Day 363: The Delusion of Ownership on Planet Earth

Property in Europe

As long as our civilization is one of property, of fences, of exclusiveness,
it will be mocked by delusions. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was raised to worship private property as a Human Right.

I was told that the protection of private property is what Freedom is based upon and what Democracy lives on, because that way, everyone is granted the right to ‘own something’ they can call their own.

It is hard to review and question your belief system when we submitted to uphold the beliefs of others with a passion. And it is inappropriate to blame the rich for owning almost everything the planet has given for free for All, because they too were born in the same rigged system and accepted -not with a struggle, I should imagine- that they had the right to private ownership and who knows, they just lucked out and had more than others.

Many claim to have worked for what they own, or that they deserve it more than others because they are good and the good must have the ‘goods’, they were blessed by God, by the Universe, etc., the list of excuses to justify our position of entitlement is long and creative.

Yet with a pinch of self honesty everyone can see that if we are better off than others we were just lucky, we were born were there were opportunities and choices unlike many who were born where the opportunities and choices had been bought out by those with money, by the First Classers of this world that left behind a trail of destruction and abject poverty.

How can anyone claim ownership of anything that they can’t take with them after they die? If everything that exists keeps staying behind at crossovers, who is the owner of everything if not the Earth and if the Earth is the owner, giving freely to everybody, for everybody, how did we manage to exclude some to the right of a shelter or the right to eat or the right to drink clean water, if not through some form of abuse?

If we keep desiring exclusivity for just some, wouldn’t that mean that many must be excluded from the right to live, if I keep claiming to own something to the detriment of others that now can’t benefit from it, why am I not a criminal vs being a Landowner, why am I not a criminal vs being a Rich person in the face of people starving, what does the even Law mean if we have managed to create rules that exclude many from the right to a living and then wrote Laws to say that it is our right to do so?

I am not the only one who has been indoctrinated into the worship of private property, I am a product of this world and so is everyone else, questioning if the Rights we are fighting for are really ‘Right’ is required to create a different world.

I see private ownership as driven by fear and greed, many fear that one day they may not have enough, this is not surprising because the world we set out to create and support doesn’t provide a Living for all, this world provides instead an arena for competition where we have to grow smarter, more ruthless, we have to grow some balls, more balls -women included, because ‘Life is a Jungle’ and we have to do everything in our power to survive.

If we could make the effort to become aware of the root cause of our problem and subsequent behavior as our fear of survival, we would be able to see that the problem, the delusion of ‘private ownership’ could be corrected by removing our fear, and we could do that by providing a Living for All, by removing the ‘Jungle’ from what Life has become, so we wouldn’t have to outrun or outdo someone, we would instead be living in peace, in a supportive environment that would, by guaranteeing a dignified living for all, put an end to wars, violence and most crimes that are Money based, fear based, survival based and all this would be done without revolution but through an evolution and implementation of a principled living.

We need to reshape this world, pyramids don’t work but for the pharaohs, if we are holding on to the illusion of making it up to the echelons of the Elite, we are dumber than the Egyptian slaves, we bought into the illusion that a Pyramid game can be fair and offer Equal opportunities to all, that anyone can make it to the top, even in spite of the evidence that a pyramid has very limited space at the top -by design, and no one that made it up there is letting go willingly their position because we all fear the bottom lives, the lives we left to others to live but are not willing to live ourselves, or even willing to consider ‘having to live’, the terror of facing such realities would simply kill us.

If we reshaped the world in a Circle, where we could hold hands in support of each other, where each human and each living being were Equal in value and worth, where each one would be Equally supported from birth to death, no one would need to be the loser and go figure, planet Earth is already shaped that way, have we been missing something all along while we built pyramids and pyramid schemes on a sphere where nothing has more value than anything else, bar for the values we have superimposed on it through our idiotic economic system?
How much more obvious should the hint have been??

