Day 425: Israel Launches Air Strikes In Syria – What??



I don’t want to open the Israeli debate, it’s tiring, self-evident and beyond arguing.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank is indefensible, and the existence of Israel itself is a blip in the Matrix demanding that its existence be legitimized while the apartheid and the ethnic cleansing goes on. It is a case of psychopathic/schizophrenic behavior at its best.

I highly recommend the documentary ‘Jaffa’ – on the birth of Israel, an amazing portrait of exploitation and deceit and of how the lives of people of all creeds, who used to be able to live and work together, have been torn apart by some who were more interested in grabbing land and rights for themselves than in common, civil, community living that worked for all. It shows as well the extent of the Propaganda that has been employed since its fictional creation, to support its existence and make Palestinians look like dangerous, virulent terrorists.

There is something surprising at our ability to forget the unspeakable crimes that have gone on in this world in favour of story lines that are purposefully weaved together to replace history with TheirStory, as illegitimate occupations Forgotten Tibet comes to mind or, oh yes, Israel, an occupied territory with ‘State’ recognition, attempting to delete in the process Palestine and the Palestinians off the map or dying – literally- trying

In the news on Monday it was reported that Israel attacked Syria.

Retaliation – as they defined it- is inexcusable and even more so making up stories as excuses to retaliate without opening up a dialogue or simply asking ‘hei guys what happened, did you shoot one of ‘ours’, and if so why?’, that would be the sane thing to do, instead we go on making up reasons to be right and righteous to make sense of our self-created, self- perpetrated sheer terror and all the acts that arise from it.

All those that design and pass Laws and create Behavioral/Mathematical/Economical Models should be subjected to them, if a law says a minimum wage of 9 dollars an hour is fair, the law makers must also live on it, if a war is fair, the warmongering ones must fight it themselves, if it’s fine to let half of the population starve and go homeless as a result of inconsiderate, fantasy based economics policies, those economists should move to the countries that are at the receiving end of their ‘think tanks’ and see how they manage and if they don’t like it – regroup to rethink this world.

Here is an extract of the news from Common Dreams

Sunday’s attack on an Israeli vehicle occurred in the area of Tel Hazeka and left a teenager dead. “It was not immediately clear whether Syrian troops or one of the many rebel groups battling the government carried out Sunday’s deadly attack in the Golan,” the Guardian reports. Yet, Israeli officials said they held the Bashar al-Assad regime responsible.

It also was not immediately clear how many people died in Israel’s multiple air strikes.

Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since the 1967 war, and Israel’s claim to the territory is not recognized internationally.

Sunday’s attacks may signal increased Israeli involvement in what has become a proxy war, with U.S. allies on the side of armed opponents to Assad.

The raids come as Israel launches a massive military offensive in the West Bank, launched after three Israeli teenagers from the Gush Etzion settlement went missing, that has left five people dead of gunshot wounds and over 400 Palestinians arrested.

Where are the reasons for such an attack? Where are the roots of such overkill if not in the terrible fear that their worse nightmares may be coming through, that they may be attacked and receive what they have given, the demand to pack up and leave to return the land to those that were there before a fictional state was made up and force-squeezed onto the world maps?

Wars are fought by people who have to make a living because we live in a world where our living, our survival is not guaranteed, we have accepted and allowed ourselves to condone the reasoning behind crimes against humanity, poverty and horrifying living conditions in the name of profit and money and this is the result it brought to us all.

We have a proposal that will put an end to all wars, it is a Principle to live by, it’s to give a Living, a Life to everyone, for free, so no one can threaten to take someone’s life if they do not agree to take the lives of others and when those keen on taking lives for a living, for an ideology, a ‘God’, an imaginary purpose, will be the only ones left to carry out the task, wars will end for good.
You can be sure of that.

Before collecting the usual comments that pop up every time one questions the common sense of some I want to add that I am in no way antisemitic, nor scared of the label either, a label that has been used to stop all questioning on the acceptable practices of a minority of members of a group that in no way represents people of good will who share the same belief system, Israel’s case is not a matter of opinion,  a spade is a spade, Israel is the product of a forceful, undemocratic and abusive occupation and this could be why they seek the approval and the deletion of the memory of the abused from the abused -as they seek it for themselves.

