The Volcanoes in Italy and why are we building on high risk areas ?


Yesterday I watched a documentary on Nat Geo regarding Mount Vesuvio made by foreign volcanologists.

It seemed to me that they knew far more about what is going on with the Volcano situation in Italy than their Italian counterparts, to check what they were saying I went onto the Civil Protection website, only to discover that the Maps highlighting the ‘high risks’ area are no longer there.

This should be an information available to the public, so what is the reason why we have taken down those maps ?

One could be what the foreign volcanologists were saying, we keep building on the slopes, meaning the very high risk areas within 4 km from the mouth of the Volcano. They went on explaining that apartments there are on sale for 30000 euros which is an unknown property price anywhere else in Italy, so how is it possible to have such cheap properties ?

Simple, you buy yourself a discount for accepting the risk of being involved in a fatality due to lack of Money. If you cannot get a house and you have a family you will agree to the unacceptable.

These areas have not been given building rights, so how do we circumvent this in Italy ?

Well, first we take down the Maps highlighting where you should NOT live from the Civil Protection site, then we tip the local Mafia about a profitable business, and make them do the paperwork, for future liability,  most constructions business are well known Mafia businesses in Italy because there is a lot of Money in constructions.

It has been calculated that our Illegal activities, meaning Mafia & CO. have a GDP twice the official GDP of Italy, so who are we kidding when we talk about who is in Power ? Because at the moment Power is where the Money is, and this should not be understood as we have a Government and we have the Mafia, NO, we have the Government doing Official businesses and then we have the Government doing ‘Unofficial Businesses’ through the ‘Mafia’ with Foreign Bank Accounts in countries that protect anonymity.

So the People that we have chosen to Govern Us have not chosen to do the interests of the People, but to follow the Money Trail, wherever it leads, no matter how many lives it will cost.

To prove this the documentary people went and asked the Authority why they built AN HOSPITAL in the High Risk Area, this is a question we can easily answer, SUPER HIGH PROFITS.

Because the land in High risk areas is worth nothing having no construction rights, but then it goes through the hands of the Government, picks up value by being granted permits and it’s sold back to the Citizens within the Balance Sheet at market prices having been given particular exemption because they said ‘they are building with the highest antiseismic  technology. Which would be like saying that they built a Tornado resistant building in a Tsunami area, absolutely useless.

For those who don’t have familiarity with our Volcanic History we have Pompei and Hercolan to visit, they were buried in 79 ac, most people died instantly due to the lava and magma eruption that covered everything, the effect of such sudden event is still visible, as it has been preserved almost intact under the ashes, you can see people frozen in mid run, mothers with kids, their skulls exploded due to the heat, it must not have been a pleasant death.

People just did not have the time to evacuate, they didn’t even have the technology to assist them as we do today. But as funny as it may sound it might not make any difference, today we have the technology, we can measure the earth adjustments and slightest movements and predict the future ones based on mathematical calculations, we have visible signs of eruptions picking up, we know it’s coming, the messages are pretty clear.

So, what do we do now ?

First we look for a future culprit, someone to blame, this is why they brough to trial the seismologist that failed for l’Acquila, to set a precedent, so that when the Vesuvio will erupt, because it’s not an IF, it’s just a WHEN, they will know who to blame and they will walk once again with the money in their pocket and no responsibility.

It doesn’t matter that scientists have drawn maps for the past 20 years highlighting that those areas should be evacuated and never ever should buildings be constructed on the high risk zone, those maps are gone from the public view, because science at the moment is the servant of Money, and so science will have to bend back and forward until it meets the Truth that the Money demands.

When we think we have evolved, can someone tell me WHAT we have evolved into ?

Money grabbing heartless assholes ?

In China the last time they poisoned powdered milk for infants with melamine for profits, the judges asked one simple question, did you give it to your children too ? They said NO, and they were sentenced to death.

I am not advocating the Death penalty by any means, I’m just asking why don’t we ask the same questions, why don’t we ask them if they have built a house for their children in the High risk areas, because it’s a pretty clear question to establish if the harm was deliberate in the name of profit and there is no excuse for our deliberate actions, the minimum is we should be put in a position where we can no longer harm, and not be kept in government positions like it happens here, what’s wrong with us ?

