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Freedom of Belief: Narratives of Mental Enslavement

The ancient Greek philosophers that lived before Socrates (d. 399 BCE) tried to devise cosmologies that offered a more naturalistic explanation of how the world worked, as they found the religious and mystical explanations lacking. They sought a unifying principle which they believed to consist of a singular substance from whence all things were made. Thales believed that water was the principle. Others believed it was fire or air.  To the modern mind, such theories, in light of what we believe we now today,  are laughable and quaint, but these speculations actually formed the beginning of the scientific process. We are intrigued at how the element of spinning stories to explain the visible world is essentially all philosophy and religion has ever done. Buddha found “enlightenment” under the bodhi tree. Adam and Eve at the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Jesus…

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2012: Back to Black

I met my neighbour today while going out for a walk. I was wearing a bright windjacket, green and purple, she told me I was smart, the Italian way, meaning I looked funny, not in fashion, slightly out-of-place.

I know I am out-of-place in a fashion country wearing clothes that the establishment has not declared ‘in’ for the season, green and purple belong to the mountains, out of a grim and somber city like Milan, but I don’t care, I will not buy a new windjacket when I have one that works perfectly fine as a windjacket  just because I’m colour disapproved, I can live with that.

My neighbour said something else which brought up a flood of remote memories of my childhood, when I said ‘I know I should be wearing black’, like everyone else, the smart office ‘in’ people, she said that she only likes black on the plumper ones, the skinny ones look too thin, because black is the magical thinning colour, it makes you disappear in inches and gives that ‘Mortisia Addams’ look that expresses just what everyone is going through, the living dead, we brough the black outside for everyone to see.

She mentioned as well that she doesn’t like black, it’s the colour of mourning, and she recalled that when she was a kid around 10 years of age, her mother went to visit her to the summer camp all dressed in black, as a sign of respect for her brother who had just passed away. She asked, do you remember the ‘tight mourning dressing code’?

Funny, until she asked, I didn’t, then this flow of memories came rushing through my mind, of course I do. When I was a kid we had a  dressing code for mourning, it was stricter in the South of Italy and it became diluted coming up the peninsula partly due to our French and Austrian domination, we were less bound to religious and cultural rules, the South had an arabic domination, in Sicily many public signs still have the double language, and even the food can tell about their arabic inheritance. Dominations, welcome or not, are hard to let go.

The mourning dressing code demanded that for close members of the family, mother and father, brothers and sisters, children, husband and wives, strict mourning should be applied, that implied all black for women, including underwear and pantyhose, no jewellery except the wedding ring, no make up, no public appearances except for Sunday mass, forbidden to remarry or give up the strict mourning code for 10 years. For the males, 1 year of strict mourning, black tie, black button, black band on the arm, forbidden or frowned upon to remarry before the end of the strict mourning time. All the other relatives commanded a light mourning, one year for women, at discretion for men. Even with death women were asked to suffer more, longer, with more commitment to pain and suffering.

After a certain age inside big families especially, people kept dying, a brother, a parent, a child, so the mourning clothes never came off, mourning years had to be added, like a prison sentence and this is why in old pictures of Italian women that one can see in American movies they all wore black.

I cannot recall when this changed exactly, I know that even in the South, due to migration and mixing with other cultures mourning is no longer strict, one interesting thing that I noticed though is that black has moved forcefully into the lives of everyone else, the apparently non mourning ones, fashion is a huge supporter of bringing black into the everyday scene.

This is interesting because when I was a kid, black was a non colour, nobody wore it, we never had any black clothes except for the ones we had to have to go to funerals, any other colour at funerals would simply be bad taste and unacceptable, the sign of someone wanting to steal the thunder from the dead, not noticing that a dead had the thunder stolen by death and would not mind a little colour competition. Yes, because the only one allowed to have coloured clothes, was the corpse.

Our existences are developing from the end to the start of the Pleasantville movie, we started coloured and we went sepia first, by sucking out the life of our physical bodies and we turn grey at death, in between now, everyone wears Black, especially in the big cities, Black is Back, we have made official our state of mourners of the Lives that passed us by and we never lived.