A lot of forgiveness is required to settle the Israeli story and end the violence for good, we need a for-giving world vs a for-getting world, and while we get on to the for-giving part we could start by ending any and all violence, that would be a sign of wanting peace for real, not demanding absurd recognitions that cannot be lawfully given (see link below the picture for further explanation).

A long-term solution to end all wars will come as we say ENOUGH, Israel has taught us something, if we are waiting for them or the USA to say ENOUGH we have a fat chance to see these problems solved, we have to get together, especially now on the brink of potential escalating world conflicts and say NO, not in my name, not in the name of all the people who don’t even know what is going on because they live, by our very design, below the poverty line and they are 1/3 of the planet who, once more, would be forced to submit to the nutty decisions of those that have completely lost the plot.

Instead we can take a stand together to say we want a different world, we want a world where everyone is supported into Life and not into Death and a Life starts with a Guaranteed Living Income for All, an agreement on a Granted Life without strings attached must be reached to get out of the claws of those that worship Death instead. The Lives of Many, Life itself is threatened every time we see a war at the horizon and we don’t want to live to regret the time when we did not stand up to stop it, when we could.

Support Life not Death, with a Living Income Guaranteed.

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Day 422: Survival of the Fittest -or of The Most Dishonest Ones?


 According to the theory of Darwin, this world is designed for the survival of the fittest.

Darwin was the greatest gift that happened to the Elite -or that the Elite manufactured- in terms of theories that justify why the world is the way it is and why some are in fact entitled to more because ‘they are the fittest’ to taking it, having been born into a line of ‘fit to survive people’.

Darwin’s theory is flawed when applied to Humans, many royals and others who are into the bad habit of interbreeding have given birth to exceptionally unfit children for the world, think Porphyria and other interbreeding diseases that made them survive just thanks to the money, pioneering healthcare and resources their families had access to.

Basically, we can safely say that to be the fittest in this world, fit enough to be ‘worthy’ of surviving, you just need to be born in a privileged position inside the food chain, because we have to see the truth of this world, we have not created a supportive environment for all but a dog eats dog world, in this fashion, in this fascist world we live in, the romans were right, mors tua vita mea, your death is my life, isn’t this just absurd?

When we want to prove that those that survived at birth and ended up in top position of responsibility -with no accountability – were not the brightest cookies in the jar,  think George Bush. Without wanting to put salt on his mother’s wound, a man who cannot pronounce properly the world nuclear in his native language, no matter how many times he has attempted to and that slipped over the 9/11 ‘incident’ naming it explosion instead of terrorist attack, is no-show for excellence in anything, not even deceit, in fact he shows that sometime even the ones in the most privileged position, give birth to miss-fits.

A privileged position by this world’s standards by the way, would be having an evil father that passes on to his offsprings all the secret knowledge about how the world works and how to have no regard for Life not even by mistake, the lot topped up with truckloads of money, this of course will not guarantee brains, common sense or an ability to sit in a position of leadership while keeping in mind what would work for all and not what would work just for the Elite pals of the family – but it will be a good advantage on the mass of sleepers cells we have in this world. Or Sleepers in Their Cells.

To be fit in this world enough to survive one needs Money, Money is what keeps one well fed, hydrated, sheltered, clothed, educated and with the possibility to prevent as many sicknesses as possible.

To be ‘Fittest’ you need all of the above plus some of the share of others, so it is easy to see that being Fittest in the Human world is nothing to be proud about and that very possibly, those that made it to the top might be the un-fittest to rule in any case because  what will make one ‘fittest’ is cheating, lying, deceiving, stealing and finding every possible way of dumbing others down to a point of unconsciousness, to keep the game going.

This is why we cannot count on the ‘Elite’ of this world to sort out the mess we find ourselves in, they are not well, they are the result of genetic manipulations that has summed up into one DNA the crimes of generations past – and what an amazing resume that is.