We need to take a look at what we have become due to greed and lack of responsibility, out of perceiving ourselves separate from everything and everyone else, if we know these things are happening in Italy and in the world on a regular basis, why do we keep condoning them, why do we make heroes out of 1 man telling the Truth, like Roberto Saviano, is it because none of us is ?

Is it because none of us is willing to really look at what we are accepting and allowing and for which we are all responsible that we praise 1 truthful man as a hero, so that we can excuse ourselves because we were just not born heroic, we are fearful little pawns and we accept that there is nothing we can do to change the system, even speaking up endangers us, not only with those that actively commit these crimes, but with everyone, we are looked at as weirdos that want to be ‘negative’ and rain on someone else’s parade.

Here is the news, there is NO PARADE going on except in our heads, we live in a world of abuses that we sanction with our cowardice accepting that we are only human and the system is too big to be taken on.

But this system is US, it’s everything that we have accumulated over time in acceptances and allowances and as we have created it we can say ENOUGH, and look for a solution to restore some dignity to ourselves and to our lives.

Investigate a  new paradime for a New World, this reality is not working for everyone, in fact is only working for a tiny minority that apparently have all the power.

But where is the power of the majority, where is our resolve to really make a change if we can’t find it within ourselves to stand up and become actively involved in a solution, how can we expect the whole to change ?

We have one solution, a new monetary system that will end all abuses, we have looked at all facets of our system and how we can change it all to create a system that supports Life.

Investigate a New Monetary System, step out of your limitations to see what it could be possible if you stood up and decided that Til Here No Further and became involved as the Solution to the Current Situation.

YES, being dissolved in acid or beaten to death or shot for standing up has happened in the past here in Italy, it still does, but this is exactly the point, how long can we toleratae this and let our fears of the system stop us from speaking up and doing what would be Best for All, they keep playing these records for us on TV, keep reminding us what happens to those that stand up, have special TV shows where the relatives of the heroic victim speaks of the late departed, but I have one question in my head lately, are we Living anyway ?

Because if we are not even Living how can we Fear Death ? Is this a Life we are engaged in or is it a mockery of what Life should be and what it could be if we stood up for a solution  that could Benefit All and could be what is Best for All ?

Equal Money System, it will give Life back to Ourselves,  the Walking Deads, to everyone equally and will create a world of Equals, no more corruption, no more leadership, no more greed, no more violence, no more Fears, no more injustices and No One Left Behind.

It’s possible, it’s HERE, join us.


Blessings on the Way, the Holy Notice said



A few days ago there was a notice up at the caretaker’s office titled

‘Holy Notice’.

Then a priest rang the bell one evening for the ‘Holy Blessings’, I just said No thank you and closed the door again.

At first I had not connected these 2 events, because who would come up with the adjective Holy for a notice on the Board, come on…., but they did, the Holy People, A Holy Notice it was.

What made it Holy ? The Holy Priest, the Holy Intention, the Holy Church, the Holy Money they are after when knocking on doors at dinner time on a dark, windy, cold dump evening to fan the guilt trip of the beLIEvers so they will give more ? The Holy Asking and receving, is this what God had in mind when he said ‘Ask and you shall receive’, was it a code message for his Elves about how to get the dough and from whom ? Why isn’t God providing for them directly, Any decent Employer pays the wages, why are the People paying the Church wages ? Buying a space in Heaven ? Getting cozy with San Peter ? Sant’Ambrogio patron saint of Milan, San Gennaro patron saint of Naples, Sant’Antonio patron Saint of Padoa, who are we sucking up to this year, going to the big guns directly Mother Mary, Jesus or the Holy Spirit ?

The Church is gearing up for Christmas, they need the Money so they can set up the ludicrous Holy Nativity so they can re-in-force yet again the unbelievable story of the Manger and Baby Jesus, to remind us of our sinner status, that we’ll never make it because that is what we are and we need them to help us to get children to put baby Jesus in the Manger the night of the 24th, after the midnight mass. That night children can stay up late, it’s for a Holy cause, who could otherwise put the Holy plastic baby jesus in the Manger if not the innocent fingers of childrens ? The dirty sinful adults ?

