Day 363: The Delusion of Ownership on Planet Earth

Property in Europe

As long as our civilization is one of property, of fences, of exclusiveness,
it will be mocked by delusions. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was raised to worship private property as a Human Right.

I was told that the protection of private property is what Freedom is based upon and what Democracy lives on, because that way, everyone is granted the right to ‘own something’ they can call their own.

It is hard to review and question your belief system when we submitted to uphold the beliefs of others with a passion. And it is inappropriate to blame the rich for owning almost everything the planet has given for free for All, because they too were born in the same rigged system and accepted -not with a struggle, I should imagine- that they had the right to private ownership and who knows, they just lucked out and had more than others.

Many claim to have worked for what they own, or that they deserve it more than others because they are good and the good must have the ‘goods’, they were blessed by God, by the Universe, etc., the list of excuses to justify our position of entitlement is long and creative.

Yet with a pinch of self honesty everyone can see that if we are better off than others we were just lucky, we were born were there were opportunities and choices unlike many who were born where the opportunities and choices had been bought out by those with money, by the First Classers of this world that left behind a trail of destruction and abject poverty.

How can anyone claim ownership of anything that they can’t take with them after they die? If everything that exists keeps staying behind at crossovers, who is the owner of everything if not the Earth and if the Earth is the owner, giving freely to everybody, for everybody, how did we manage to exclude some to the right of a shelter or the right to eat or the right to drink clean water, if not through some form of abuse?

If we keep desiring exclusivity for just some, wouldn’t that mean that many must be excluded from the right to live, if I keep claiming to own something to the detriment of others that now can’t benefit from it, why am I not a criminal vs being a Landowner, why am I not a criminal vs being a Rich person in the face of people starving, what does the even Law mean if we have managed to create rules that exclude many from the right to a living and then wrote Laws to say that it is our right to do so?

I am not the only one who has been indoctrinated into the worship of private property, I am a product of this world and so is everyone else, questioning if the Rights we are fighting for are really ‘Right’ is required to create a different world.

I see private ownership as driven by fear and greed, many fear that one day they may not have enough, this is not surprising because the world we set out to create and support doesn’t provide a Living for all, this world provides instead an arena for competition where we have to grow smarter, more ruthless, we have to grow some balls, more balls -women included, because ‘Life is a Jungle’ and we have to do everything in our power to survive.

If we could make the effort to become aware of the root cause of our problem and subsequent behavior as our fear of survival, we would be able to see that the problem, the delusion of ‘private ownership’ could be corrected by removing our fear, and we could do that by providing a Living for All, by removing the ‘Jungle’ from what Life has become, so we wouldn’t have to outrun or outdo someone, we would instead be living in peace, in a supportive environment that would, by guaranteeing a dignified living for all, put an end to wars, violence and most crimes that are Money based, fear based, survival based and all this would be done without revolution but through an evolution and implementation of a principled living.

We need to reshape this world, pyramids don’t work but for the pharaohs, if we are holding on to the illusion of making it up to the echelons of the Elite, we are dumber than the Egyptian slaves, we bought into the illusion that a Pyramid game can be fair and offer Equal opportunities to all, that anyone can make it to the top, even in spite of the evidence that a pyramid has very limited space at the top -by design, and no one that made it up there is letting go willingly their position because we all fear the bottom lives, the lives we left to others to live but are not willing to live ourselves, or even willing to consider ‘having to live’, the terror of facing such realities would simply kill us.

If we reshaped the world in a Circle, where we could hold hands in support of each other, where each human and each living being were Equal in value and worth, where each one would be Equally supported from birth to death, no one would need to be the loser and go figure, planet Earth is already shaped that way, have we been missing something all along while we built pyramids and pyramid schemes on a sphere where nothing has more value than anything else, bar for the values we have superimposed on it through our idiotic economic system?
How much more obvious should the hint have been??

Support a dignified Life for All, this support will include the support for your own Life and the one of the people you care about, yes, we may have to reconsider our fascination with ownership and eventually give it up and as we do so, we’ll own it all, together and we will turn what we believed we had to possess, that ended up possessing us, into a Common Good, and the planet will become Heaven on Earth for that, as Life is returned to be the only Real Capital of the world, that we all share.

Supporting a Life for All has no Consequences, it will just make it easier on everyone, it will give Life to those that had no access to it so far. There is nothing to lose but delusions, Life is Here, we are not yet, what are we waiting for?

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