Support a dignified Life for All, this support will include the support for your own Life and the one of the people you care about, yes, we may have to reconsider our fascination with ownership and eventually give it up and as we do so, we’ll own it all, together and we will turn what we believed we had to possess, that ended up possessing us, into a Common Good, and the planet will become Heaven on Earth for that, as Life is returned to be the only Real Capital of the world, that we all share.

Supporting a Life for All has no Consequences, it will just make it easier on everyone, it will give Life to those that had no access to it so far. There is nothing to lose but delusions, Life is Here, we are not yet, what are we waiting for?

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Day 362: WAR is High on Migrants Wish List

Yesterday a friend shared about an acquaintance of his that lived in Sweden for 1.5 years as a war refugee, all benefits given.

By ‘benefits’ I mean his due Human Rights, a house, a living income, free healthcare, basically what everyone on this planet should be entitled to for the sole reason of existing as a breathing, living being.

By bene-fits we could even mean what fits well, opposing what we live everyday, the male-fits, what doesn’t fit well, what is ill fitted of this world that we created without consideration for Life or each other.

He had first arrived in Italy, found himself largely disappointed by it and left, Italy is the place where we don’t recognize human rights to anyone, be them migrants or citizens -because this is our idea of equality, even though lately the Italians are annoyed about being too Equal to the migrants in having no rights and are claiming to have less rights in fact than those that are lucky enough to reach our shores by boat, many of whom don’t seem to have made it in the past 20 years as they have recently estimated that about 20000 people died quietly in the Mediterranean, transforming it in a cemetery and no longer a sea that brings to mind seaside and holidays.

What the Italians don’t know is that the money that is claimed to the European Community for our ‘Humanitarian Emergencies’ (which we should call with their proper name such as ‘unlawful criminal invasions in the attempt to appropriate deliberately of someone Else’s resources’ or something similar but never accept to label them as ‘Humanitarian Emergency’, a line that conveys the idea that this emergency is not in fact Man Made, is not in truth deliberate and criminal at the source and absolutely avoidable and preventable), never reaches the migrants but is sucked into the Roman Black Hole that exists since the time of the Empire, that sucks in any common wealth to transform it into corruption, theft, nepotism and the magic disappearance of large sums for which no one is accountable nor wishing to be in the near future.

The migrants don’t get a penny, they are exploited, they live in the underbelly of an economy where they can be abused at leisure because they have inherently no rights due to their position as illegal aliens and as such they constitute the very layer we wish to create in every society, as in every sick society we have brought to life so far, where you have a group where the buck ends, that can be the receivers of all abuses with nowhere to go, where the hellish existences that would be lived by us are instead shifted one step below, to those rendered voiceless against our constitution that says that ‘no one can take away the basic human rights of anyone regardless of their color, creed or social status’. Something we have been reminded about recently by our Chamber President, Laura Boldrini, and that resulted in the Navy being deployed for rescue into the Mediterranean. It’s hard to be confronted with your own Constitution, aka the chart that states who you said you would be when things turned rough, just to discover the gap between who you wanted to be, said you would be, wrote you would be – and what you have become, a point all of us are facing in our own lives and hopefully sooner than later, moving to correct into an honorable living.

Today to have access to basic Human right, our best position is to be war refugees, at the moment this is the only group that seems to have successfully negotiated the right to live when escaping from the other choice in war, which is to Not Live.

Meanwhile the rest of the world goes to the ground because we are unable to assert for all of us the right to live, the right to a dignified existence that apparently must be granted to us and cannot just be claimed as an inherent right of Life for All.

It is therefore very unsurprising that war is very high on the Migrants wish list, absurdly WAR is what gives to some the right to Live.

The character of this story made his way to Sweden where he found asylum claiming to be a Palestinian, unfortunately for him, he was not, he was from another country from the Arabic world, a country that is not as lucky to be at war, they are just struggling with the rest of the world for the right to live which so far is not enough to guarantee that one can indeed Live, we have to Wish for War to Get a Life.