We can’t but agree with the devious logic ?

Off to the Holy Mass, the Mass that makes us Holy too, just for the night of Christmas, when everyone is supposed to be good (while we accept to suck the rest of the year because we are only Humans), Mass, MASS,  an interesting word in electricity, Mass is the result of the movement of Electrons, without Electrons moving there is no Mass to electricity, so even if the Church claims to be the Light, electricity itself, without us moving about they would have NO MASS, NO WEIGHT, they would just be NO THING.

“Electricity its self has no mass. It is the movement of electrons which create electricity and only these electrons have mass’

Mass has weight, this is why a full battery weights more than an empty one, so, we, the people give our weight = Mass to the Church which in itself has no Weight =Mass so that they can become Holy. We make them Holy !!

Holy Shit !

In Italy we give 8 /000 on the tax return to the Catholic Church UNLESS differently specified, this could be one place through which we get the funding to start the BIG program, the Basic Income Grant, because I am sure Jesus would not mind to skip the Nativity bullshit this year and have money wasted throughout Italy to buy the fake people to populate the plastic nativity all the way down the fake hill with the fake moss leading  to the fake Holy Cabin where the Fake mother Mary and the Fake Saint  Joseph fakely live with the fake Donkey and Ass to fake blow the fake air on the Fake Made in China Baby Jesus.

Jesus would be happy if this Christmas we came up with a solution to give Real Dignity to people that are not miniature people made of plastic populating a fake nativity set, they are Real People, just like Us, Equal to Us in every way, except for the life they have to live due to our neglect and greed.

Let’s stop making Holy what is not, let’s make Life Holy for everyone, how can Christmas be a Holy Day when many are suffering and starving while we go to celebrate the birth of a Man that said ‘Love your neighbour like yourself’ ?

Isn’t the irony of Christ-mass just striking ?

A Basic Income Grant it’s a start to make Jesus message real, we can stop being Fakes and get Real and start to give value to Life, educate yourself about BIG and an Equal Money System, these are solutions that Jesus would have liked, save the nativity money, save your 8/000 this year and give to fund an Equal Money System and a solution that will bring Heaven to Earth for Everyone.

Join us.



Where is The Fairness of an Equal Money System if everyone earns the same ?


The ultimate purpose of an Equal Money System is to Equalize Reality to what is Best for All.

It is not the ultimate Goal, it is still a transition to a Money-less world, a transition that has become necessary due to the extent of our mental involvement and perceived value of the Money System itself, in brief, we are just NOT yet ready to let Money go because at the moment everything we have become and have allowed ourselves to accept and believe we in fact ARE, is tied in to Money.

Have a look at your Life, the choices you make, if you CAN make a choice, are Money based, profit based, self interest based, value based, interestingly enough all these words apply to money as well, profit, interest, value, we ARE the Money System itself.

This is WHY we have decided to stand up for Life using Money, as Money has been given the power over our life, over All Life, the power to discriminate, the power to value and devalue, the power to give or take life, this is why we want to use Money as the very Equalizing Tool of Existance.

By giving to everyone Equally, we equalize, we equalize values and interests so that the common Profit can become Life, a Life that is equally valuable for everybody.

Some of us may hold the illusion that we are basically worth more than others, because they are less qualified, because they have studied less, because they are lazier, because they do not contribute Equally to us, but when we look at the very System that created Us and Them we can see that both of Us were born out of a system of Inequalities, that if we were born in Congo or Rwanda we would not have had the choices we had that brought us ahead of the Game.

So, was the starting point of this existance Fair ?

No, it was not fair, we just happened to be born on the “luckier side” of the inequality divide.

An Equal Money System is our Absolution, it’s the turning point of this UnFair Existance, it’s the Tool that we disempower of its current value so that we can reimpower it with a Real Value that works for everybody Equally, it is Absolute because it will consider everyone Equally and it is the only Common Sense Choice at this stage of our Self destruction.