In this sense we could say the current Top Dogs are our best Allies, they are the ones that will force our awakening as we come to terms with the sad reality of this world and the realization that truly there is no one driving this world to a solution, or driving it at all, the Elite is lost in amazing mind bending esoteric exercises, believing themselves to be the new Alchemists of the Century, building empires based on symbols, colours, numbers and letting the world rot because everything they do takes up enormous amounts of their brain capacity and their focus is lost in magic/imagination/rituals at the expense of the physical reality that desperately needs our attention.

There will be no magical symbol with which we can clean up our air, oceans, land, nor there will be enough square roots of Pi to wave away the damages we have done to uncountable species that used to share the planet with us, all the knowledge the Elite proudly waves in our faces every day through advertisement, entertainment, city planning, showing how good they are at math, geometry and numerology (some of them if we consider cases like George Bush who may believe The Square Root of Pi to be a Restaurant), can’t delete the fact that they are plain imbeciles in the subject of preserving life and what is really valuable of this world.

So, we find ourselves in the very odd position to be the Real Elite, the Awakened Ones, who saw our reality and the need to actually address the problems at hand to a solution – without having access to the wealth of resources that some have accumulated and removed from circulation, leaving many out in the cold. NO high horses allowed here, we would have done the same, we just weren’t positioned as favorably to have such access – it is the nature of the world that perpetuates such humanity and the reverse is true as well, it is such humanity that has kept this world going as it is. What will be easier to change, the nature of this world or humanity and could a change in the nature of the world bring forth a different Human Being? We believe so.

This is why we have a proposal to address the first urgent problem of this existence, access to resources, be them food, water, a shelter, clothing, education, healthcare and whatever else one may need to live a Dignified Life.

We propose that everyone gets a living, a Life, for free, revolutionary, yes?

This is a stand we should have taken a long time ago but it’s never too late, we say that, for the simple reason of being here, everyone on the planet must be provided a living and that if a living no longer comes through earning one – the how we came up with THAT idea is a whole other topic for debate- it must be provided by a common decision that No One can be told they have to go and face this world with nothing, that they have no right of access because some have claimed everything for themselves so they could have way more than they need.

Our Proposal is called a Living Income Guaranteed, it is the Principle we must agree on, the details we can work them out as we go. What do you say?

If you are Awake, join us.






Day 420: Secret Ballots – Sacred Bullets


Our new government, led by the boyish Mr. Renzi, is trying(or pretending to try) to change our system.
At this stage of our deceptive world it’s hard to say what are the true intentions of those moving in Politics even though it would be easy to assume that if they REALLY had plans to subvert the order of things, they would not be there at all – see the lesson of the Movement 5 Star and how quickly they were pushed into the corners of Parliament – The Opposition.

If History can show us anything is that we have not had any significant change in this world through any of the Means we have tried, violence, wars, revolutions, any -ism or any Movement either, there is some hidden force that seems to keep everything just as it always was by changing the scenary, by taking us on imaginary trips through imaginary backdrop changes while we look in from the outside onto a system that we collectively created and now runs without any consideration for human life or life in general in all its expressions – we have given up considering the living beings on this planet favoring money, profit and power and in the process we have abdicated our responsibility to amend the nature of this world to those that are hired and appointed to not change anything at all.

The nature of this world is Evil, it’s unfortunately undebatable and clearly exposed for all those that are willing and have eyes to see.

In theory, changes to the system should take place within the sacred walls of our Institutions, given what they have churned out so far we could call them our Mental Institutions where the people inside have gone mental and have lost touch with reality while they spend days amending useless commas on Laws that  always benefit the same chosen ones.

The process of voting and Law making within a system of abuse hijacked by a few for the benefit of themselves and their peers is nothing more than an exercise in futility and we have to look at all the systemic processes of our world and see where we will have to amend and what, when we will sit again in positions of Authority as in being the Authors of the lives that we are now just living as cameos of other screenwriters, who write both the programs that entertain us and our very lives.

