be reconsidered.

Those are just his last one year Court proceedings, he is by his own admission ‘the most tried man in the history of the world’, unsuccessfully obviously because he is still pulling strings and asking to be treated specially, when the only special treatment he should get is the sum of all the years in jail he has been convicted for to be done consecutively, as to rid this country from this media friendly blood sucking parasite.

But his greed has now moved to realms way beyond money, reportedly confined to a 27-bedroom villa for the term of his house arrest, and with his political influence on the wane, Berlusconi can at least console himself that he is $1.5 billion richer than he was when the series of events started but he no longer needs money, Everyone Else’s Austerity made him richer by 26% in one year, popping him closer to join the league of the 100, the 100 richest men in the world according to Forbes, his greed is now for power beyond that of a Roman Emperor, he claims his right to rule, not from house arrests, from the seats of the Parliament where he has too many employees to let go, from the core of what should be our democratic system from which he is not willing to go, not even kicked out, not even jailed in sentences a few times over, he is there to stay and if he goes, he will take the whole government down with him.

A few days ago he broadcasted a video message to the nation -overlooking the fact that the only people who do such things are Aliens and dictators, to claim his innocence, to blame the judiciary leftist system that are trying to put in place a socialist system within Italy (a fact no one has noticed but him, since we have in the last 20 years lost all social buffers, any form o welfare and our labor market resembles more and more a slavery system where we either take it or walk) and to let us know that he has not slept for 55 days and precisely  since the day he has been convicted -for real, for once- to have stolen close to 400 million euros in taxes from the people he is asking  the support of.

Is there a line he will draw for himself where shame will stop him?

No, Money deletes all shame and a lot of money can shift the shame on others, on those that as a result of his cheating the tax system for decades (and be caught just once) have to go without being able to make it to the end of the month, they have to endure the shame of going to the meal services of the churches while he is at another of his petty games in a time of economical uncertainty for Italy that is so grave that we have the current premier, Mr. Letta, on a financial mission to the States begging for help, begging that someone else finds the will to buy out some more of what we have now for sale in a country with no justice and where the fiscal weight is close to the Swedish one with no benefits but to keep in power those that are strangling the people out of their rights, so we sell out, the whole lot, palaces, infrastructures and soon we will put up what is the most sought after card on the Monopoly board, Utilities, gas, electricity and water (never mind we had a referendum and voted NO to the privatization of water), we are out to privatize the common good for the benefit of the few who have enough Monopoly money to get their hands on them and then who knows, the sky is the limit, about 60 million assholes populate this country, so bend over Italians, the fun is just begun.

If you want a system change, it has to start with a Life for everyone, not a miserable one, not an austerity-based-life while some buy the country out but a guaranteed Life through a living income guaranteed for All, to give each other the assurance that Life won’t be on sale anymore, your life, the life of your family, the life of the children to come, because there are buyers out there for them and there isn’t a morality to stop anyone from squeezing the life out of all so they get to have a bigger life for themselves, it will have to be all of us standing and saying no more -and it’s about time.

Stand up for a Life for All, if you don’t bend over, because soon your ass will be the only thing left to sell.

Change is possible, we have to see that we are part of the problem to become part of the Solution for All. Join us.

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Day 356: And I say unto You – Do Not Challenge His-Story

Prof Faurisson, invited to stop investigating the Holocaust and specifically asked to stop saying it may be a Hoax.

SO, this will be my closing post on the Holocaust as a mean to an end that many have not been able to see.

This is not just because of the very bad press I got from it but just because it didn’t work as an eye opener, it did not push anyone to delve into the topic for themselves or to wonder if there was a reason, an agenda in place that asks us to not forget and to not forgive our history.