Those that don’t yet see how their every move, and unfortunately every Breath, is tied in with Money and rather fly on Mental Masturbations about ascension and how to manipulate the Matrix, both things I have myself followed with a passion until I met Desteni and was faced with the truth of Me, have not yet looked into themselves thoroughly enough to see how is their own personal participation supporting everything that is going on in this world.

We are not the victim of a system of inequalities, WE ARE The System of Inequalities, this is why we suggest Money as the corrective Tool until everyone will have been given back their value as Life, only when we will be Equal as Life we can rewrite a system that will benefit All, until then we work to re-establish Equality within ourselves, walking backwards the events and choices we made not for Life but for Money, self interest, self value, self upliftement, self grandeur delusions, all EGO needs, so that we may correct ourselves as the System into a System of Oneness and Equality.

There is no one more deserving than another to have Equally, to have Equal value and Equal worth, whatever our profession or our qualifications they won’t be wasted, they are wasted now, where we slave to move the money system in our favour, vowing to one day, when we will have enough, to do something for the good of others…. fact is it’s never enough and never will be, the system is designed to create new desires at every corner to engage us in the Money Game so we may never Self Realize ourselves as Life.

But Life is who we are, one Life, one Breath, just divided and conquered in Our Minds, where we play the game of being more so we may escape the feelings and the fears of being Less.

We are Life, not our thoughts, not our feelings, not our emotions, we are Breath, and in Breath we are Equal and One.

The Fairness of the Equal Money System is the point of deleting everything that has been up to now, take responsibility for how we have participated in this system of abuse and make a radical correction to ourselves and to the Money System that breathes the breaths we have put into it in our Quest to secure our position within the System out of our extensive Survival Fear.

Let’s take our Breaths back, one Breath at the time, until the Money System as it is will no longer exist as we, Breath by Breath take back from it what we invested in it instead of investing in Life.

An Equal Money System, supported Breath by Breath by Life, I am Life, you are Life, join us in Breathing Life into a New System that will consider All Equally and what is Best for All as the only Common Sense Choice.

We are the future, the future is Equality and Oneness, we are pushing it so that All may benefit from it, because it’s what is best for All, it’s what will give a dignified Life to everyone equally, it’s best for You too, you may not see it yet but if you keep breathing, you Will.

Join us.


FAQ – And where the Hell will we get the money to fund an Equal Money System ?

And where the Hell will we get the money to fund an EMS ?

This question arises from a lack of understanding of what Money is and how it comes about in this world.

Money is an agreed commodity the value of which is based on a worth the same way it worked with gold, by means of people’s perception and faith.

What does this mean, are we saying that Money is NOT real ?

Yes, Money is actually NOT real, it’s an agreed commodity, which means, that whether you are aware or not, by your allowance and acceptance of the money system, you have agreed to the monetary system as it is, where Money has become the value given to a country by calculating their worth in terms of deposits and savings, and then, through a Central banking System which is privately owned, a paper or otherwise currency is created, out of thin air, and put on the market as a legal tender, meaning MADE LEGAL with the approval of a government.

So Money is the value given to the country where you live through assessing how much the country worth is based on your Own deposit and savings and then money is printed by privates enterprises under the guise of Central Banks and put onto the market as a LOAN to governments for which they have to repay interest rates, this is how national debt is created.

Are we serious? Are you being screwed ? Yes !

By your own faith and value that you yourself allow and accept to give to Money within the current Monetary System, value is created at the moment through people’s faith and perception of the Value of Money itself.

So, by agreement, we could all stop to believe such lies and such worth and instead agree on a New value and a New Worth for what Money should be from now on.

An Equal Money System will not require any funding, this is an old Money concept, and a mindset that was created within the old Money concept, that for something new to be created, Money needs to be used, to be precise Debt Money, Money that we owe to someone as it works now in the current system.

An Equal Money System will start brand New, there will be no Debt involved in the creation of Money to support Life, by our new accepted agreement, the New value agreed by all of us will be Life.

Life will be the moving current of the planet within an Equal Money System therefore Equal Money will be created by each government under a world agreement as a form of support for everyone Equally from Birth to Death.

At the moment you have to earn your Money, which means that Money has more value than ‘You as Life’ do. Money is more than Life under the current economic system which is preposterous but it is happening under our own eyes.