There is no one to blame here, we have happily given up our duty to Author as in Authorize this world to be the way it is because we shy away from the responsibility of it all and yet our Power lies in the very thing we try to escape, Responsibility as in direct, aware participation, why are we not willing to actively participate in the creation of this world?
Are we aware that participation happens even when one doesn’t stand for anything, when one is not willing to stand for change, when one stays silent – all those are forms of participation too, they are the passive ones and not the aware ones.

When it comes to the voting process, we really need to take a look at the process of secret ballots and what that means within a democracy to allow our representatives to hold secret ballots and why this practice exists in the first place.

Recently I have surprised myself at how many times I can reconcile and interchange the word ‘secret’ with the word ‘sacred’ and how those that use both try to keep them firmly separate in our minds, in case we questioned the sacred all the way up to the secret and then it would be way harder to hold such a tight grip on our minds and on the ‘make beliefs’ we have been fed since birth.

Let’s take the ‘secret ballot’ system, which is sacred as well because it’s protected by our constitution, a note that should make us question even the constitutions that we have turned into our society bibles and we fight to protect for reasons unknown even to ourselves.

To understand the secret ballot system, we must understand human nature, our minds, how we functions and what is ‘the big secret’ out there that we are not willing to give up? That would be our minds, where we believe we have a right to do what we want and be who we want to be – all the hype about the ‘right to privacy’ is an outflow of our ‘IDea’ that what we do in private is sacred, because it’s secret basically and we want the right to keep it that way.

We want to not be accountable to ourselves or anyone else and to not face the consequences of our actions, in fact we want to dismiss the silly idea that our thoughts, words and deeds have consequences and when we can’t, we make up stories, excuses, lies to justify what we do and make it look better than what it is – we designed the secret ballot system in our minds first and now here it is, voila, onto the big screen that this world offers for us to question ourselves and the validity of our inner/outer creations.

This is why we don’t even notice the problem with a secret ballot system and what that entails within a government, it’s the eerie familiarity of it that makes it go unnoticed.

Within a secret ballot system, when the time comes to cast a vote, the vote is given ANONYMOUSLY. Why do we need to have secret ballots when voting Laws and amendments and specifically when doing so on behalf of a party who is, in theory, the representative of the People?

Why don’t We The People have a right to know if the politicians we supported and sent to the Parliament on our behalf are voting according to the program of the party to which they belong and whose program we supported, so we can amend our vote at the next election if they are not? Well, the answer is in the question.

Our Politicians want the right to tell us that they are in agreement with the party program and as such with us and then, at will, sacredly, secretly, vote something else.

So when we have our voting sessions we still marvel at the results in comparison to the projections where it was assumed that we would be able to predict precisely the outcome of a voting session based on the party members and their alliances.

Instead, we are always floored with ‘surprises’ as people called ‘friendly snipers’ shoot down a voting session in allegiance to something bigger than the program they belong to and even bigger than the parliament and the sacred oath to uphold the will of the people.

It is quite preposterous to think we can change unless we start looking at the system out there in earnest while we do the same with ourselves.

If we are out to win every single time and to benefit and profit just for ourselves, keeping sacred/secret all our little ‘quirks’ and desires and what we want to do in the privacy of our minds/homes, how could we create anything that is more than who we are? We can’t.

So, for those that support secret ballots as a fair political system to please consider – what is it that we are unwilling to give up, which sacred/secrets are we holding on to that we don’t want to look at to consider if they exist within the principle of ‘do no harm’ and ‘give as you would like to receive’ – who are we shooting down every day with our friendly fire and why can’t we consider stopping that, stopping ourselves to reconsider the need to amend this world as ourselves so we may create a world that works for all?

We have a proposal to create such a world, it’s based on the Principle of ‘giving to all what I would like for myself’ and therefore it starts with giving an unconditional right to Life, it’s unconditional because one doesn’t need anything to get it bar the fact of needing it, there are no skin color issues, no gender issues, no religious or nationality issues, the Principle is that anyone born in this world has a Right to a Dignified Life and this transcends any teaching that says otherwise called Economics, Judicial, Philosophy, Darwinian Idiotic theories on some having higher genes and as such higher rights and whatever other crappy name and label we came up with to disguise the secret desire we hold to make some of us less so that some others could be more, have more, live out more fantasies in better homes, eating better food, drinking purer water, going to the last unspoilt places on earth on holiday – while some are left hungry, naked, homeless, sick.