If you are able to see the absolute absurdity of the world we live in, you have to stand up for a different world, another way to live is possible if we grant to each other the inalienable Right to Life, if we agree that Life cannot be sold, cannot be traded, cannot be demeaned, dishonored, abused.

It requires all of us to make a different choice, from Death to Life, from the worship of Death and all death related things to upholding Life as the real Capital of this world that we all share and as we share Equally what has Real Value, Life, we must Equally share in the support required to make Life worth living for All and no longer something Exclusive that only some have a right and access to, because of Money.

Stand for a living income guaranteed for All, whichever placement in the world you cover, this choice is a win win for All, when we decide we can all Win, the faulty world we designed where many must lose for some to win will cease to exist and a New World will come forth, where peace for All and the brotherhood of Man will be a reality and no longer a dream.

Join us.

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Day 361: LIG will Change the Unconvenient Truth about Our Lives

Yesterday I went for a blood test at a hospital nearby.

There were 30 people to go before me, in one morning alone, just in this minor hospital they would test over 100 people.

I asked the woman who gave out the queue tickets how long was the wait and she said about 30 minutes, she had the most menial job, she was in charge of pressing the button for the queue ticket, not a highly skilled job by any means but as she said ‘thanks God I have a Job, and Bless the queue!’.

For a moment I could not work out what was wrong with this picture, a grateful woman who was thankful to have a job, but then as I zoomed out I saw that the queue she blessed was a queue of potentially ill people, she had to wish people ill to make a living.

As I zoomed further out from the picture, enough to include myself, I saw that as a Tutor I have to make a living by hoping and wishing on a failing educational system, as a masseuse I have to wish and hope for sick people who are in pain and so it goes, doctors bless the diseased, dentists pray for rotting teeth, taxi drivers welcome those that can’t afford a car, our whole system is built on the demise of others, for me to thrive, others must lose out, must fall sick, must have less, must live one step below me so I can get ahead and thrive or barely survive.

The worrisome point is that we have given up our ability to realize even the simplest of things like this one, we live tunnel visioned toward our own survival goal never questioning the system or how it is that everything works, of how it is that things are created, of where is our collective attention that could, if harnessed, create a world that is way better than this and how our tunnel view existence forbids us from seeing that, as we do not consider others equally important, equally deserving of a life that is worth living, we ourselves go and fatten up the queues of those who are wishing us ill and sick, so They can survive, just as we do.

Now imagine if we said STOP, imagine if in one moment we all came to the same realization about this world and its abusive nature and stopped believing that this is the way things are, imagine if we refused to pray on one another for a living but instead granted to each other the unconditional right to life.

Sure there would be many changes, possibly then pressing the queue button on a hospital machine would not be high on anyone’s priority list, wishing dis-ease on others for my ease would no longer be required, what then?

We need a Living Income Guaranteed, if our Life and the Life of everyone else was granted as a given from birth to death, we could create a different world, we could take the time to recreate ourselves into honorable trustworthy beings, we would have the luxury to no longer have to wish the demise of others for our own good and THAT is a gift that we should give to each other as soon as we start realizing that if we don’t we are equal creators of a world of abuse and that makes us no different in any way from the Elite we are so easy to point our finger at, as the source of all our problems.

Stand for a Life for All, get involved, spread the word, things are this way because we allow them to be so but we can stop the allowance for a world that works for all instead.

When Life is a Gift, when Life is For-Given to All, we will stop stealing it from each other to make sure we have one of our own.

Day 360: We are ALL in a Humanitarian Emergency

Today on the news they shared about the Syrians that are arriving in Calais and are demanding support that the French are refusing in principle (a long story here and the result of Laws implemented as people pleaser, as protection from threatening forces that would lessen the well-being of the French people – we have passed similar Laws against immigration during one of the legislative times of the North coalition ‘La Lega’) and hence they are demanding to move on to the UK, where asylum seekers are, according to what they heard, lavished with benefits.

They are threatening to kill themselves if they won’t be taken into the UK as asylum seekers – with the full benefits of those that are coming from Humanitarian emergencies.