This is not just the Holocaust point, it is every point in His-Story where some have a vested interest in keeping it alive and kicking, we could look at 9/11, but let’s not, let’s not look at why it is functional for some that we actively hate the Muslims, that we marry the idea that terrorism is out there somewhere to be fought vs facing the terrorism and terror in which we live that is consuming our lives and that makes us want for more, more distractions, more tools, more fashion to numb us away from the feeling that something is dreadfully out-of-place and we can’t put our finger on it exactly, but some can, they use their index to show us where to look and tell us how to look at things as well and so we dutifully, comply.

They show us another finger too but what can we do, we’ll have to go out and buy something to stop the nagging feeling that this world at large is a hoax and allow this fuck up to continue while the new IPhone is announced, closing our eyes to everything that goes on behind the curtains of this world to keep the lies in place.

Today I have a personal note as well regarding the stories we tell, I am experiencing discomfort for something that took place in my life, I can see many truths to it and I can see how I want to choose the one that works best for me, the one that lets me off the hook because ‘I had a reason’ to do what I did and I have a reason for my anger and how I am justified to hold on to it, so I am having my little Holocaust at home, my own 9/11 and how appropriate it is, because unless we see the how and why we do what we do in the small, we can’t see it in the big.

And when we cross that line, when we take up the courage to face what it is that we don’t want to face, when we face the story, My Story that will become HerStory vs HisStory, unless I stop it and correct it returning it to what it is so I can take responsibility for it, then I will never be able to understand and see this world, because laying the world naked is a process we will be able to face as we deconstruct our own lies and who knows, as we stop lying, as we stop the cover ups, the world as our mirror may realign and all truths will be known, no matter how uncomfortable they are to face and come to terms with.

Tools for self correction are available for free, start with DIPLite, become part of the solutions to end all cover ups forevermore.


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Day 355: What is the Holo-Cost up to date?

Two days ago I wrote an article about the Holocaust and the point that so much has been written about it, so many movies, books, stories, millions have been spent to sustain that part of our History that one SHOULD wonder why THIS particular event in History received and still receives so much attention, in fact more attention than ANY other Crime against Humanity ever did.

On purpose I did not write out the points that make interesting questioning of this event bar for the one that Laws have been passed in Europe against Holocaust Denial, which to me is both weird and interesting because so far I am not aware of anything else that I cannot deny, I can deny the existence of God even, my own, the existence of those that read my blogs, I can deny the existence of my mother and if the whim takes me I can deny the existence of World War II and the best place I can land for myself is a space in the loony-bin but there is no way anyone would even think to put me in jail or persecute me to shut me up.

So, for this reason alone, I like to question the History of the Holocaust, simply because I dislike being told a story, a his-story that I cannot research and that I am forbidden from denying, call me eccentric for that and that is fine by me.

Today I want to talk AGAIN about the Holocaust, first because it stirs up so much commotion in people who were not even born at the time that it makes the topic interesting for me, and because I received so many comments of people saying I need an education, which translate in their education, I need the System education that says it DID happen.

This time I want to be more specific because people are not prone to do their investigative work, so I will lay it all out here to see if some can connect the dots, in the specific I want to write about the Cost of the Holocaust, because some wise people in my life told me to ‘always follow the Money’ to get to the truth of a Matter and there is plenty of Money to follow on this trail to the Truth, those who are sincerely questioning the ‘apparently undeniable truths of this world’ may find that there is more than meets the eye, there is more to any story than what we are told and, as a consequence, there must be way more to understand than what we like to delude ourselves into believing we have all sorted out and clear in our minds – it’s so not like that, our Minds are the first battleground that we need to clear out to stop useless wars with each other based on Idea-ologies, because really, it’s such a bad idea to keep walking this path it should scare the bejesus out of anyone.

