Day 379: Ukraine – Just Changing Masters.

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When we read the news, are we really reading them or are we just believing what The Media works hard to paint for us in a specific way?

What did we understand about the Ukrainian struggle? I want to sum up for myself what I understood before I spent a little time researching the topic from Independent News

There’s civil unrest in Ukraine
People want their Freedom (? from whom?)
Police is shooting the protesters

Shamefully this is what I got out of the mainstream news, just what I was supposed to hear, news of unrest (fear fear), the Plight for Freedom (oh mighty Freedom, the magic word of the Oligarchy, the carrot dangling in front of our face for which we are willing to die – but not to consider if we even understand what true freedom would be like) and then the warning – do not do that, there is a Policeman waiting for you to rise so he can take better aim  when he shoots you down.

The story of Ukraine like most stories is not an easy one to understand, they had a democratically elected leader, a guy named Yanukovich, who is now on the run and believed to be in Crimea. The interim government is trying to hunt him down and capture him.

The Ukrainian parliament has voted to send the fugitive president Viktor Yanukovych to The Hague to be tried over the violence that led to at least 82 deaths in Kiev last week.

I would like to say to ex-president Yanukovych to fear not, Le Hague has as much power as my dead grandmother, it’s just another make belief place to appease our fear that there is no justice in this world (which would be too scary to face for most of us).

Naturally, Yanukovich is far from being a saint. He is responsible for the dire economic situation, the poverty, the corruption and the ruined trust of the people. However, his ouster (the main demand of the opposition) is not going to solve the problem. In fact, the only factor that unites the opposition is the desire to oust the president.

Sadly enough, those aspiring to fill his place,  these “leaders” don’t even represent the will of all Ukrainian people. Ukraine is largely split into two camps: the West seeking to align itself with the EU and the East, supporting Russia (37% and 38% according to a 2013 poll carried out by a Kiev-based Institute of International Sociology). That’s why claims that Ukrainians are tired of the Kremlin and its Ukrainian stooges are not only inaccurate but biased. Mass rallies in support of the president took place in central and eastern parts of the country, with people calling on the leader to tighten his grip over Ukraine, establish order and arrest those responsible for the unrest.

The angry masses on the streets of the capital and some western parts of the country continue to believe that Europe will bring the much-needed salvation. It won’t. Ukraine might cut off its ties with Moscow but it won’t get independence; it will just change masters. Europe has its own headaches and doubts run high that it will fork over a pretty penny to help Ukraine’s ailing economy. Even if it does, chances that the cash injections will help Ukraine to build a solid economy are low. Most likely the Europeans will end up pumping the pockets of the new Ukrainian elite, this time backed by the oppositions—Vitaly Klitschko, Arseniy Yazenyuk or Oleg Tyagnibok.

Was this clear? Ukraine is just changing Masters.

What lesson can we learn from Ukraine?

There are a few in my opinion, the first one is to always ask who is benefiting from something, CUI BONO, who is benefiting from this unrest if obviously not the people who went to the front line just to be killed by the police, who are nothing but just other commoners doing a job for money, a job that they regretted and will live to regret.

Here is a picture of the Ukrainian police getting on its knees asking for forgiveness for shooting at and killing the people during the riots

Ukraine riot police kneel down to ask for forgiveness

Even in what we believe is a choice to rise, there is plenty manipulation going on and some that are benefiting while some die. Violence can never be a solution, look at history, we had plenty violence and no significant system change, just changes in Masters.

So, who is benefiting from the losses, the sorrow, the shame that we are accepting as our way of life if not a system that has been created to profit from Life by those that profit from Life everyday, ourselves, we have accepted and allowed a system, that doesn’t consider Life, to take over, because we didn’t want to be responsible for the whole world as One and in the process look at what we created, a world from which we have disconnected in fear and horror, instead of seeking and designing solutions.