We don’t support secrets either because -go figure- this is how we have screwed with each other so far – think secret societies, blackmail, porn, kiddy porn, sex slavery, trade agreements, the mechanics of money printing, religions and their origins, every single activity under the sun that we came up with that is harmful in one way or another is secret, if not sacred or both.

So, why not consider coming CLEAN on all aspects of our existence before we die, do our best to make amendments for what we have participated in and start working to create solutions that can change this world from the within to the without.

Giving a Life to All with no strings attached would be a good start. Join us.



Day 418: What God taught Me when I met Him


I was very lucky to meet God in this lifetime .

Not the vengeful, petty, jealous God of the Bible or the delirious New Age God that tells us All is Good in the face of what goes on in this world, not even the Reptilian God, no.

The God I met was human, today He came back to my mind as I watched a show I really enjoy, the Italian version of Hell Kitchens, where there is this amazing Chef called Antonino Cannavaciuolo that goes around restaurants which are fading away and are on their way to bankruptcy and helps them to become succesful again.

The difference between him and his British counterpart, Gordon Ramsey, is that he never fires anyone, he always looks for the potential in each one, exposes that potential to them, infuses them with responsibility and then watches them bloom.

When I think back about this god that I met and one specific evening we spent together, this is what comes up for me, his godliness in the form of what a Creator of a Heaven that works for all would be like, I spent that evening in awe of what this world could have been if our Creator was as good as him, if our creators had given all of us the same chances, the same talents, the same responsibilities for this existence -according to our capacity.

The God I met had no favorite children and taught us that ‘when you create something, you must give it Responsibility’.

This is one of the missing pieces in our Creation, we are Gods without responsibility which makes us more dogs than gods  -no offence intended to the much better behaved creatures called dogs, we are out to steal bones from each other in fear for our survival and pray and wait and expect solutions from somewhere up in the sky that never come or came, so today I just wanted to write this note to myself to explain why Chef Cannavaciuolo always makes me want to cry, it is who he is, what he does when he seeks the highest potential  in each person, his support, the teaching that comes with no strings attached through humbleness, gentleness, consideration and the responsibility he gives each one together with their new uniforms, reminding them they have a role to play in a design that is much bigger than each one of them, because each one of them is One and All, part of a Team, like us, we are existence broken into pieces and each piece is All of it at the same time, together we can heal ourselves and the world and bring it back to Oneness and Equality and a world that works for All.

So, let’s not give up on ourselves, even if we have not been too Good so far as Gods, sometimes I miss the God I met that is no longer here and I ask myself ‘God where are you? Why did you leave us?’ and I shake my metaphoric fist to the sky but I know he would say ‘hei stop that self victimization crap, you are equally god, take your response-ability and get on with what needs to be done, go and Create Heaven on Earth for everyone, Change the Character of This World‘ and so I pick up my ears from the floor and remind myself this is what I must do.
What else is there to do that has any value in this world?

I know we can re-form, we can rewrite what kind of Creators we want to be, what kind of world we want for ourselves and the generations that will come after us and stop creating systems that lack responsibility for the consequences they create -just like the creators that made them, ourselves, we can look at the money system, our health system, our judicial system, education, the market system and what best to represent this lack of responsibility than the Corporations system?
All those systems have now been automated into irresponsible systems that do not consider the consequences of their actions, because responsibility was nowhere to be seen at the inception of their creation In and as Their Creators.

We can re-form them, as we re-form ourselves, as we seek in ourselves and others our potential beyond what we have always believed to be and be capable of, beyond our mediocrity and regardless of others who are still busy putting every one down back to ‘their pre-assigned place’ within existence, We, the Creators can instead give ourselves insights into our potential and into what has to go for good, for the good of ourselves and everyone else, and then we can give ourselves the Self-responsibility to go and make the required changes and never accept anything less of ourselves than the best we can be as part of a whole, a much bigger picture than just ‘me’, a much bigger scope that what I want for myself alone, but what I want for myself and all of Existence as One.