The situation in Syria is deteriorating, the fear of an attack by those that threaten to ‘come and help and bring Democracy to their country’ is just the cherry on top of a cake of instability, of treason, of collusion of interests that leaves the people far worse off than before the ‘uprising’ started.

What hit me about this news is not what the refugee are demanding, that should be a basic Human right, the right to a life, what hit me are some things that I have not yet worked out clearly

why do these people feel entitled to benefits they have accepted they can’t have at home?

why do they believe that having escaped the towering inferno that Syria is becoming they are entitled a cut above the rest that were not as lucky as them to be able to leave?

why, since they made it out of Syria alive, aren’t they asking benefits for everyone, having witnessed the harsh reality of being desperate, homeless, living in the fear of humanitarian drone attacks, why are they not bringing the plight of all the Syrians with them, why are they asking for just themselves?

And the point is that this is our Nature, this is what we have become and now we can watch a little country trailer before we go global, those that tell tales of how generous we all became during the war, are either deliberately misleading, have deliberately changed their memories of the war -if they lived through it, when they would steal from family and neighbors to feed themselves, or are just lost in a Hollywood movie, in a tale of Human Grandeur vs the Human Pettiness we have globally reached and justify with Fear, with the ‘I was afraid’s that we use to not stand up, not considering that the fear of losing our lives in the kind of world we live in to build a world that works for all vs hanging on for (a) DEAR Life that works just for me, is an act of insanity that is turning our lives into worthlessness, as we refuse to grant worth to all, as we discount the need to grant Life to all but claim the right to Life for just ourselves.

So, the Syrian refugees are not showing us the state of the region, the state of Syria  and the plight of the Syrian people, we knew about that already, they stand to show us the ugliness of our miss-perceived self importance and how weird it looks to ask to be lavished with benefits when having walked away from a life they were not willing to live, but considered fine for all those that could not make it out of there.

We need a Living Income Guaranteed because, if we are self honest, we know we can’t trust ourselves yet to do what would be best for all, we can’t trust ourselves that if a war broke loose we would be the ones sharing the meagre piece of bread we have left with our neighbors, we have not been raised to love our neighbors as ourselves, we have not been raised to love ourselves either, we are the end result of a system that has accepted Inequality as the way things are, where we lost the will to stand for a change because we don’t believe a change is possible and yet, each one of us is a piece of the big change, each one has to stand in a position AS change to make this come true.

We need to become promoters of a system that stands for Life, we are all in a Humanitarian Emergency, starting from those starving to those that can’t send their kids to school, put a roof over their heads, those that can’t get out of demeaning, debasing jobs, just because of lack of Money.

When all will have enough, when the fear of survival can end for all, then we can start rebuilding, redesigning who we want to be and many will have a chance to rewrite themselves out from the petty scavengers of this world into worthy human beings, as we give worth to each other and to all by stating that Life is a non negotiable Human Right and it must be guaranteed Equally to All.

Stand up for a Living Income Guaranteed, that is the first step of making a different choice, it’s a step of awareness, it’s our back up plan, it’s the failsafe for our Human Nature to give us some buffer to address the root problem, ourselves, and in that one choice for a dignified living for all, Life on this planet will never be the same. It’s not too late yet.

The Acceptance of Power as Our Own Demise

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Day 359: Please STOP ‘Paying Respect’ to the Dead

Horror: Rescuers pause to pay their respects to the 13 victims of the tragedy

This is not the first time in recent months that illegal migrants making the desperate journey to Italy have drowned on the way.

Sicily and the islands surrounding are hotspots for illegal immigrants arriving by sea from Tunisia, Libya and sub-Saharan Africa hoping for a better quality of life and employment.

Recently, following continued violence in the country, a growing number of Syrian immigrants have fled to the region hoping for protection from the raging civil war.

Often the immigrant’s desperate journey ends in tragedy.

Last month six migrants died after they jumped out of a boat off the coast of Sicily.