There were a few deaths in this last attempt to access democracy but in truth how can there ever be democracy in a world where people are valued just for what they own and more than half of us live below poverty levels, meaning not everyone has the same value or input in this world and its decisions, what delusion are we feeding when we support someone else’s ideal of freedom and democracy? Free market economy? Aka the power to seek freely new markets anywhere whatever the cost to people and their lives? Is this a dispute between money lenders and avid free market hunters, has it got anything to do with the people at all?

The people in Ukraine want a better life, some erroneously identify this option with Europe (boy are you wrong), but the real option would be to work together to make sure everyone has a dignified Life safe from fear, everywhere in the world.

Carpe-ing Diem, of course, the European Community immediately stood up to offer an a la carte IMF ‘DEAL’ so they can turn Ukraine into another Austerity pothole, could that be the real reason behind the dispute, is it about WHO is going to squeeze interest money out of this just about surviving country, it cannot be for the purpose of expanding there unless insane Oligarchs did not do their homework, people have a minimum wage of 1218 grivnas a month, that’s about 120 USD, so where is the imaginary appealing market that we as Europeans can set our fangs in? Helloo?

This is the problem with the ones on top and sometimes even the ones in the middle, that report to us what they themselves don’t even understand in the best cases or what they are paid to report in the worst, most of us have departed reality as we went gold-digging while we are exhausting all resources and all options to keep our Zombie Capitalism alive, we’ll have to get back to Earth and soon or later asses all the damage we have done so we can start picking up the pieces from there, unfortunately at the moment we have Austerity in First World Countries and Poverty in Third World, we are designing Equality all right, just the wrong kind, we share poverty instead of sharing wealth, where are we going to expand now?

The Game is clearly Over, for those wishing to give it just a bit more oxygen they must see that people must have money to spend in their pockets, to consume we need money, whichever way you look at it, a Living Income is not challenging our Status Quo but our common sense, unless the oligarchs are happy to produce, buy and sell among themselves alone.

If we don’t fix this absurd and unjust inequality the only things rising won’t be sales and GDPs, but angry mobs asking for what should have been given in common sense, a chance to live to All, not a pittance to create slave labour and a market for antidepressant, but a dignified living, because we are Human beings and to hold on to that title we’ll have to start doing something Humane soon or later, better now than later and better a Living Income Guaranteed than a Revolution that will just change Masters but not the core issue of the problem, establishing the Right to Life for All as the basic, undisputable Human Right.

If you are tired of our living below our potential, of accepting that your Death is my Life in business and in our overall models, consider Giving for a Change, Each one is Worth One and Each Life has Equal Worth, no one must be left behind, let’s make it Real Now.

A living income guaranteed, join us.

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Day 377: Swiss Migration and those Italian Rats

As many know Switzerland is one of the few countries with the closest system to a Direct Democracy.

This would be the most auspicable system anywhere in the world, not only allowing citizens to amend existing Laws and proposing new ones but offering/demanding direct participation.

Democracy should be just that in one word – participation, we can’t have democracy and no one participating because then we would have a plutocracy, where those Plutocrats, aka Plutos, since they see themselves (with our permission) as planets around which the whole system must rotate and believe that they can own governments, would do anything they choose to protect their wealth and stance in the system. Oh, but we already have that, we are just brainwashed to believe we are living a democratic reality, go figure.

Now, direct democracy in the hands of those that are run by fears is a very dangerous tool, a group of people can get together and reach the quorum required to ask that a law is put in motion which is exactly what has happened with Switzerland a week ago.

In voting that ended Sunday, the Swiss narrowly passed the referendum that will strictly limit legal immigration and worker visas into the country.  Because Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, they can do as they please, including enforcing strict border controls that will keep anyone else out of the wealthy nation.

The majority of the votes were collected in Ticino, the region that is bordering Italy, much of their campaign was targeted to the Italians, as one can see from the Poster of a well know Swiss Political Party posted above, depicting Italians as hungry thieving Rats having a go at their Iconic holed Cheese.