This will no longer be the case under an Equal Money System, each one will contribute their skills to the system of the world as a mean of supporting Life, no longer as a Slave in a Labor Camp, and Life will have an intrinsic value that will be manifested by Equal Money as a form of support for everyone from Birth to Death, Money will be created out of thin air, just like now, and its value will be Life based and there will always be enough to support everyone equally, because we will create enough to cover each Life needs from birth to death.

How is this possible ? Remember, you are the one giving the current money system its power, you have plugged into the energy wiring of the Money system through your emotions and feelings in support of Money as a positive and desirable feature in your Life or as a negative through your Fears of never having enough. Either way the polarity is what moves the current, exactly like within an electrical wiring system.

Wouldn’t you like to unplug from such system and plug yourself into a System that supports Life Equal and One for every living creature on the Planet?

The choice is yours, support an Equal Money System, support Life

The future is HERE already, the support is HERE already, stop yours and others struggles by changing your Value System to One that Supports Life and what is Best for All.

Join us for a Future that will create Heaven on Earth for Everyone.

How did I support Inequality and how I am changing myself Breath by Breath

With some Desteni friends in Italy we have started some Blogs in Italian and started to translate the FAQ EMS into Vlogs.

This process has been very interesting for me first because I found some stability within working for what is best for all instead of looping aimlessly within my mind about how to work for what is best for all, a useless point, and interesting because while translating I had to face the reality of some words that I have never noticed before in my own mother tongue, for example, we ask each other ‘what is your motiv/motivation’ this translates into motif/design/pattern in Italian, so I had to wonder where was I when I spoke my own language in the past, obviously very detached and separated from it if I have never noticed before that the language itself is pointing out clearly that there must be a problem with US if we act out of a motif/design/pattern, we are not born Free, we have to make ourselves Free.

Another interesting point that I found is that my mothertongue lacks the proper exact words to translate some concepts, we are putting together a New Vocabulary so to speak, because the old one is deeply rooted in our brainwashing and in our inability to even speak words of Equality or words about Self Forgiveness, given that we were born catholics and were told God ONLY can forgive us, we are only Humans, I heard this many times in my life.

Taken by the revelation of all this I made myself believe that I could now just share it with other Italians who are specifically complaining about the system and make them question this reality.

This did not work out at all, talk about future projections !, I contacted a Group called Monetary Justice, at least they are aware of the Money problem and as it was suggested if they had a political plans that would be willing to support BIG as an introduction to the New Monetary System we would support them, it would be a start.

After a warm approach, once I went back to them and talked about debt forgiveness, they disappeared, it is possible that they checked out my Facebook page as i checked out theirs to see if we were in any way aligned, so there is something about this word ‘forgiveness’ in Italian that is just not working yet, Jesus talked about it, the Catholics do, forget Self Forgiveness which seems outlandish still but Debt Forgiveness ? What is so outlandish about it ?

Some countries like Russia have been putting Debt Forgiveness into Reality, they actually DID IT, so it’s DOABLE, so what is it that we cannot forgive to ourselves that doesn’t even allow us to consider that debts can be forgiven, sins can be forgiven, that we could come together forgiven, for-given, as a gift to ourselves and others so as not to have to repeat the same motif/patterns/designs, we were born into and then designed for ourselves, forever trapped in the past repeating life cycles in an unending story of regrets and sorrows  that grows bigger and bigger and end up suffocating us all and drive us to all sorts of socially accepted ‘self medication’ ?

When I started to question this system I thought I would go mad, literally, I could no longer keep anything including myself together, had no support from my family or friends who told me ‘you are just hurting yourself’ as if I were NOT already hurting so BAD that Life had become meaningless to me, trying to ride the ”feel good’ wave until the next crash landing into the ‘feel bad’, dragging with me everyone around me fool enough to join the ride looking at me as someone who had a ‘succesful life’. What did it mean having a succesful Life? Simple, it meant I had enough money in my pocket to not struggle, there were others worse off than me, at least I had a roof, food, could go to the theatre, I just had to keep my eyes closed to the reality around me

When I lived in Singapore I found it was my favorite city in Asia beggars-wise, because they were NOT allowed into the City, Singapore did not allow begging in public,  had not noticed until our first trip back to Geneva where I saw beggars everywhere and I thought ‘shame, why don’t they do like in Singapore ?’, meaning, why don’t they HIDE them from us so we don’t have to face them or face the feelings of shame we feel when we realize we make of Inequality our way of Life, not only we accept it, we look forward to the best enforced Inequalities in the world, the ones that work for us, that make us special, loved by God who obviously isn’t BIG enough to love All Equally.