In my past research over this topic, what I found was that a lot of ‘revisionists’, or people who were sincerely concerned about the topic of the Holocaust, just because it’s a thorn in both our history and minds and meant to be kept there indefinitely, harming both parties, the Jews who grow up with both a Victim and an Entitlement construct, no matter if they were even born at the time of war – and the others, the war losers, who carry within this immense shame for things they heard from others, they read from ‘official sources’ and carry as a personal stigma for what is meant to be perceived as ‘the worse genocide that ever happened’, when the truth is there were FAR WORSE genocides, think the American Indians and all the ones we saw fit to wipe out during our Colonial High Times, which were led by the now considered First World countries, who became First world just because of that, proving that the First positions in this world, the Pole Positions, are just a measure of our Evil and unwillingness to stop in the face of the horrors that we were (and are) capable of inflicting on each other, using MONEY as the Excuse to WHY we are allowed to do what we do, because we could, and now ,because we can.

So, for those who are poor at history here is a sum of the world genocides up to date, reading through this should make us weep, just like Lilu did in the Fifth Element when learning Human History and considering if we were worth saving, which we are probably NOT, but as we know Hollywood movies prefer Happy Endings, unlike the ones we design for ourselves in our demented search for the Ultimate ‘Unquestionable’ Power.

Going through that list should also show how insignificant in Human History the Jewish Holocaust really is, it is no wonder then that blowing up the figure of those that died was of paramount importance to guarantee a place in History of any relevance to THAT particular event, which everyone will concede makes us soft about all Jews, including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers of this world, it creates the perfect buffer so that when ANYONE in the world would try to stand up from the Money abuse, they can be called antisemitic and tried for ethnic discrimination, which is in fact a HUGE mistake we keep making, idiotic in fact. To single out a group just because of their religious views is like putting Al Capone in jail for tax evasion, instead of seeing through all the crap and putting people in jail for what they are doing through and with the Monetary System, with the economic system, with leaving 1/3 of the population to live below poverty line because they have the power=money to do so, and honestly giving a flying f**k about what they believe in, be it a flying prophet or a virgin mother or the parting of the red sea, just goes to show how limited we are in seeing the full picture that sits in front of our eyes, the flagrant abuse that is going on due to the power we have invested in Money and then vicariously live through it, forgetting that Money without LIFE is useless, unless of course we plan to go to Mars – and we are, because we live as a testimony not only to our unending blinding stupidity but to our resolve to never take responsibility for ourselves and this world and so we hope that, when we’ll have consumed this world, we’ll move to the next one and the next one and who knows, maybe this is how we have always lived, consuming one planet after another, which is why we are left now with real second-hand choices because Mars is no match to Planet Earth (anyone seen the pictures?) so what will we be doing there, visiting friends in their pods, distilling wine using our hydrogen engines and fruit juices we’ll stock up before leaving planet earth? What the fuck is our plan B really?

But let’s come back to the Holocaust for a moment.

Here is the documentary of David Cole, a young Jewish holocaust denier, posing as a believer, asking some hard questions to the senior curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. After making this video, a “hit” was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding. He never surfaced again publicly.

He was someone who was not satisfied with the Holocaust story even though he benefited from it as part of the group of the ‘chosen/violated ones’, it’s titled

David Cole in Auschwitz

it’s a great, well researched documentary, his conclusions are very interesting, the Soviet union of the time was the one who released the first  figures about the Holocaust damages, many won’t remember the hatred and the War Propaganda of the time and the bad blood running between Hitler and Stalin and go figure, Propaganda is always written by the winners of a conflict, so they can trumpet their one side of the story for history to comply. What he affirms is that Stalin saw fit to expose Hitler as an evil dictator (the pot calling the kettle black) and made sure to pass to history his own Propaganda about Hitler’s regime.

So, the original lie came out of a petty arguments between dictators, this doesn’t mean that those that saw the opportunity to benefit from it didn’t jump in with a passion and held on to it for dear life, changing history books, filling in the gory details, like Germans making soap out of the bodies of Jews or the daily mass killings, finding witnesses who by their own survival should be proof to the contrary of a genocide but are not, they are the LIVING proof that everyone in the camps was exterminated bar them, what a struck of luck – and yet we don’t seem to have the ability to even question history in common sense, to wonder ‘WHY did the Heavens not darken’ as did the Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer, he said

Anti-Semitism did not play a decisive or even significant role in the growth of the Nazi movement and electorate. The appeals of Nazism were many and complex. People rallied to a syncretic creed of ultra-nationalism, Social Darwinism, anti-Marxism, anti-bolshevism, and anti-Semitism, as well as to a party program calling for the revision of Versailles, the repeal of reparations, the curb of industrial capitalism, and the establishment of a völkisch welfare state.