In matters of justice we have to say that the Swiss never complained about being swamped with foreign illegitimate money, money they have allowed into the country and protected against all odds no matter where or how it got there and yet they don’t seem to want to share their questionable gained wealth with anyone due to the fear that there will not be enough for them to go around.

We should have realized by now that the phenomena of migration is just the Musical Chair Game, the reason people are moving around the world is not for tourism or because they desire to merge with another culture, even less for the want to ‘dilute’ the culture of a country as the Swiss suggested, the moving engine of migration is NEED, people move around the world because they don’t have enough where they come from, they don’t have enough for their families, they don’t have enough to live a fear-free life, they can’t access a proper health-care system or a satisfactory education system, sometimes they can’t even access a violence-free life, so they move around the world looking for more and better living conditions. Can we blame them?

In this instance we can see our own absurdity at play, I have read about countless of suggestions on how to ‘solve’ migration problems, mainly they are all geared on ‘how to keep migrants out’, they are exclusive solutions in which we seek better and more efficient ways to push back, to exclude others from a chance to have a life like the one we believe we are entitled to, the most revolutionary solutions were those aimed at helping migrants in their own country and even though this may sound reasonable, it was nothing but a way to say we didn’t want to share the wealth with those less fortunate and frankly, when some of our governments reached an agreement with Libya, regarding holding aspiring migrants to Europe within their borders, we didn’t care to check HOW they were held against their will, we were too glad they didn’t make it here.

In 2008 Italy and Libya agreed a deal that allows the Italian navy to intercept illegal immigrants and return them to Libya.
The move triggered sharp criticism from the UN’s refugee agency and human rights groups.

Thousands of people each year attempt to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy and many die en route, while those who are caught are taken back to camps in Libya where conditions are appalling.

In the summer of 2008, Italy’s prime minister solved the problem through a wide-ranging deal with Libya’s dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi. The so-called Friendship Treaty included a promise by Libya to stop asylum seekers and migrants getting to Italy. The Libyans were chillingly efficient.

By 2009 Médecins Sans Frontières left Lampedusa because so few migrants were arriving and Human Rights Watch reported that the reception centre once bursting was now empty. The tourists of Lampedusa got their beaches back, no longer blemished by wretched Africans, but the suffering of the migrants did not end. Many of those caught by Libyan police trying to get to Europe were imprisoned or dumped in the desert where many died of thirst or hunger. Libya’s mistreatment of migrants and asylum seekers is well documented by the UNHCR and Human Rights Watch.

This is Tomas story:

“Tomas,” a 24-year-old Eritrean man interviewed in Rome on May 20, gave Human Rights Watch an account of abuse, beatings, a long journey in a packed and airless truck, and ill-treatment in prison:

 “The [Libyan] navy forces caught us and took us to … a place called Jawazat. It was an immigration prison. … We were in the same room with 160 others – all in one room. …  We were only allowed to use the toilet once a day. Many people had skin problems.  There was no soap. They gave us water in a jar to drink. Many of us had stomach problems. We had to beg the guards to take sick people to the toilet. …

After two months, they put us with another group of Eritreans – 150 people in all. They put us in a big truck. It was packed with people. There wasn’t room for anyone to sit down. We all remained standing. … We started at 6 a.m., and traveled all day and all the next night. …

When they let us out of the truck, we were in Kufra prison. We spent one week there.  They fed us food only once a day. Only rice. Ramadan was over.  I had already experienced two months of hunger in prison. We were now 800 prisoners crowded in different rooms. We slept on pieces of cardboard. … It was dirty. …” 

Tomas said Kufra is Libya’s deportation site and that the guards have an agreement with smugglers, who press the migrants to pay hundreds of dollars to return them to Tripoli. He said he failed in two further attempts to flee Libya, and suffered lasting damage from beatings:

“I was beaten by wood and metal sticks by three guards. They beat me for more than 10 minutes. They called me ‘nigger’ as they beat me. When I fell to the ground, they kicked me. They beat me with a metal stick on my head. I have scars and pain inside my head. I still have pains in my shoulder. The metal sticks were thin, but they did not bend.”