Some 100 migrants where aboard a boat when it hit a sandbank close to the shore.

Six perished as they tried to swim to land.

In July seven drowned after they tried to hold onto a fishing cage which was being towed to shore off the coast of Sicily.


This is not the first time I write about this boating shame, where people, who attempt to leave their troubled impoverished countries, board ‘make believe’ boats hoping to make it to a better place, hoping to secure a life for themselves.

I have touched upon this many times and I would have skipped the article if it were not for the caption under the picture that states

Horror: Rescuers pause to pay their respects to the 13 victims of the tragedy’

I found this caption appalling for a few reasons, the words I want to discuss, in order are ‘Horror’ and ‘Victims of the Tragedy’ because we need to see through the words we use to stop what is going on, we can’t take responsibility for something that we treat like a ‘natural disaster’ and we must stop to treat such occurrences like a natural disaster because they are not ‘natural’ but far from it, they are man-made, avoidable circumstances that we can change, that we can address and prevent, so WHY Dont’ WE?

People are living their countries due to their miserable, unbearable conditions, I live in the entry point to Europe, Italy, we have set up special task teams to tackle ‘this problem’, rescuers that should confine those that touch land to specific places until their papers are sorted out. I won’t even talk about this because there is no way anyone who comes in without documents can get themselves effectively ‘sorted out’, that is not why we have those segregation points, we want to keep them at bay, away from the rest of the civilized society of which we are a part – apparently to make sure they don’t take anything from us. Anything of value of course, things we believe we are the only ones entitled to, like a job, food, a place to live, like a Life.

All the miserable conditions of North African and the Middle Eastern Countries exist due to this insane Global economic system, many countries are being exploited and mined for resources or have become the targets of nonsensical wars in the name of Freedom and Democracy or both.

But whose Freedom and whose Democracy is the world worried about? It must not be the one of the people coming from these abused countries, they have no freedom nor democracy, they did not vote to be exploited and what is left of their freedom, is the freedom to attempt to leave behind their lives -or die trying.

The Horror is not that those people died, many die everyday at sea and we never hear about them, many will die, many have died and yet the Horror we say we  feel lasts just the time to ‘Pay our respects to the Dead’.
That’s quite Horrific.

What does this even mean? How do we respect the Dead?
Say a Little Prayer?
Ask God to watch out for them in the AfterLife?
WHY are we not considering respecting the Living, how are we not considering to turn this Horror into an opportunity for Change?

It is quite amazing to see the worship of the Dead in the face of what we do -and seem keen to keep doing- to the Living.

So, I have a humble suggestion to make, instead of Paying Our Respect to the Dead – which is as useful as praying and as pointless as being horrified, why don’t we pay a Living Income Guaranteed to All?

Why don’t we make Life the thing we pay Our Respect to,  yes, changes will be required, paying our Respect to Life will mean a full-time job, we won’t be able to get away with a little ‘pause’ for respect to Life, because to turn this world into a Guaranteed Living for All we have work to do, pausing is what we have done so far, we have been pausing while we waited for an external, supernatural, alien solution and it ain’t coming, isn’t this clear by now?

So, there is no purpose or any sense in the deification of Death while we poo-poo Life away, a system change in the direction of Life was never written, it’s not written yet but it’s in the making, Stand up to give Authority to it, Authorize a different world by no longer supporting this one with its lies and embellishment of what we are doing that is wasting Life away, while we call the people we murder -within a system that is perfectly correctable- ‘victims of tragedy’, which they are in a way, they are victims of the Tragedy of our unwillingness to stand up for a Change that will benefit All, but this too can be corrected, this too can change, we can change, turn our back to the ‘respect for death’ to embrace the Respect for Life as a Human Right, the basic indisputable and non negotiable Right of every living Being.

Join us @ Living Income Guaranteed (#LIG), the Solution Exists, if you are not part of it – you are still part of the problem. Wake Up.

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MeekWikipedia: Meek is very nearly equivalent in common usage to humble.