We have lost ourselves inside the Mind, filled ourselves with memories, ideas, opinions, traumas, suffering, blame, guilt, shame and we no longer recognise ourselves, we have given up on ourselves, decided we were not even worth the challenge and resigned to our ability to change to go back to Life, instead we went Back to Black.

There is a way out, we have to give up everything and anything that we have defined ourselves as and we lived into existence, anything that we gave Breath to and that was not Life, the personalities that we designed to cope and that we use to play at life, that makes us likeable, acceptable, praised, respected and dead, we gave up our lives for Sex and Money.

The world is run by these 2 forces, we should stop fooling ourselves giving ourselves stories to believe, we keep claiming the magic word “Love’ hoping that all the bad, the negative, the very things we have created and breathed into existence, the things we don’t want to see or be a part of, will magically go away, we exchanged “Avada Kadavra” with Love and we keep trying it out, we throw it at people, we make sand castles with it and hope to keep them up, until the next tide comes in, the next sorrow, the next thing we’ll give away of ourselves until there will be nothing left that can stand up and say Enough.

Black is our ultimate expression, in a world full of colours we wear the absence of it, the absence of life, the ultimate symbol and visual to tell each other, don’t bother, I’m dead already.

But we are not, underneath what and who we think we are, Self is there, the One Self that equals Life and is Equal in everybody in value and opportunity for change, the Self of each one of us that longs to express, to demolish this world of fake Capitals to return the Capital to Life, because Life is the Capital that everyone owns and was born with as and into, the choice to mourn the death of Life is a tragic one, Life is not dead, we are, in separation from everything that exists we experience sorrow and despair and hopelessness and our slow death, the death of a Life that is never taken until the last Breath, but is exchanged for the razzle dazzle glitters and sequins that we use to thread the stories of ourselves that were never real but in our imagination and that have built the prisons we are now convinced we will never be able to leave behind.

We are the keys to our own prisons, free yourself with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, you can build your Self Trust again, all our judgements of ourselves and others exist in our make belief worlds and castles, we built them, we know how to bring them down, there is only ourselves holding the key to our jails, we are the key, we’ll have to undo the spells we cast upon ourselves one  by one, walk our life stories backward until we see the door, we are the key, the spells and the door, we are All there Is.

Let’s give up our make belief worlds, let’s give up Black as a symbol of our mourning, we are not dead yet, let’s get back to Life instead.

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2012: Earth Ltd, firing God as the CEO and CFO

Last night I lay in bed and wondered if the 10 commandments translate the same in English as they do in Italian, as I think this could be one of the many reasons why we don’t have the same fear responses when it comes to religious quotes, so I went and had a look this morning and found out to my surprise that they DON’T! So not only we have been living a lie as Catholics but we have not even been living the same Lie.

Within a Corporate set up this is a big breach of Protocol, information must be equally shared to all of the corporations members, that the “God corporation” is such there is no doubt, it’s not even a non-profit one having been selling God and God paraphernalia to the hopeful believers for thousands of years, it’s a profit-making organization with extremely poor management skills.

When we enter a new job, there is nowadays what is called The Company Mission Statement, it tells you what is the objective of the company, what they have at heart and how do they plan to go about reaching their targets, plus you have an employment contract, that tells you what is expected of you, what are your duties and what are your rights.

As a corporation that employs millions of people in the world and has millions of employees, the Vatican as the Earth representative of God on Earth Ltd, making sure that we get it that the planet belongs to them and showing off all their goodies on display on their heads or hands or inside the churches, they failed miserably when it comes to management of Earth and the Earth resources.

We could input this to the separation that finally took place at the time of Descartes when the Church and the State were separated in duties and powers, the State got to rule the secular powers and the Church got to rule the sacred/ eternal powers. Even if today we don’t perceive it as such, at the time it was considered a victory for the people, a chance to get the leech that the Church had proven to be, off their backs and find some illusory relief in a fairer rule of the people for the people, that never came to be.