Mayer’s purpose in writing Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?  was, in his words, to put an end to a “cult of remembrance” that, in his view, had “become overly sectarian” with too much focus on Jewish suffering and on the Jewish dead. Mayer has often accused Israel of exploiting the memory of the Holocaust to further its foreign policy objectives.

In his opinion, Hitler’s war was first and foremost against the Soviets, not the Jews. According to Mayer, the original German plan was to defeat the Soviet Union, and then to deport all the Soviet Jews to a reservation behind the Urals

In regards to the functionalist-intentionalist divide that once pervaded Holocaust historiography, Mayer’s work can be seen as a bridge between the two schools. Mayer argues that there was no master plan for genocide, and that the Holocaust cannot be explained solely in regards to Hitler’s world view.

So, again, I wish to highlight not just that the Holocaust did not happen as it was told but WHY we held on to this story and WHY we are still holding on without realizing we are being played by the Pied Piper, we are brainwashed, we are unable to question this world and this reality, maybe in fear that the truth of ourselves is far more horrific than the Holocaust could ever be and that the Holocaust stands as one of our last  Fail Safe, the point that we are not willing to cross and investigate, because THAT would make us question the whole world, this whole existence and godforbid we should not feel guilty when another Holocaust movie comes out, to keep reminding us that the Jews are the victims entitled to Israel and entitled to do to the Palestinians what they edit out of every event in which THEY are on stage for having been victimized, because then we would have to question the whole world systems, the whole education system, the whole monetary system, every single system of existence and check how to fix the misalignment, we would be naked without the Holocaust reminding us that we are GOOD because we suffer for that One Event and tell anyone who questions it to ‘shut their mouth’ and we get to feel righteous and informed and siding with what is Just and Proper, we are duly Holocaust-horrified, we are system compliant to the T.

Back to numbers and how the Holo-Cost has kept Germany on its knees (and failed -imagine that), first by dividing the country because they were too dangerous for their own good, remember the Berlin Wall? Then when we saw they had arisen again, we took down the wall to put on the back of their economic drive a broken half state they had to care for and rebuild (my grandmother could see through this), and they did, but are they off the hook of WWII yet? Nooo, and no one is willing to let them go, talk about an unforgiving world and you have to bear in mind the Holocaust as the most un-for-giving even in History, it’s for-giving only to Israel and here is how:

They have extracted as blackmail $12 billion dollars from the German people as “reparations” to Israel and as “compensation” to individual Jewish claimants. The insanity of such claims can only be appreciated when we considered that many German taxpayers today, who were not even born when the alleged crimes were supposedly committed, are paying “reparations” to a state (Israel) that didn’t even exist at that time. Furthermore the list of Jewish claimants, now, over 35 years later has reached a staggering 3,375,000 when there were less than 200,000 Jews in Germany after 1939.

The number of registered claimants against the West German government has tripled in the last ten years. 

The Six Million lie has been a powerful propaganda tool that enabled the Jews to steal Palestine from the Arabs in 1948 and set up the bandit state of Israel. Thanks to the Six Million lie the Jews had the support and blessing of the befuddled world.

Germany pays for Holocaust survivors

Did the ‘restitution policy’ end with Germany? Nope, here is how to benefit from a tragedy forever

Putting a Price on the Holocaust

Here you can find a very good account of how the events unfolded, of course if you are not biased against an Islamic Scholar, just because of HIS religious views? But that is not possible since what we are still screaming and shouting about is specifically the isolation of a group for THEIR religious views and which could explain WHY we are asked to HATE the Muslims – just because they KNOW the Truth and have not been blinded by this System to the point of NOT being able to question and put Historical Facts in Proper Order.