Tomas succeeded in fleeing to Italy on his fourth attempt, where he was granted humanitarian status. The full transcript of his account is available at:

Now, as the EU questions the legitimacy of the Swiss vote because even though they don’t belong to the EU, they have existing agreements that are geared to the free movement of the EU goods and people through their country, plus Swiss migrants are themselves all over the world, what should we do to them? Return them to the sender?
The ruling government, the majority of parliament and many business leaders had unsuccessfully campaigned against it, citing the fact that immigration quotas are in violation of nearly every bilateral pact between Switzerland and its European business partners and neighbors.
Switzerland is the clear example of our Schizofrenic society, they were the first to vote for a referendum to pass a legislation that grants a basic income for all, enlightened solution in this time where with unemployment rising we can no longer link living to having to earn it through a job, because then no job would mean ‘no living’ and it should be obviously unacceptable to ask people to die honouring a system that is failing everyone and was created without consideration for the Human Right of Life.
Then on the other hand Switzerland is the first country that has passed a referendum to keep the neighbouring thieving rats off their cheese (?).
Why didn’t they see in the Basic Income as the Solution to the problem of Immigration, why didn’t they see themselves as those that could have led the change in trend, that could have, thanks to their real access to the legislative system, passed a Law everyone could have benefited from as an example of what a civilized society could do for their citizens or were these 2 stances in opposition with each other from start? Was the idea to provide a basic income for all suddenly a point that INCREASED their fears that some who were not worthy Swiss citizens could have benefited from that, how did it go so wrong in their head from such an amazingly advanced starting point?
We must realize that we live in a fear-full world, this is what pushed the Italians to try to limit immigration at the expense of suffering Africans, no matter what happened to them as long as it didn’t happen here, and now the Swiss are saying the same, basically ‘fuck off’ you won’t put your hands on my cheese.
Switzerland is a small country and highly dependent on imports from neighbouring countries, I doubt they could live off their holed cheese and chocolate using their Swiss army knife at the sound of a cuckoo clock, this is Switzerland main production and stance in the world, they are as well the richest bankers of the world and the most devious but we have already proven that no one can eat money and they can only use it as a mean of exchange and even in the face of their limitations their fear was so predominant that they didn’t consider the consequences of the stance they just took, they felt proud for telling like it is, for picturing like it is, do you get it, dirty Italian Rats?
Yes, we do, we have gone that route before you – remember the Gaddafi dirty-deal-, it just did not work.
At the moment immigration is actually a source of wealth in a country, migrants are those who are willing to work longer for a lesser wage, sometimes for a slavery wage, we had a fun movie in which finally Italy was rid of all the migrants overnight just so we could realize that there were no longer maids, care-takers nurses, fruit pickers, farmers, etc.
There are so many sides to migration that we insist to not consider but we should, because if we did we would correct this all problem at its source, which is not ‘in their country of origin’ since they fled it making the statement that life there was no longer possible, but we would correct the system WORLDWIDE in the understanding that we can’t leave pockets of third.ness open to exploitation, we have to instead rise together to consider that as we feel safe and sound within our First World borders, the world is downgrading and Italy with its new migrants wave in exit is showing what is the future ahead, as the chairs in this Musical Game become less and less, more of us will be left standing, and it’s about time, because as we find ourselves standing without having chosen to do so, we may have a better view of the world and of our role in it and take advantage of that standing to never sit down, never crawl down again but stand for all in self-responsibility for a world that works for all, wherever they may be.
Investigate a Living Income Guaranteed, there is enough cheese in this world for everyone unless we insist on wanting some cheese just for ourselves -which is by no means sure we may have tomorrow-  while we gladly leave the holes for everyone else.
A different world is possible, there needn’t be Losers, we can all be Winners together.
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