The Church was left with the ruling over the eternal powers, this took some skills to manage, because first you have to CON-vince everyone that there is something beyond death that they rule over, for this they needed Money, lots of it. Why would I make such a statement ? Because only with seeing the Money that we know is the seal of God on Earth, The Light of God on Earth, the A plus to a work well done that shows you are among the chosen one, they could fool everyone. They had to show the goodies to inspire the respect of the people, they showed off like Kings and Queens their Godly heritage, it was there to see, look, God gave me all this stuff, want some ?
Follow me I teach you how we do it (but they can’t, they cannot teach you how you open a bank in a make belief state that launders money for the Mafia, or how to build the biggest property portfolio of the planet, you need Capital for that, you must have it to start with, they won’t provide it, they in fact teach you how to be happy without Money, something they have not yet achieved for themselves, they are forward teachers, teaching what is yet unknown to themselves, but they convince you that you will have an eternal Life – a good one otherwise the shit hole you experience is just never going to end-  to look forward to if you do as they say, and who could honestly forgo such a bargain ? We are bargain trained after all).

So in truth nobody has ever followed the church if not for the Fear of God, and that Fear translated in not being able to survive, God = Love = Money and Money equalled your ability to survive, to be respected, to be feared, to be free, to be alive. Nothing has changed from then.

Back to the Corporation, in this religious Corporation we are given a to do list, an employee code of conduct, it’s called The ten Commandments, but NO rights whatsoever, I was pissed today when I saw on the Holy See site that they translated the Ones for the Italians as they pleased, they even changed the Holy day to Sunday from the Sabbath which was the saturday and they wrote it on the original English list, but then we worship the Sunday. I found an interesting Italian website that states in a LOT of words that the Vatican is Satan, one sign is the worshipping on Sundays, another sign could be that they have changed the 10 Commandments just for us brain-damaged Italians as they must think we are people with ADD who could not compute sentence long commandments but had to be given an easy to remember one liner ones, pity in the transcription they made a few changes to suit the Corporation, instill Fear and sell the solutions, confessions and the sacraments.

So half of the world is a Satan worshipper in sheep clothes, no, they are not just wearing sheep clothes, they are just sheep for real.

But does it matter, if one worships God or Satan ? Isn’t it obvious by now that they have been sharing the powers of the planet and beyond until now, good and evil, right and wrong, what is forbidden and what is allowed. At least Satan seemed fairer, for the time on Earth fuck around, have fun, care about nobody and just enjoy your life, there is no other life, get the most out of this one. God instead has been a tight ass forbidder, don’t do this, don’t do that, not that he had a better result than Satan looking at the state of the world, he just pushed people to be dishonest about what they did anyway, and as the ultimate reward He gave them the confession, yes I know you’ll fuck around and do all the demonic stuff I forbade you to do, but if you come to me, I’ll wash you clean and then you can start from scratch, where you left off, I have absolutely no faith in you being able to change, You Are Only Human, I am God instead, a revengeful, wrathful tantrum thrower but I have not hidden this from you, I’ve told you in oh so many stories, so what you see Godly about me escapes me, stop calling me God, you embarrass me, Creator will do just fine.

Now, back to the state of Earth Inc, of which we are all the stakeholders but unfortunately not yet the shareholders, we have had a CEO and CFO, God, the Church says that they represent the AlMighty God on Earth, He is Almighty but not All Willing, he could have fixed this mess but he did not, he allowed unfair distribution of resources of the planet to the Chosen Ones, His information sharing skills suck, we have been kept in the dark about catastrophes, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, murders, violence, not one clue has been given and he left it to us to work it all out.

So a corruptible unfair Chief Financial Officer who has had a slant in the support of secular nepotism, as the Vatican shows, incompetent Chief Executive Officer, because he has not taken any responsibility for the shit he has done unpunished for centuries, except sending his son to take the shit on his behalf (…and what does that say about him as a loving parent ?) and his organizational skills, to say the least are pathetic, has been in charge of the Earth, where have we been meanwhile ?