The “Holocaust” –  is a Typical Zionist Myth

By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi
(Ph.D. International Relations)

an extract from his great article

Dr. Butz also indicated that the total number of inmates in the entire German concentration camp system, Jews and non-Jews (since there were no camps specifically for Jews alone), was about 224,000 in 1943 and 524,000 in 1944. [9] Moreover, Dr; Butz pointed out that Heinrich Himmler, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany (who supposedly “committed suicide” by “poisoning himself” on May 23, 1945, while in British captivity), had explained a few weeks before the end of World War II in an interview with a representative of the World Jewish Congress that:

“In order to put a stop to the [typhus] epidemics, we were forced to burn the bodies of incalculable numbers of [dead] people who had been destroyed by disease. We were therefore forced to build crematoria, and on this account they are knotting a noose for us.”

The best estimate of the total number of Jews who died or were killed (not “gassed” or “incinerated”) in and out of the German terrible concentration camps lost their lives either from Nazi brutalities, starvation, diseases, war-related causes, or other reasons, ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 (and not 6 millions). It should be indicated here that during World War II about 74 million people died, the overwhelming majority of whom were non-Jews, including the atomically bombed/incinerated civilians of the entire two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is no way that unless we question EVERYTHING in and of this world, we can open our eyes to understand the problems at hand and as such, we are in no position to even for a moment believe we are making informed decisions, we are in fact TOLD which decisions to make and our reasoning LIES on a sea of inaccurate historical records – to put it mildly, so when you consider the Syrian point, get it right, you know fuckall at best, at worse you know what some want you to know unless you open your mind to see through the deception of this world, get to terms with the nature of it, overcome the fear and the repulsion and then pull your socks up and stand up, because none of this is going away until we say so and stand to change the world to a place of dignity where we can trust each other and build an honorable world by letting go this mockery of an existence we created, sustained, supported and even were stupid enough to die for.

There is One Life, that’s what we have in common, we share One Planet, we share the responsibility to clean it up, and that will have to involve our History because our His-Story is becoming our future in a loop, and I am not in support in any way of  Another Jolly Little War to revive the demented economic system we created and fill up the pockets of the owners of the war machine and nor should you, revisionist, holocaust believer or stupid stubborn dumbass.

A new world is possible if we let go the old one and trust this, there is nothing worth saving about the old one but lies, deceit and greed, instead we can stand for a dignified Life for All and stop our separation in the name of Life as Life, by giving to all what we would like for ourselves, the Right to Life, supporting each other to Live, making Life our Inalienable, Indisputable Capital that we can share and cherish, to thrive on, forevermore.

Join us, War or Life is Your Choice but you may have to wake up and overcome your Fear to make the Right Decision. Worth it.

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Day 354: Hide It or Jail It – How we Deal with World Problems

Poverty Prison: Columbia SC Demands Homeless People Go Away or Go To Jail

In what critics say is the most comprehensive anti-homeless measure ever passed, Columbia SC’s City Council has unanimously approved an “Emergency Homeless Response” plan under which patrolling police will remove unsightly homeless people from downtown under the aegis of the city’s “quality of life” laws – complete with a hotline so business owners can report the presence of any aforementioned unsightly etc – and take them to a shelter on the outskirts of town where more patrolling police will ensure they don’t up and wander back downtown. If they refuse to be taken, they will be arrested and taken to jail. If they try to leave the shelter, they will be returned to pseudo-jail. To justify this grotesque criminalizing of homelessness, business leaders explained in lengthy impact statements that the presence of homeless people in the city center made it “virtually impossible to create a sustainable business model,” which you’d think would be enough to throw all those people into jail or at least pseudo-jail. Still, there are problems. The shelter only has 240 beds, and there are over 1,500 homeless people. The shelter would only operate in winter. Both homeless advocates and the ACLU are considering bringing lawsuits. Courts are increasingly ruling against similar measures against the homeless. And even Columbia’s acting police chief is balking by inexplicably and admirably noting that “homelessness is not a crime.”