As systems re-formers we have designed a proposal, it’s an idea, a Principle to guarantee everyone has access to a Life of Dignity because we want to be the Creators of a world that works for all and where no one is left behind – don’t you?

Here is our Living Income Guaranteed Proposal, check it out, it’s as godly as we can see it from where we are, together we can Breathe Life into this as a Principle and make it Real.
Join us in principle, together we can work out all the necessary details to make it come true.

Day 416: The Power of the Useful Idiots of Existence


These past weeks I have spent time going around the web reading what is going on, what has been going on and in the specific what happened to my country to turn it to the rat hole it has become, not that there is anything wrong with a rat hole, it just isn’t fit for humans.

It is true that there is massive disinformation on the web either by miss-takes or by design as there is massive deliberate disinformation and miss-information in the media, this is what we have to start to understand when seeking to understand what has happened to ourselves and this world.

I have really enjoyed Marlen’s blog on abuse and I agree with it 100%, I too found it very liberating to face the lowest points of our creation and by taking the bull by the horn so to speak, I have realized how much my fear has diminished, how much my capacity to look above and beyond every crime has expanded to just see the timeline, which can be twisted here and there but not enough to not see what is going on, the origin of our separation and delusions of grandeur and the point that we have reached that demands our attention because there is nothing that we left alone in our pursuit of profit and power.

The deliberate disinformation all around is designed to create either an idyllic world in our minds, like All is Good or the opposite, tons of stuff to prove how disastrous the situation is, we are never given the whole picture, we are never given the chance to reconcile with this world and take it down the cross to heal, those on top claim that we are too stupid to get it anyway, beware, either be them on the good site of this story or on the bad side, they won’t give you the full picture, if we had taken the time to really see, the most worshipped thing in this world is knowledge, that is what people really like to hoard way above money, because it is the knowledge, the hidden knowledge about who we are and how we function that allows some to manipulate the many and to pile up tons of ‘make believe’ money in the process to then decide how they will use it to either enslave or to free humanity.

Meanwhile the useful idiots, ourselves,  are kept in the dark because some things are too worldly for our basic minds to even conceive, forgetting that unworldly people are so by design, stuck someplace on a minimum wage, on a minimum education and no access to knowledge and information to in-form themselves, ultimately they will either be handed out slavery or freedom, never with their direct participation, Billions of people on this planet are just the recipients of the decision making process of a bunch of people then we go and wonder why they are unable to participate – mhh- they were never meant to?

As we learn more about this world we understand that it’s hard to share what has gone on for real, not impossible though, many fear being called conspirationists and being dismissed as loony bins and yet I wonder, isn’t our disinformation, our miss-information by choice as well?
Don’t we rather not know what is going on for real so we don’t have to face the music that resulted from our careful placing one abusive note after another, least we would be forced to face the truth of what we accepted and allowed to exist in this world? Can we allow ourselves to close our eyes tighter and watch another demented TV show instead of seeking to understand the nature of this creation and of ourselves, seems not.

If it is true that everyone is responsible for their creation as themselves, what about the outflows creations of ourselves, who gets to deal with those? Are the Elite responsible for creating these dumb, numbed down masses? Are the Saviours equally responsible as they pursued the holy grail of freedom and left behind the freedom of in-formation, the duty we would have to share with each other the origins of our pillar beliefs that sustain the whole matrix of this creation? Like the one that some are worth more than others by design and look, we have the useful idiots to prove that!
And what is OUR responsibility?
Well, as I see it at the moment, with greater power comes greater responsibility, with greater capability, greater responsibilities, with greater understanding, greater responsibility, which could be why we encourage and rejoice in our embraced willful ignorance. We don’t want the responsibility to sort this world out, this is why we insist we didn’t do it, we didn’t participate, we were not there, not involved and especially above all, we didn’t know anything about it.

As Chris Rock said, there is nothing to be proud about being black and stating one doesn’t read a book because ‘he is keeping it real’, nor about being white and saying the same thing, because the REAL we have abdicated our power to is the REEL that works just for some and not for all and that REEL can be changed only as we upgrade our in-form.atic system, as we embody new forms, new beliefs, new paradimes of what is possible and what should not be negotiable in this world, like having a dignified life for all, a shelter, access to water and food, education, healthcare and the respect of all living forms, planet earth included.