If I had been approached a few years ago with talks about Equality I would have said, it’s not a natural condition of Man, there will always be Inequalities, it’s Human nature, it’s the Way We Are.

But what I implied was, Inequality works for me, I am on the good end of the Inequality Line, I like to be more than others, to have a maid that is a maid only because of Inequalities otherwise she would be in her own home country with her family, I liked Inequality that worked for me.

So now, that I am walking this process of Self Realization where I question my inner motifs/designs and patterns and correct myself when I see I move into a polarity of feeling more (or less) than another I am also asking myself why and how I started to hear the Equality message ?

One point could be that my economic situation went from solid to wobbly and I realized I could cross the line into NOT having enough, so in self honesty I can say that my motif was still one of self interest, but at the beginning I could not see the bigger picture of what Money really is and how I had sold myself to Money all my life, because I had designed for myself a personality ‘generous and happy-go-lucky’ about Money, while I suppressed deeply all my Fears that were Money related, because it’s not ‘Elegant’ to have Money talks or to be stingy, but in reality I was always giving to receive, to receive respect, consideration to be thought by others as One Not Attached to Money, I liked to play this role of ‘Money is Not Important’, because I had it. And I liked to have people around me who reflected back to me my ‘not attached to Money’ nature, so I could beLieve it myself.

Then I moved back from Asia to Italy, my own perceived value decreased dramatically because I no longer had the lesser ones and the have less ones to compare myself to, this is when it really became clear to me that I had lived off Inequality as a way to give myself Value, a Value that I never perceived I had and that I had CON-vinced myself it’s only given by Money, Money Talks, No Money listens.

So, what does one do when faced with this truth about Oneself ?

I started walking, breath by breath, I realized I am full of possessions, got rid of much material stuff in an attempt to get rid of my ‘possessions’ but it did not work, I have to let go of the possessions of my Mind, have to take back my value as Life Breath by Breath as I have given it away until I realized what I was doing and I have to forgive myself and others, to delete All Debts, All Credits, to stop this system of Profit and Loss within me first so that we may All be Free.

I have posted about an Equal Money System on the Italian Revolution Democracy Now website, funny because I expected them to go ‘oh yes thanks, there goes a solution’ instead they deleted all the posts, they left pictures of guys dressed in Robin Hood clothes going to the Water Authority to get back some Money they believed they overpaid on the water bills, I see, dressing up as Robin Hood, which means stealing from the Rich to give to the Poor at the moment sanctioning ‘the System as it is’ carries more credibility than having to look into each one of us to see how Inequality has served us so far, STOP our participation in a system of Inequalities and stand up for Life.

I felt hopeless just because I was not given a chance to even Post, someone might have been interested if they could get a chance to see how a system that benefits All Equally would benefit them as well, I had to work on this to see that as I had to walk myself into the truth of Me so others will have to walk as well, it cannot be given, it’s a Self realization, it would not be so if it was realized by others on our behalf.

I did not feel angry though, because I am stopping my participation in reactions, emotion and feelings that keep me and others locked onto the hamster wheel of this Money System as a manifestation of our Fears and Desires.

If you are ready to investigate how your personal participation is creating the world we are living in join us at Desteni, we are changing ourselves to change the world, a solution is Here but must be Self Realized, become part of the New World with us, we don’t need to suffer and struggle, we just need to see that when we allow others to have what we would like to have, the world will equalize and we will break free from the confinment of our Minds that keep telling us that the ‘System is what it is and cannot be changed’.

WE are the system, we are changing US, can you change to bring about a World that IS Best for All ?