When we read these news we must think we just landed here, we are observers of a world system of abuse and have nothing to do with what is going on, we have to believe that Poverty and it’s consequences, like homelessness, are some sort of infectious viral disease that people brought onto themselves by not complying to how the system works, it’s their fault if they are poor and homeless, this is why we push hard in our lives to make sure we make it and don’t fall down to the rock bottom of the system where poverty, misery and all that comes with it, are awaiting for all of those unfortunate enough to land there.

If we didn’t disassociate with the world to the level we manage to do daily, we would have to question why some are homeless, why are there poor people in a world that has proved to produce more than enough for all but is just given and kept for some, and we would question the legitimacy of hoarding in the face of those that have to go without basic human needs, such as a home, a safe place where one can rest, a shelter for oneself and one’s family.

Of the many societies in this world we like best those were poverty is ‘dignified’ (?), where the poor understand their place within our society as away from the public eyes, away from ‘my eyes’ so I won’t have to look and question WHY I have the right to a home and some don’t, why I have a right to food and sustenance and some don’t.

I have been in the position of wanting the poor away from my sight, it pains me to think about the kind of person I have been and felt entitled to be, but there is nothing I can do to change the past if not see that I accepted the brainwashing of Inequality as a Status Quo that is ‘normal’, it’s easy to accept the ‘normality’ of a system of injustice when the injustice is not hitting us up close and personal.

I have woken up, today when I see a poor person I see the injustice, the abuse, the theft that all of us who have more are perpetrating against those that have nothing,  I see their shame and misery as well, I see that it is a lie that ‘poor people are happier than us’, it is what we say to justify why we are not  required to let go of our privileges to guarantee that all have access to a dignified life and so we live dreaming to hit the jackpot, vowing that when we do we’ll help others less fortunate and we don’t see that it is our unwillingness to let go of the desire for the jackpots of this world that creates poverty and inhumane lives that we leave behind for others to live.

So far we only care to manage consequences, when the consequences of this system raise their ugly heads we try to shoo them away or jail them, we found out that we could make money on consequences as well, how clever is that, so we privatized the ‘correctional’ system, we privatized the justice system first to make it work in support of the ‘private sector’, the Sect with their hands on the Money, the Loot, and then we privatized the prison system, so we create the problem, we let it run its course and then we catch the end result of it and jail it – and make a hefty profit on it too, as the cherry on the cake.

Sadly we believe that this will go on forever, that we can walk the tightrope between survival and disaster by complying, by going to work, by finding new inventive ways to make money on the lives of others, by raising good slaves in our image and likeness, by Obeying  the Law, when in fact the truth is that there will be a point in everyone’s life when we’ll be forced to face this world, sooner than we think the ‘buffer money’, the ‘fuck you money’ required to buffer our existences away from rock bottom, or to tell the system to go ‘fuck itself’ will be too much, we won’t be able to save the necessary amount of money to create safety nets strong enough to catch us on our free falls.

We can go that way, there is nothing to stop us so far, or we can see in common sense that there is another way, we can see that we can stop our FREE Falls before we hit the ground with a thud, to wake up to the injustice of a system where abuse has become the new normality and instead Stand for a Change that will include All, Stand for a world that will Support All, and in one move address both the problems of the world and our damning fears that we may have to live like those whose lives we didn’t deem important enough to realign to a livable, dignified standard.

A new world starts with becoming aware that unless Life is For-Giving, unless Life is For-Given to All, then ‘I’ will always have to battle for my own Life, for my own survival, because I can’t  get what I am not willing to give to others unconditionally and as I withhold the right to Life for others I have no Right to It and the World isn’t right for anyone.