The World is in a mess, if we accept that polarity is an illusion we can see that both God and Satan are not real, they are the embodiment of our Hopes and Fears, of our desire to not take responsibility for this creation, there is only us here for real, We Are All There Is, and the leeches that have been sucking the blood out of us, the Blood Money, with our permission in exchange for the deliverance from our fears (not real) and eternal life,  for a safety net, for the mark of the Beast that would guarantee to us the entrance in some place after death, to not have to believe that our lives were just that, a series of  unmanageable events and sad stories that we covered up with a nice invention, LOVE, a good feeling word to keep us separate from what we did not want to see, to not have to face the extent of our lack of responsibility, of our acceptances and allowances that turned the world into what it is today.

God is not real, Satan is not real, and if God is real he is fucking fired for the incompetent heartless psychopath he has turned out to be and do not fool yourself with “the Universe” story, get real, you have just changed the name tag on the Management Door, but you are still not in charge, I know because I have done exactly that, I have ditched God for the Universe only to discover I was a clever fucker for doing just that, it’s still was not ME responsible for having to change, for having to stand up and say ‘Til Here No Further”, because honestly, what else should happen in this world to make us say, Fuck this is totally unacceptable and I know I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t stand up now ?

Havent’ you had enough already ? Then stand up for Life !

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“…we’ve become dependent on fear as a survival instinct and so actually fear commonsense and integrity as it is experienced/believed to be a ‘weakness’ – you have to live in fear in order to survive as the law in the matrix goes” Sunette Spies






“And yet – the positive illusion is so blinding that reality is not seen at all – or, is it that reality is deliberately denied because the illusion is just better and how they suppress the voices and sights in their mind/media of the reality of the situation and fall back into the bliss of the illusion of mind – too scared to face the truth they know already exist: positivity is making no difference to the reality of here

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Sometimes this is not only about drugs, but merely constant self-talk on how ‘beautiful…

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2012: Why meditation will never change the world

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend and he told me that one of our common friends, a staunch meditator who used to spend up to 3 hours a day in the lotus position and to preach to anyone, who would care to listen, the benefits of such practice,  had a motorbike accident on the Thai island where I used to live. He lost all his teeth, broke 2 ribs and is now still recovered in a Thai Hospital without insurance.

Motorbike accidents are the first cause of death in Thailand, foreign tourists and residents in Thailand rent motorbikes just for the holidays and ride helmet free, for that picture perfect feeling of freedom. Serious accidents are usually something financially unplanned for by tourists or people who are living “outside or barely above the grid”, as they like to think of themselves, and when one has to face such an event, one will have to face  the ruthlessness of the Thai medical system for foreigners, the bills are prohibitive and without money upfront one cannot have access to medical care, some of my friends could be operated only due to the mercy of their friends advancing the cash on their behalf.

On the island where I lived taxi drivers would get a tip from the hospitals where they brought in a foreigner, Thai people are poor and they can’t suck their blood with hospital bills, but foreigners are a free war zone among hospitals who hope and bribe to get them to their ER first, competition is everywhere, among the bleeding and dying too.

I remember a few years ago when I studied meditation( a practice that never worked for me personally and I am just lucky for not having taken that particular dis-ease on board even though I am not privy to my own delusions like  positive thinking and Law of Attraction of which I was quite a devotee for many years), I read a funny note written by a woman who had embraced meditation as a way of life, she stated that while meditation can help for pretty much everything, if you have an accident and your nose falls off, you should not try to meditate it back but you should undergo surgery, she said not because you couldn’t,  just because surgery exists and we do what is most practical. What a sound advice.

I should let my friend meditator know, don’t try to meditate your teeth back, just go to a dentist, find the money, because that is another thing you cannot meditate yourself into, and fix yourself.

When I used to live on the island we had a few discussions about meditation, he used to support the idea that meditation can heal the world, I was in disagreement having  just landed with a Thud from the Law of Attraction delusion, and I can call it delusion out of personal experience, I took it all the way into practice, I did not work for 4 years, lived in blissful paradise, smoked pot all day and thought positively all the time, BUT I could not manifest Money, I thought about it, did the treasure maps, visualized myself having it, spending it, used all the Money techniques available to make it from thin air and it did not happen. Someone will say, I did not do it right, usually the ones who have the Money and would not, ever, take it this far to see if the teachings are really true, because if they were, I planned to teach it to the whole world, but they did not deliver. Instead I woke up from my delusions almost broke with no job, having cut myself out of the money-making system and having to restart from the bottom again.