So, to all the happy ‘useful idiot’ out there, we must remember we are useful to a system of abuse that we created either through direct input or by accepting and allowing things to go on as they are and as participants, we share the same equal response-ability for it and maybe, may-be, giving up all the knowledge of what has been and specifically the ‘value’ invested in it by some that ends up making them more than others just like with money, if we considered giving up all funny ideas we built around money and the value we invested in it, we would be better off, we just need to understand that everything has been a lie, a cover up, an excuse to why things had to be this way even though they were originally designed this way, there was never a system failure, there was never the right starting point to bring all parts into the equation and design a system that works for all.

What is waiting for us in the future will be determined by our direct participation, in that the past won’t matter if not to set the future boundaries of what can never be allowed to happen again, we’ll have to start from scratch, facing the fact that nothing was ever worth anything and that now, all equally ignorant about what to do next (well sure there will be the ones emerging that believe they have it all figured out for the future as well, nature of the beast), we will have to refuse  to blindly accept tailor made solutions that others have designed for us without our consent because that is again an abdication of our responsibility to participate that could lead the world to new forms of emerging friendly fascism for which we better be on the alert.
There will always be fascism, ‘isms’ and masters until we stop being slaves protected behind our willful deliberate ignorance.

Instead we can stand together outside of our preprogrammed roles and plays and design solutions that really Matter, value the contribution of each part, however they can contribute at the moment given the weird condition of illiteracy and idiocy we created for reasons of control and abdication of responsibility and work to create a world that works for all based on Principles such as Do No Harm and Take Care of One Another – and THAT would be a New World Order indeed and one to look forward to.

Make yourself Matter by standing for a principle that promotes Equality and Oneness through recognizing the Equal value of each Life and of each living being, We propose a Living Income Guaranteed for All because we understand that the past doesn’t Matter if we set out together to change the future into a living Principle that works for All beyond race, gender, creed, nationality and even education. Participate in our projects, they are not perfect, not set in stone, they lack some pieces here and there because they are waiting for the contribution of all those that are in a position of privilege either by birth or education or both to contribute to a world change, if you are in such position step up to your place of response-ability and contribute what you can to make this change the New real, the new Reel of this world and this creation to make a new movie, a new move-ment that works for all and honours the Life in All living Beings.


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Day 411: Italy and Our Manufactured Paper-Mache Leaders


This boy is Matteo Renzi, our Prime Minister, he is our third unelected leader in a row, he is filling a seat, an image, a role, he is role-playing the idea of democracy and a democratic state and embodies change, he is our own Obama scam, where ‘CHANGE’, the master password to activate us to vote, has been repeated long enough to fulfil the plans and prophecy of those that rushed him into this position, least the people would go ahead and get themselves a self-elected movement like the 5 Star movement for Real Change.
We pretend to change it all to make sure nothing changes at all.

No one complained, many barely even noticed, we have become so removed from the governance of ourselves and of our own country at this stage that we’ll take anyone, anytime, any way they give it to us.

Matteo Renzi  is full of good intentions – and some crap-, he came up on top by 40% of votes at the latest European elections by promising the Italians Change and 80 euro extra at the end of the month – that’s change isn’t it, 80 euro…-, a pizza for a family of 4, with dessert, times are bad here, 80 euros? We’ll take it, you have my vote, man.

An expert is politics was commenting that we, Italy, are part of a big experiment to see how long it takes to turn the most productive and eclectic country in the world into a rat hole, because if this system can successfully do it to Italy, where 70% of all the world’s art lies in disregard, the rest of the world will be a piece of cake. I don’t know about that and cannot comment, if I did I would have to wonder if there is a war going on that we have not taken notice of, if we are under siege and soon we’ll be under water with a straw from which we can try to breathe, we are being stripped of the democratic rights we never had, basic necessities, forced to look at unimaginable levels of corruption, consistently scared by violence and atrocious acts reported in the news or shown in movies, we have to acknowledge that we have no justice or hope for it, no human rights of any kind (our water utilities went up quietly for sale last week-end, even though we had a public referendum against it a few years back underlining for those that didn’t get it that we don’t count at all) and we have to face the fact that our imaginary ‘Public Debt‘ is more important than the lives of real flesh and bone people.
This system is spelling out outright that we are worthless, soon to be useless and we finally believe it.