Stand for a Living Income Guaranteed, we can have a world that works for All, we just need to make the decision and walk it and don’t stop this time until it’s done. Join us.

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Day 353: The Holohoax, Iran and an Inconvenient friend

Many people are not aware that our History has been rewritten to portray some powerful groups as entitled to what they claimed for themselves by taking it from the world resources, from the world wealth that belonged to all.

There are many conspiracy in this world, but none as powerful as the Money and Power conspiracy and such lobby is led by highly unscrupulous and educated men who have understood that our history creates our future and that a lie told often enough will, in due time, become not only the Truth but an acceptable Truth at that.

I know that this blog will be very controversial by its very nature, but it seems appropriate to write it nonetheless in such times, because many of the upcoming, in-the-making events, are rooted in this very first huge lie that has been told, repeated, written, until it became accepted and until we came to believe that actions of a repugnant nature such as the history of Palestine and Israel had a reason to be, we came to believe that the Jews and in the specific the Zionist Jews which are fought at present by the Jews that do not agree with the World dominance plan exerted in the past 50 years over less powerful groups, had a right to a land that was inhabited by other peaceful people, because it was ‘their promised land’, it was promised to them by God himself and who would go against such promise? Apparently so far, no one.

Imagine this, you are quarreling with your neighbor, he actually has some good reasons to want to have you isolated, at every chance you have you try to put your hands on the resources that belong to him as well and have him PAY through his nose for it, you have a way to Capitalize everything and turn life into money and the lives of those around you into money-making machines, you believe you are superior and ‘a chosen one’, you believe Inequality is your birthright because you can put the ones less Equals into submission at your service to guarantee your life is great no matter what your beliefs are causing to others as a consequence, eventually in his attempt to put you somewhere where the damage you inflict on others is limited, he confines you in a ‘camp’ but he loses the plot and in fear of what you may do through your Money stand, he leaves you in confinement and extends this confinement to everyone who belongs to your same family,  your same group, just to be extra safe.

During the confinement a world war breaks out and the resources to keep you fed, albeit in isolation, come to a shortage, you are left to die like all the rest of the world, no more no less, meanwhile your friends (allies) manage to break your confinement and free you, what they find is the desolation of poorly fed people and the ravages of typhus, emaciated bodies are left all over on display, but now you see a chance to get even, no better, to get the upper hand and return to your original position of power, so you fabricate a humongous lie about your neighbor killing 6 millions of your people, burning them in ovens while they were alive, you bring into the picture women and children, you paint such a horrifying scenario that your allies demand compensation for the actions of your neighbor, not only you demand that Your-Story is burnt into the Minds of Mankind, that it becomes a compulsory teaching and that it can never be investigated or discredited – failing to do so will send people to jail for life.

Now you have a special place carved for yourself into the world and into the Human Mind, you are the Victim of a Holocaust, you define it appropriately HOLO as in holographic, as in imaginary, because you only needed the image and likeness of a real tragedy to imprint into Humanity for your ever-to-be-milked benefits and then you ask for a LAND that you can call your own, many are not aware that you would have settled for Madagascar because all the behind the curtains plotting is deleted from Human History, what remains is the last version of the lie, the God Promised Land, you didn’t care that you would STEAL this land from others and evict them, because you had the international support of other thieves, you didn’t even care that your presence may wreak havoc in the region called Middle East or that a proud country like Germany would be forced to pay you back in restitution to this day, casting a debt on the shoulder of those that were not yet born for a sin that no one ever committed but that you saw fit to paint in clear colors and fund with all the money you could steal through the banking system that you returned under your control, deleting all the preventative measures of those that wanted you out of the game, because the greed you live on is just without borders and limits of any kind.

This is the story of the Jews and Israel, there have been many such atrocities in history but none of this calibre, none that sought to have the support of all of humanity, none that fashioned a LIE into a History so solid that unless we unveil it, it will end up forgotten and all that will stand will be the LIE as His-Story and no one will be the wiser for it.