Which is OK, because I have manifested this consequence for myself and I know I can walk out of here because I am an experienced rock bottomer, but as I see it today it’s just plain stupid that I had to make this real for myself to see the absurdity of my beliefs.

And so the same is for my friend now, he has landed back on the planet toothless and broken in more than one way, I’m sure he wont’ be meditating at the moment because he will be too busy getting practically out of this mess, looking for physical support that will range from first, finding the money, then finding the dentist, then healing well enough to be able to have credibility again as an energy healer, because it’s hard to convince prospect energy patients that you can do for them what you cannot do for yourself.

Here are the meditators Main Points :

The Starting Point: anyone who approaches meditation does so because they feel bad, this is an elementary clue, because if they felt good they would be out there living their lives and would not sit crossed legs for hours enduring excruciating uncomfortability trying to stop their thoughts

The Motivation: they have thoughts that they have realized they cannot control, and they don’t like them, they don’t like themselves within these thoughts, so they try to quiet their minds and by practice they delude themselves that ‘those nasty thoughts’ have gone away, but they did not, scratch a little and you’ll find them all, not one has gone, check for yourself and you will see

The Advertised Motivation: they say that they meditate to better themselves and  the world, this is not true, this is what they tell others so they won’t have to expose all the turmoil of their minds and feel belittled by how little control they really have over what goes on inside of them and all the terrible self judgement they try to cover up

The Evidence: the world is NOT getting better, they do not participate in reality so they don’t have to face this point, they don’t  watch the news, call people who try to point out numbers and facts ‘negative’ and with this very label they gain the right to not listen and feel self-righteous about why they do not, reality unfortunately doesn’t go away just by not looking at it, when you open your eyes reality is still there, facts and numbers are unchanged, only you have left for a while, check at the next landing and you will find everything totally unfazed. Meditation has no power on the physical reality, you may gain a better (fake) disposition that guarantees better (fake) relationships within the meditators world but that’s about it.

The Picture that represents meditation: I have chosen a picture to represent meditation, I found it interesting that most ‘meditation’ pictures are exactly like this one, a person in blissful isolation in paradise. The key word of meditation is I-SO-LAT-ION, and it is right, they are so late with the landing, the Earth needs all of us, no one should leave until we sort things out, not even, in fact especially not, in their blissful, deceiving minds.

I have seen all these points inside my self as well when I practiced positive thinking and Law of Attraction, I have been to gatherings across the world and saw always the same story, no one of us feels good all the time, it’s impossible, we were not designed this way, we are bi-polar in an energetic sense, each one of us through self investigation will be able to see the switches, how easy it is to flip from positivity to negativity and back, there is no stability within the mind and not ever a chance to get a constant consistent one, Stability is not of the Mind.

Meditation is just another self-serving tool to uplift oneself from the mess of this world, it’s a lift that takes the practitioners from the dungeons of their minds, up to the attic, but what is missed is that, no matter what one beliefs, preaches and tells others, nobody has yet left the building.

The building is Planet Earth, we are all in this together, no one can leave unless through death and guess what, whoo whoo, not even then.

Time to get real, check out a solution that will benefit All Humanity and All Living beings Equally. The mind has no solutions to offer, the solution is Here, within the physical, in the shared Breath of All where Equality and Oneness is already there waiting for us to catch up.

For self-support to get out of the meditation delusion:


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Overcoming frustration while equalizing Equal Money as me

Tonight during the chat I have experienced frustration, I then went and wrote in on the Forum bu it’s not gone so I see that this point could be assisted with writing why I felt frustrated about the EM chat of tonight.

First I can assist myself with what I tell others on the money forums about the Equal Money System, there is no chance to be able to get this by trying to overlap existing knowledge to make it work, because all previous knowledge I have accumulated and lived into reality was system knowledge and it was designed to make this system work and not designed to be used to bring a new system to life, so one point of frustration is due to inability of apply the knowledge I have to this as if it were just any project and not a world revolution from consciousness to awareness, I can let it rest.