My mum last week told me that she lives in a constant state of fear for the future  and she used to be a brave woman, imagine the state of the rest of the country.

Matteo Renzi was preparing to run for elections at the end of the mandate of his friend Enrico Letta, there was no rush because Letta was from his same party, the Democrats, PD,  plus Renzi had always said that he would never, never- ever, sit in office within an unelected government.

He had said as well that he would never negotiate a deal with Berlusconi, mainly because Berlusconi who is still the Leader of the third political party in Italy is a criminal at ‘house arrests’, not a big deal because at his age he was told he would not do the 4 years he has been condemned to, but just 9 months of service going once a week to help the elders, leaving him plenty of time to run his party, have meetings, plan strategies and go on TV shows as part of his human rights claim (?). What is life without the ability to appear on a TV show to speak about his dog Dudu and his girlfriend who is 50 years younger than him – simply unimaginable.

Needless to say Renzi had a change of heart and drafted the new election law with Berlusconi, only Berlusconi had an interest in being in the limelight as a key player of our political play field, plus he wanted to make sure he would draft an Election Law ad hoc, to suit himself, because this is the way we do politics in Italy and have been doing since we have become a make-believe republic and way before that.

Then he said he would never steal Enrico Letta’s place, the hashtag #enricostaycool is now infamous in Italy as a result, if someone tells you to stay cool – you have to worry – a lot.
Three days later there was a coup inside the PD party, they had their own Primary elections, Renzi won and took office the next day, unelected, within an unelected party; watching Letta slide against the walls on his way out of Parliament after shaking hands with Renzi while refusing to look at him in the eyes was not something that spelled out ‘integrity’ was now taking office, nor honesty, nor transparency and wait, not even legality.

The point Renzi is not seeing is that those that rushed him to power and made sure to make him do things he himself is not happy to live with, that told him to go ahead, that he won’t fail given  he is so energetic, so well organized, so charismatic, boosting his ego until it burst at the seams without telling him to watch out, to not be so boastful or he will burn himself, they instead milked this side of him so as to prepare his fall, delighting in how this young boy will hang himself with the rope they gave him to play with, sparing the puppet masters from having to come up with the ‘how to get rid of him’ in the future when people will see through the lies and demand ‘REAL CHANGE’ again and the puppet master will dutifully manufacture another paper-mache leader for us to keep up the illusion of democracy and we’ll take him because this is the nature of what we have become, numb, apathetic, disinterested and allow me to say this, just plain stupid.

It would be logical, rational, to see a pattern in our ruling governments if we could open up our eyes for once, there is no left or right, there is instead a war going on for the control of this system that starts with our own minds to levels never seen before, we have no one to blame for this but ourselves, abdication of responsibility creates leaders, if we cannot lead ourselves we must be led, if we show disinterest, if we take the hook of enter-tainment vs participation in this world we can’t connect the dots, we cannot see patterns because the show that is going on is a magick show, and it’s tailored made for us, it’s based on our vices, desires, fears, it’s based on who we are and what we have become, beings that are not able to come together yet and decide that this world must change for all, that life must be given and not earned, suffered, struggled for, we have given up our right to Life as we gave up on standing up for the lives of all, equally.

We have a proposal, it is to give a Life to each and every person on the planet, for free, a Living Income Guaranteed, because the moment we put a price on Life we de-valued it, we stripped Life of dignity and integrity and as we give or do not, so we live, this is why We must change ourselves and not rely on the show that goes on around us to bring about the Change we need.

We propose a principled living, we propose to return Value to Life for all living beings, we can’t go on with not considering all pieces of the equation, we are all the pieces, time to come together in one piece/peace to create a world that works for all. Join us – in principle.


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