A few people have gone to jail for challenging this LIE, David Irving is one of them, I have read with interest the whole entry about him in Wikipedia, amazingly some of the persecution he was subjected to is well reported although in the light of proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the Holocaust DID happen and that he was to be held accountable for being a Holocaust Denier.

Isn’t this interesting? No one goes to jail for denying World War II, worse case they will be considered a fruitcake, but when it comes to the Holocaust there are international Laws in place that forbid its denial in the face of common sense proofs that have been collected in several works of scholars from all sides of the debate and that can be found HERE for free download.

Now, the topic of tampering with history would not be very relevant if one of those that have been trying to expose the Truth was no other than the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, and not just once but on several occasions, here is an interview excerpt with Larry King where the Truth spoken with absolute calm shows what the United States really care about, with Israel they are the Fox and the Cat of Pinocchio Story , Liars, always trying to manipulate public opinions with words such as ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘humanitarian’ none of which they live, being the major players in a world of abuse that will see no end, unless we stand up and say that this world is NOT working bar for the USA and Israel Kingpins maybe, while all the rest are kept down in the world by words that misrepresent ongoing abuse perpetrated through an impersonal economic system where some win so all the rest may lose.

Now, here we are deciding if it’s the case to attack Syria (a friend of Iran) to protect Syrian people, we can’t even see how ridiculous this proposal is, this should be a point of concern for us all and the state of our mental health, when-ever has the people been helped by remote bombing? Or is it safe to say ‘never ‘ because we used to have ‘boots on land’ but this time we are planning a surgical war, attempting to remove the cancer we perceive in this world elsewhere vs in our own homes, in our own Minds, where we have allowed any hen that lays golden eggs to lay down their truth for us to suck it up, truths that are damaging the world, humanity, our integrity as human beings -and all in the name of Money.

So, to end this story, it doesn’t really matter if you are a believer in the Holocaust or a supporter of Revision and Holocaust Denial, we should just be aware that we are making life endangering choices on claims that have become our truths, on hatred that has been manufactured for the perusal of some and while we don’t want to slap Iran directly in fear that some may dig out what has been going on when the Iranian president called a spade a spade, we may hold on to a legitimate doubt that we have been fucked with badly for decades and that we are no longer in a position to make informed decisions of any kind and in that stand refuse to hold arms against any other living being, be that for the delusion of humanitarian scopes or for a religious I-deal or some other Crap that we use to keep the war machine going, in this case going as far as manufacturing proof of wrongdoing of the Syrian people so that no one will oppose the entry of the ‘Saviours’ into an unnecessary and potentially world-wide harmful conflict.

We are about to harm the friend of our Public Enemy, just because we can, just because our interested are not as vested into Syria as much as they are in Iran and because Iran has a nuclear capability and the balls to retaliate, not because they are after a war but because they have had enough and then some of the Americans, their Zionist friends and bankers that pull the strings and they believe they’ll die and go to heaven for a just cause, so really how STUPID would it be to attack Syria, Iran and the Middle East will stand up this time and there will be no end to the sorrows to come and all in the name of some desire to keep the lies going and make a few more pennies on the expendable lives of those that will go and die so some can amass even more riches.

Everyone is innocent until found guilty and tried, a few gossips on a gas attack, by a substance supplied by the same ones that are now rising to claim foul play, sounds like the ‘trust Me’ of the time of Afghanistan, that proved to be a big fat lie as a cover–up for oil interests in the region, why not say NO to war, save a hell of a lot of money and start policies for the benefit of all such as a Living Income Guaranteed to make sure everyone has enough to live, then when the Puppet Masters will come again with their War Proposal, trying to design War friendly activities and tools, such as missiles signing (?), to send our well wishing to countries we know nothing and understand nothing about, they may be met with contempt and laughter and impeached for treason for crimes against humanity. And that would be about time too.

Choose Life for ALL, Trust that you have No Clue about what has been going on and is going on, no one is wise enough at the moment to do otherwise.

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