The second point of frustration that I can see that I have spoken to others would be, the airy fairyness of it all, which is connected to the point above because I am used to have schedules and plans and priorities to organize something and here it seems like an orchestra with no director learning to make music at the same pace without a music sheet we can all follow, I keep forgetting we are writing the music sheet through our participation and presence, which is a trial preview of what the world will be when the EMS will be in place, all of us together writing the music sheet we agree to live by, as we go along

Third and this is the most annoying point to write, a point of Mind tantrum, like I wanted to be heard and I felt I was not and I wanted to roll on the floor like children do but instead I stayed at the keyboard and forced myself to not go into the tantrum because I don’t want to live by this point that requires recognition but I want to be an Equal to the others that have let go of their Mind tantrums to participate and stand up for Life and what is best for all as Equals.

And a last point which is I believe I need to see things happening, it’s a bit like the book I am reading where there is the University of Future studies and within this they have outlines of things that have not yet been discovered and therefore only their outline exists, waiting to be filled with matter, with substance, the outline is there and as the days go by substance accumulates as a result of the studies and  time people put into focusing on it, basically then I must hate forms without substances, which could be very well another hidden point of self hate, am I not still a form without substance in the process of solidifying into matter ?

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to try to fit my previous knowledge into expectations of how the new Money system should come about because this is all I know at the moment and I don’t yet trust myself that I can exist without prior knowledge on anything, just being Here in breath and expressing myself in Self Honesty

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not trust myself to self express without digging up my knowledge to know how I should  go about doing that

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that unless something comes through previous knowledge of mine that I can understand and feel comfortable with, then it’s airy fairy stuff with no substance, while what lacks substance is myself when I am not here in Breath in self-expression

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge airy fairy stuff as bad because it lacks substance and so when I judge myself as airy fairy as in not effective I feel bad

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel bad

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a mind tantrum and for suppressing it because I feel infantile and I fear the label of infantile as bad

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use the label of infantile on others to make them feel bad

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel ashamed because I have engaged some of my infantile tantrum traits instead of seeing it’s just a program and I can step out of it through breathing without suppressing myself

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hate outlines without substance one and equal as myself because I don’t see value in something that is coming into life within its own space-time frame and so I do not see value in myself as an outline coming into life within a space-time frame as it would happen in a space-time reality as the one we live in

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see value in myself

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be frustrated at myself because I judged myself as not having handled myself well tonight, instead I  stop the judgements of myself, remind myself I am walking a process where I am learning how to cooperate with others not by giving orders but by being one of the Equal players inside an orchestra where all instruments have equal value

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire an orchestra director so I will just have to follow a lead and not stand up and take Equal responsibility for what we are creating as a group

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that I fail when I do not live up to my expectations of how I should be if I were dedicated to this process, instead I stop mind projections on how people in process should be to allow everyone and myself equally, space for self expression in self honesty in every moment of Breath.

Equal Money

A very interesting look at the God System by Marlen, I had another take on it, it was our Fear and unwillingness to be responsible for Creation that Anu took advantage of, he filled the spot we created through imagining a Maker because we did not want to believe we were Alone and therefore responsible for everything that was Here, so we put out a job offer and he filled it, because we could not accept that there was nothing Above us to take responsibility and we were in fact All There IS, he took the responsibility for creation on behalf of all the ones that abdicated it in Fear, so All of US. So Fear already existed before this creation, Fear must have been the first outflow of the very first separation, infact Fear was our very first creation that we did not register as an anomaly and from that the snowball effect brought us All here where we are today, trapped in the AT Most Phere (Fear).

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What we often miss is that: it takes two to tango.







It is not only saying ‘I am a part of you’ but ‘I am one and equal as you’ – man, imagine all the fucked up relationships we’ve created with ourselves beginning with our own mind, then toward our family, then toward this ‘god’ idea as that supernatural being or any other form of ‘god’ as anything that we could deem as ‘powerful’ or ‘superior’ to ourselves – the most commonly known god at the moment is money, for sure, a make believe system that we have endowed with the power of giving life and death – which also were points introduced by Anu, he’ll go into it within the following interviews he’s placed out for our de-light.



[1] Anu the Reptilian God in 2012

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